Modern Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With S

1. Symir One Who Tells Stories In The Night
2. Shahryar Friend Of The City
3. Syaire King Of The New World
4. Sepehr Sky
5. Sayan Friend; Kind Heart
6. Safwat The Best; The Chosen; Supreme; Good Friend; Purity
7. Saqafat Culture
8. Shaah King; Monarch; Emperor
9. Subhanallah Praise Of God
10. Sarfaraaz Respected; Blessed
11. Salar Leader; Chief; Commander;
12. Shadeed Lover
13. ShamsUlHaq Appellation Given To Indian And Pakistani Scholars
14. Saqer Falcon
15. Saqeel Strong; Tough; Robust; Foreceful
16. Salsaal Pure Water
17. Saqabet Red Rowe
18. Samama Happy; Brave; A Companion Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
19. Sabiq Land With Beautiful Grass And Flowers; Beautiful Gardens
20. Shahbaz Royal Falcon
21. Saadullah Joy Of Allah
22. Shuraym Split; Cleavage
23. Sameer Beneficial; Entertaining Companion; Good Friend And Companion
24. Shahriar King; Chief; Ruler ( Badsha )
25. Sandar Brave; Bold
26. Sahel Beach; Shore
27. Shabaan Islamic Month
28. Sabit Firmly In Place; Stable; Unshakable
29. Sameem Truthful; Sincere;
30. Siddigue True Friend To Confirm The Truth
31. Sattaar An Attribute Of Allah; Meaning ; One Who Conceals Faultsby The Veil Of His Mercy Name; AbdusSattaar
32. Saalif Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
33. Shafaat Mediation; Advocacy
34. Sakoot Silence; Peace; Calm; Satisfaction
35. Saed Lion; Arm
36. Shaaz Unique; One In Many
37. Shehryaar Sovereign
38. Siwaar Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
39. Samman Grocer
40. Saadah Happiness
41. Saljooq A Title Name Of A Great Prince;
42. Salabah B Abdullah Was A Narrator Of Hadith
43. Shakib Present; Gift; Reward
44. Sharaf Honor; Dignity; Greatness
45. Shaakir Grateful; Thankful; Content; Praising
46. Safiyy Chosen One
47. Sheharyar Emperor; King; Venerable Person;
48. Shabi A Leading Scholar Of His Time; Especially For The Hadith
49. Sakhir He Who Wins Heart
50. Shakil Well Formed; Handsome; Comely; Well-shaped
51. Sajal Promise; Vow; Pledge; Commitment
52. Shafi Advocate; Mediator
53. Saulat Commanding Personality; Awe; Awesome; State; Majesty;
54. Seqal To Moderate
55. Sehal Simple; Soft
56. Sadit Hard Working And Strong
57. Sakir Thankful
58. Samit Quiet; Calm; Silent; Reticent;
59. Saad Good Fortune; Good Luck; Pious; Mubarak
60. Shariq Radiant; Bright;
61. Sharaheel A Narrator Of Hadith
62. Suraquah Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
63. Sayyed (Sayid) Lord; Master; Chief; Leader
64. Sabar Nectar
65. Sohail Star; Aik Chamak-dar Sitara
66. Suwaibit Name Of A Sahabi(RA)
67. Sarab Mirage
68. Shaad (persian) Happy; Pleased
69. Sagar Ocean; Sea
70. Shadah Pleasant; Happy; Jovial; Jubilant
71. Shah Monarch; King
72. Sadun Happy
73. Shahab Shooting Star; Luminous; Flame; Spark;
74. Sikandar Alexander; Man' S Defender; Warrior; Name Of A Famous Sovereign
75. Sina Blessed
76. Saafir Ambassador; Handsome
77. Safi Pure; Clear
78. Salabet Firmly; Stable
79. Safa Pure
80. Sibtain Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) And Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA)
81. Sair Zeal; Passion; Excitement; Enthusiasm; Joosheela;
82. Sharim Fast; Quick; Brisk
83. Sulayman Name Of A Prophet
84. Saajid One Who Makes Sajdah (prostration)
85. Shadin Fawn; Young Deer
86. Subhani Beautiful
87. Sawa Moderation
