Hera Name Meaning - ہیرہ

The meaning of Hera in english is Goddess Of The Hearth. Hera is in top trending baby Boy names list. Hera Origin and Usage belong to Greek Baby Names. Its Pronunciation is he-ra. The meaning of Hera in Urdu Language and the meaning of Hera is ملکہ، سرپرست، سندر. Hera name meaning in Islam and This name is especially approved for 'Boys' Gender. Hera lucky number is 5.

Meaning of Hera, Gender, Pronunciation, Origin & Usage, Lucky number

Name: Hera
Gender: Boy
Hera Name Meaning in English' Goddess Of The Hearth '
Pronunciation: 'he-ra'
Hera Name meaning in Urduملکہ، سرپرست، سندر
Hera Name Origin'Greek'
Lucky Number: 'Hera lucky number is 5'
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  • What is the meaning of Hera?

Hera has a unique meaning Hera name meaning in english is 'Goddess Of The Hearth.'

  • What is the origin and usage of Hera?

Hera belong to 'Greek ' origin & usage is Greek

  • How do you write Hera?

It wrote like that Hera - ہیرہ

  • What would be the gender for the name Hera?

Gender for Hera is Boy

  • What is the lucky number of Hera?

The Lucky Number of Hera is Hera lucky number is 5

  • How to Pronounce Hera?

The Pronunciation of Hera is he-ra

  • What is the meaning of Hera name in Urdu?

ہیرہ نام کا مطلب ہے۔ ملکہ، سرپرست، سندر

Hera Similar Names.

Hera retain similarity with these names Hera, Heracles, Heral, Herak, Heramb, Heramba, Heraklesr, Herald, Heraldo, Hera, Herambwa, Heraclia, Herah, Heracleos, Heraclito, Heraklees, Herakles, Heraclio, Heran, Herani, Herambh, Heraaz, Heram, Herat, Heraclitus,

Hera Name Meaning of Goddess Of The HearthHera name meaning in Urdu. Hera name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is he-ra. Hera name origin is Greek. Hera lucky number is 5. More info
Heracles Name Meaning of HeraS GloryHeracles name meaning in English. Heracles name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is HER-ə-kleez. Heracles name origin is Greek. Heracles lucky number is 3. More info
Heral Name Meaning of WealthyHeral name meaning in Hindi. Heral name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Her-al, Heral. Heral name origin is Hindi. Heral lucky number is 8. The Rashi Heral name is Karka (DD, H) and the Nakshatra of this name Heral is Pushyami (Hu, He, Ho, Da). Syllables of name Heral is 3. More info
Herak Name Meaning of Glory Of Hera Divine Glory Herak name meaning in Hindi. Herak name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is Her-ak, Herak. Herak name origin is Indian . Herak lucky number is 7. The Rashi Herak name is Karka (DD, H) and the Nakshatra of this name Herak is Pushyami (Hu, He, Ho, Da). Syllables of name Herak is 3. More info
Heramb Name Meaning of An Erudite Respected And Calm PersonHeramb name meaning in Hindi. Heramb name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is Her-amb, Heramb. Heramb name origin is Hindi. Heramb lucky number is 11. The Rashi Heramb name is Karka (DD, H) and the Nakshatra of this name Heramb is Pushyami (Hu, He, Ho, Da). Syllables of name Heramb is 3. More info
Heramba Name Meaning of Mothers Beloved Son Boastful Name Of GanapatiHeramba name meaning in Hindi. Heramba name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is Her-am-ba, Heramba, Heram-ba. Heramba name origin is Indian . Heramba lucky number is 3. The Rashi Heramba name is Karka (DD, H) and the Nakshatra of this name Heramba is Pushyami (Hu, He, Ho, Da). Syllables of name Heramba is 3. More info
Heraklesr Name Meaning of Son Of ZeusHeraklesr name meaning in English. Heraklesr name used for Boy. Heraklesr name origin is Greek. Heraklesr lucky number is 7. More info
Herald Name Meaning of One Who Makes Public ProclamationsHerald name meaning in English. Herald name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is Her-ald, He-rald. Herald name origin is Biblical. Herald lucky number is 3. More info
Heraldo Name Meaning of Army CommanderHeraldo name meaning in English. Heraldo name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is Her-al-do, Her-aldo, He-ral-do. Heraldo name origin is Teutonic. Heraldo lucky number is 9. More info
Hera Name Meaning of Diamond Queen Of GodsHera name meaning in Hindi. Hera name used for Girl. Hera name origin is Hindi. . More info

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