88. Sana Praise; Resplendence; Brilliance; Eulogy; Allah(SWT) Ki Tareef Bayan Karna;
89. Sarim Brave; Courageous; Sharp Sword;
90. Shafiulla Compassionate Of Allah Or Purity Of Allah
91. Sadruddin Person At Forefront Of The Faith (Islam)
92. Seif Sword
93. Saifuddin Sword Of The Religion (Islam)
94. Skhawat Generosity
95. Shahjahan King Of The World
96. Saahib Friend; Colleague
97. Sadan Happy; Fortunate
98. Sawab Raast Qadam; Achay Kaam Karnay Wala
99. Shamir Flint Stone
100. Saud Felicities; Good Fortunes
101. Shahzada Prince
102. Saadat Jeetny Wala
103. Samay Time
104. Shifa Healing; Health; Freshness;
105. Saifiyy Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr
106. Saad Felicity; Good Fortune; Good Luck
107. Safin The Boat
108. Safir A Beautiful Bird; Aik Khubsoorat Parinda
109. Suwayd Black
110. Sayhan Powerful King; Unrelated To The Quranic Word
111. Sinaan Blade Of A Spear Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
112. Shaheer Well-known; Mashoor
113. Sad Good Luck
114. Siddiqui Attributed To The First Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (d634) Through Ancestry
115. Sawaa Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
116. Shamuel Banu Israil Prophet
117. Shaikh Head; Chieftain; Teacher
118. Salamatullah Security Of Allah
119. Sanaullah Allah Ki Tareef Karnay Wala; Allah Ki Sana Bayan Karnay Wala
120. Swab True; Right
121. Shihaab A Star
122. Saahirah Earth; Moon; A Spring Which Flows Constantly
123. Suhayl Canopus (Star)
124. Saalih Righteous; Virtuous; Intact And Good
125. Shakeeb Tolerant; Forbearance; Enduring; Patient;
126. Shujaat Bravery; Courage
127. SaEd Fortunate, happy
128. Saabiqah Precedent; One Who Comes First In A Race; Name Of A Sahabi (RA) Who Was The Servant Of The Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him)
129. Sarfaraz Dignified; Having Honor
130. Salif Predecessor; Preceding; Previous; Precursor
131. Sherjil Spark, Companion Of Holy Prophet (pbuh)
132. Said Lucky; Happy; Lord
133. Shaharyar King
134. Sultan Power; Authority; Badshah
135. Sanie Brilliant; Majestic; Exalted; Eminent; Splendid
136. Shuayb A Prophets Name
137. Saheed Lucky; Blissful
138. Shawqi Desirous; Longing
139. Samad Eternal; High; Al-Samad; The Everlasting: One Of The Names Of Allah
140. Shahood Attend; Be Present; Be At Hand; Be Ready At The Service Of;
141. Saleemullah Soundest (servant) Of Allah
142. Saud Felicity; Auspicious; Good Fortune; Pious;
143. Shamil All Comprehensive
144. Saji A Scholar Had This Name
145. Syair A Poem
146. Shammaas Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr
147. Sayf Sword
148. Shees The Name Of A Prophet
149. Syed Always In Control
150. Saleem Righteous; True; Perfect; Unblemished; Unharmed; In Good Health
151. Shayban Grey-haired; Aged
152. Saleh Pious; Virtue; Righteous; A Prophet' S Name;
153. Sakhy Generosity
154. Sherafgan Powerful; One Who Defeats A Lion
155. Shaibaan Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
156. SaiRam Putaparti Sai Baba
157. Surraaq Name Of A Distinguished Sahabi (RA)
158. Shaariq Radiant; Shining
159. Sameed Leader; King; Lord; Bounty; Beneficence;
160. Shaaf One Who Gives Health
161. Subhaan Praising Allah
162. Shayal Hardworking; Diligent; Determined
163. Sahib Friend; Companion
164. Sarikh Who Redresses Grievances; Crying Out For Assistance; Faryad Karney Wala;
165. Shihabuddin Meteor Of The Religion (Islam)
166. Sameen Very Precious; Valuable; Costly; Expensive;
167. Saber Sword
168. Samal Artisan
169. Saeer Aatish; Shula
170. Suleyman Peace
171. Saaqib Star
172. Sher Lion; An Epithet Of Kahlifa Ali
173. Saboor Patient ; Fore Bearing; One Who Overlooks The Fault Of Others
174. Shaida Lover; Madly In Love
175. Saabit (Thaabit); Name Of A Sahabi(RA)
176. Shaguftah Expanded; Blown; Blooming; Flourishing
177. Safyy Chosen; Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
178. Saafi Pure; Clear; Crystal
179. Shab Young; Youth
180. Salaamat Safety
181. Sadar Attached; Respectful; Thoughtful
182. Salahuddin Rectitude Of The Faith (Islam)
183. Shafin He Who Cures
184. Saabir One Who Patienly And Stoically Edures Al Hardships And Diffichlties; Title Of Ayyoob(peace Be Upon Him)
185. Saroj A Flower Of Lotus;
186. Saab Difficult
187. Saaib Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr
188. Sahmir Entertaining Companion
189. Sani Second; Peer; Equal; Match;
190. Shuja Courageous; Brave
191. Sabaque One Who Surpasses Or Excels
192. Sawwaf Wool Stapler; Wool Dealer
193. Simar Night Conversation; A Conversation That Stretches Long Into The Night
194. Sayyid Master
195. Shaji Courageous; Bold; Brave; Fearless
196. Sajjaad Prostrating In The Prayer; One Who Makes Sajdah In The Salah
197. Salt A Narrator Of Hadith
198. Shajan Long; Lengthy
199. Salamah Safety
200. Sajan Beloved; Good Man
201. Sulayk Traveller; Walker
202. Siraaj A Lamp; The Sun; A Candle
203. Sofian Devoted
204. Sakher Conqueror
205. Sayed Leader; Descendant Of The Holy Prophet(SAW); Sardar;
206. Shatir To Near
207. Shamis Bright; Sunlit
208. Sarang Tree-less Mountain; Simple And Unadorned
209. Sardar Chief; Leader
210. Shaoor Wisdom; Decorum
211. Sawant Sun; Bright;
212. Sohrab A Character In Shahnameh (Rostam' S Son); Rosy Glow
213. Sudais Sixth; One Out Of Six
214. Sadir Ordered; Appointed
215. Shakoor Thankful; Grateful
216. Shuraim Brave; Courageous ( Bahadur; Mazboot )
217. Shifan Kind; Patient ( Raham ; Saber Kerny Wala )
218. Sajawal Adorning; Graceful Man; Beautification
219. Shahfie My Poet
220. Samiullah Listen To Allah
221. Sifat Helper
222. Solehen Pious
223. Shukran Surkh Aur Zard Rang Wala
224. Sariya Clouds That Come At Night; Night Traveler; Rain That Falls At Night
225. Saeed Lucky; Happy
226. Shami Husband
227. Sherin Very Sweet
228. Saqqar Falconer; A Person Who Trains Falcons
229. Shazin Powerful
230. Shezin Prince
231. Sumair Good Friend
232. Sulaim Safe And Sound; Unharmed; Without Blemish
233. Sufyan Slim; Slender; Light
234. Sohail Uddin Ahmed Star Of The Faith
235. Shazam Happiness
236. Shawal Great; High In Status; Elevated ( Zaberdast; Umda; Azeem )
237. Sudairi Alder Buckthorn (a Type Of Tree)
238. Shahril Month Or Moon
239. Siyar Outing
240. Sumbal A Fragrant Weed
241. Sahim Partner
242. Sauful Repentant
243. Sunaid Leader; Commander
244. Sayam Evening
245. Sajid Prostrating; Sajda Karney Wala;
246. Sirous White-haired; It Is The Name Of The Father Of Rustam; The Mythical Persian Hero
247. Simal Heaven' s Bird
248. Sajed Bowing To God
249. Saheer One Who Takes Care Of Someone; Especially One Who Stays Up At Night To Take Care Of A Child Or Sick Person
250. Sakib Very Caring
251. Saburi Patient; Enduring
252. Saiful First Part Of Compound Arabic Names Beginning With(Sayf Al) Meaningsword Of The(such As SAIF-AL-dIN)
253. Saif Sword; A Name Of The Legendary Prince;
254. Sami Ullah Elevated By Allah
255. Sobah Morning Bright
256. Sareem Firm Decision; Resolution; Firmness Of Resolve
257. Sineen Beautiful And Radiant ; Benefit; Blessings And Profit
258. Saifur Sword Of Islam
259. Sarvar Chief; Leader; Man In Charge; Respected And Highly Regarded Man
260. Saair Revolutionary (a Person Who Takes Part In A Revolution); Avenger; Excited
261. Sunain Leopard
262. Shamsan Bright; Brilliant; Sunlit
263. Safeen Ships
264. Suhaim Little Arrow
265. Shameer Young; Beautiful
266. Shammas A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH; Bin Usman Al-Makhzumi RA; Who Was Martyred At Badr
267. Shoheb Ajmal Generous, Beautiful
268. Shamniya Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence
269. Sureen Powerful; Strong
270. Sahand One Whohas Black Hair; It Is The Name Of A Mythical Persian Prince; And The Name Of A Mythical Hero From The Kingdom Of Turan
271. Sahwi Wakeful; Vigilant; Sober
272. Sawahil Coasts; Shores; River Banks
273. Sharik Shining Star
274. Shazain Brave; Skillful ( Bahadur; Kasi Kam Mn Maharat Rakny Wali )
275. Suwaid Name Of A Sahabi(RA)
276. Subahuddin Beautiful (person) Of The Religion (Islam)
277. Sahban Faseh O Balegh Log
278. Siratul Muntaha Path Of The Ultimate
279. Shahaz Unique
280. Sarou Tree-less Mountain; Simple And Unadorned
281. Shaleel Ravine; Gorge; A Place In A Valley Where A River Flows
282. Saml Perseverance; Endurance
283. Shaheeb Gray-colored
284. Sian GoD is gracious GoD's gift
285. Sufian Fast-moving; Light; Nimble
286. Souban A Companion; Returning
287. Shuhrat Fame; Renown
288. Saifullah Sword Of Allah Title Of Honour Awarded To Khalid Bin Walid By The Prophet Muhammad
289. Sajjad One Who Does Much Prostration; Bohot Zeeyada Sajdah Karney Wala
290. Savad Sweet Heart
291. Sangam To Merge
292. Shamshair Sword Saber
293. Shabir Extremely Handsome; Extremely Generous
294. Sohil Beautiful
295. Shaya Worthy
296. Savi Goddess Lakshmi; The Sun
297. Sulaik Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
298. Subaih Handsome; Like The Rising Sun
299. Siddique Friend; Ever Truthful; Faithful; Witness Of The Truth;
300. Salaamah Salvation; Peace; Free From Blemish; Ease; Name Of A Sahaabi (RA)
301. Shuja Brave; Courageous; Bold
302. Safuh Forgiving; Pardoning; One Who Forgives And Pardons Others
303. Shibily Patient
304. Sanofer Beautiful
305. Sharuf Honored; Glorious; Noble
306. Sufan Amadou; A Flammable Material Prepared From Bracket Fungi That Grow On Trees
307. Saaiq He Who Drives On The Right Path ( Wo Jo Sedy Rasty Per Ly Ker Jae )
308. Sabh Beautiful
309. Shahbaaz King Of Falcon ; White Falcon
310. Shameel Complete
311. Shams Uddin Sun Of The Religion (Islam)
312. Surraq Thieves; Name Of A Distinguished Sahabi RA
313. Syabiibii Teenager; Age Between 15 To 30 Years Old
314. Syauqi Longing
315. Saina Princess
316. Sibghatullah Color Of ALLAH
317. Shahzad Princess; Offspring Of A King
318. Shabbar Son Of The Prophet Harun; By Which Name Muhammad Is Said To Have Called His Grandson Hasan
319. Safwaan A Rock; Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
320. Shurahbeel A Narrator Of Hadith
321. Saqr Falcon; Hawk
322. Saqib Brightness; Glittering; Shining Brightly;
323. Salman Safe; Name Of A Prophet; A Companion Of Holy Prophet (SAW)
324. Salamat Safety
325. Sahil Shore; Rive Bank; Beach; Coastline; Coast
326. Sagheer Small; Short
327. Saim Lightening; One Who Fasts; Roza Rakhney Wala;
328. Shoaib Zen Majestic, Peace
329. Saame One Who Hears
330. Saheen Falcon
331. Shazim Happiness
332. Sakou Tree-less Mountain; Simple And Unadorned
333. Shajar Trees
334. Shakirat Thankful; Appreciative
335. Sabeh Pretty Handsome Beautiful
336. Saaghir Submissive Yielding
337. Skye Refers To The Scottish Isle Of Skye; A Nature Name Referring To The Sky
338. Shems The Sun A Planet
339. Saahir Wakeful
340. Saamii High Position; Noble; Generous
341. Sabbaah Fair Complexioned
342. Sabil Path; Way
343. Shabeer The Son Of Hazrat Haroon
344. Shaddam Knocker
345. Shadee Singing Sweetly
346. Sheeraz Management; Regulation; Method; Order
347. Shihab Uddin Meteor Of The Religion (Islam)
348. Shahraan Moon; Moonlight
349. Siamak Black Haired Man
350. Shalan Light; Radiance
351. Shamoon Hazrat Yousuf (AS) Kay Soutelay Bhai Ka Naam
352. Sawera Dawn; Early Morning
353. Soban Slave; Knave;
354. Shujaat Bravery; Courageousness; Fearlessness
355. Shaheed Martyr(one Who Dies In The Way Of Allah); Witness
356. Shabbir Son Of Prophet Harun; By Which Name Muhammad Is Said To Have Called His Grandson Husain
357. Sarkar Chief; Overseer
358. Sakhan Obedient
359. Saadi Happy; Lucky; Fortunate; Blissful; Successful
360. Siraj Lamp; Light; Brightness;
361. Shiraz Sweet
362. Shibli Brave Person; Lions' S Cub;
363. Shamal Wind That Comes From The North
364. Shaban Jawan Mard Young Man
365. Safwan Bright And Clear Dayfull Of Sunshine And Without Clouds; Pure
366. Saeed Happy; Good Fortune; Pious; Mubarak
367. Shahabudeen Shooting Star Of The Faith
368. Shokat Respect
369. Sahbi Friend; Companion
370. Samirn Real Genuine
371. Sayeed Leader; Auspicious
372. Shahrooz A Great River
373. Shams Ud Duha Son Of Forenoon
374. Shoaib A Prophets Name
375. Suja Calmness; Quitness
376. Shazil Loyality; Beauty; Belongs To Royal Family ( Khoobsorat)
377. Saddam Brave; Bold; Courageous; Fearless;
378. Sufi Islamic Mystic
379. Shubool Lion Cubs; Pl Of Shibl
380. Shuab Streams
381. Shariatullah Divine Law Of Allah
382. Shahan Profit Maker
383. Shaahid One Who Bears Witness; A Deponent
384. Shaaheen A Royal White Falcon
385. Shaafee Healer; Restorer Of Health; One Of The Attributes Of Allah
386. Sayyaar Name Of A Distinguished Sahabi (RA)
387. Salmat Safe; Healthy
388. Salas Third; True; Order
389. Saihaan Flowing; Name Of A Sahabi (RA)
390. Sohaib One Who Has Reddish-brown Hair
391. Sharique Sunrise
392. Shahadat Witness; Evidence
393. Shafee Intercessor
394. Salik Saint; Follower Of A Spiritual Path; Sufi;
395. Salaam Peace
396. Sahl Easy; Without Trouble; Without Difficulty; Plain And Uncomplicated
397. Sab Loin
398. Syful Sword Of Allah (metaphorical)
399. Sajin Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious
400. Samdani Truely; Wisedom; Attractive Speecher
401. Saifaldin Sword Of The Faith
402. Shadey Spiritual; Domestic; Gentle
403. Shihan Little Peaceful One
404. Shafan A Badger; A Coney
405. Sepanta Pure; Virtuous; It Comes From The Avestan Language
406. Siavash Keeper Of Black Horses
407. Sarveen Tall; Elegant
408. Shazrah Little Pearl
409. Shuraiq East; Place Of Sunrise
410. Saibal Rain That Falls Heavily
411. Shakkar Thankful’ ; One Who Thanks God Often
412. Serir One Who Brings Joy To Others; One Who Causes Delight In Others
413. Sabaah Morning Bright
414. Saagh Listener In Order
415. Soofi Islamic Mystic
416. Sirhaan Wolf
417. Simab Mercury Quicksilver
418. Shemsuddin Sun Of The Faith
419. Seemaab Mercury Quicksilver
420. Saubaan Name Of A Man; Two Cloths
421. Shadid Severe; Intense; Strong
422. Shahan Shah King Of Kings
423. Shahkam The king's wish
424. Shahrokh Handsome; Its Literal Meaning Is One Who Has The Face Of A King
425. Shammyn Sun Light
426. Shardul The Best
427. Shpoon Herder
428. Syakir Thankful
429. Syuraih Open Heart
430. Saqlan Nice; Strong Group; Nafees Cheez
431. Saladin Religious Righteousness
432. Sam High; Elevated
433. Siddeeq Title Of The Caliph Abu Bakr (RA); Truthful; Righteous
434. Shujaa Brave; Courageous
435. Shibl Lion Cub
436. Saria The Clouds Which Comes At Night Time;
437. Saman Valuable; Costly; Expensive; Welfare;
438. Sallaam Very Safe; Well; Sound
439. Saifan Sword Of Allah
440. Sulaiman Peaceful
441. Subhan Holy; Praised; Glorified;
442. Sinan Leopard
443. Shazeb Decorated King
444. Shazad Princess
445. Sharafat Nobility
446. Shamas Sun
447. Shakir Thankful; Appreciative; Grateful
448. Shahir Populizer (one Who Brings Popularity To Something)
449. Shahid Sweet Heart; Witness; True Copy;
450. Shafqat Affection
451. Shafiq Compassionate; Sympathetic; ‘ Eager To Do Good
452. Saib Right; Well Aimed; Sound In Judgement;
453. Sahir Wakeful; Beautiful; Charmer;
454. Sabir Sword; A Title Name Of Hazrat Ayyoob(Job); Sabr-e-ayyoob
455. Souman Good Mind; Flower Blossom
456. Sahaf Book
457. Sakran Happy
458. Saheem Member
459. Shafeen Light
460. Shizan Loving Change; Master Of Their Own Destiny; High Intelligence
461. Sujain Good
462. Shatil Arab River
463. Shahi Royal
464. Shehan Little Peaceful One
465. Shahdad Created By God; Gift From God ( Allah Ki Taraf Sy Gift )
466. Shuhrokh One Who Has The Face Of A King; One Who Has A Royal Complexion; Figuratively Meaning Extremely Handsome
467. Sirvan White-haired; It Is The Name Of The Father Of Rustam; The Mythical Persian Hero
468. Sawin Protector; Guardian; Maintainer
469. Sheeda Like The Sun; Like Sunlight; Brilliant; And Figuratively It Means Beautiful
470. Samaan One Who Hears; One Who Listens; One Who Is A Good Listener
471. Safih Those Who Are Pure; Those Who Are Without Blemished
472. Sahhah Whole; Flawless; Faultless
473. Saaloot The Biblical Saul Is The English Language Equivalent
474. Shith The Biblical Seth Is The English Language Equivalent
475. Shaye Courteous
476. Shauq Interest Zeal
477. Shahaab Shooting Star Luminous
478. Sarbaz Caravan Leader (Name Of Ancestor)
479. Sayaam Man With A Alluring Heart; One Of A Kind
480. Sayyaf Algojo; Executioner For Death Sentence
481. Saz Apparatus; Equipment; Concord
482. Shah Alam King Of The World
483. Shalih The Good; Better
484. Shams Ul Arifin Sun Of The Saints
485. Shams Ul Haq Appellation Given To Indian And Pakistani Scholars
486. Shaqr Eagle
487. Shifwat Good Friend
488. Shuhaib Little Shooting Star
489. Sirajaldin Light Of The Faith
490. Soham I Am
491. Suleman Suleh Joo; Salamti Wala
492. Sibbt Grand Child;
493. Sarahat Explanation; Detail; Paraphrase
494. Surekha Beautifully Drawn
495. Siri Marvelous Victory
496. Shaquille Handsome Or Good Looking
497. Sulait Name Of A Sahabi(RA)
498. Siddiqullah The Truthful (one) To Allah An Epithet Of Prophet Yusuf
499. Shujaaat Bravery; Valor; Fearlessness
500. Sharafuddin Honour Of The Religion (Islam)

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