Aee name meaning in Urdu - - صاحب مالک Meaning

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tick Aee  ♂  Boy صاحب مالک
Dhruval  ♂  Boy Desire For Self-expression And For Positions That Allow Contact With People; Free From The Restrictions And Rules Into Which You Are Often Drawn;
Ashadieeyah  ♀  Girl Princess; Cute; Perfect
Aaidah  ♀  Girl Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith
Aabidah  ♀  Girl Worshipper
Aabirah  ♀  Girl Fleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral; Commander
Aadila  ♀  Girl JusticeInsaaf Kerny Waali
Aaeedah  ♀  Girl Naik
Aaeesha  ♀  Girl Life; Vivaciousness; Living Prosperous; Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Aafreeda  ♀  Girl Created; Produced
Aafreen  ♀  Girl Brave; Acclaim
Aakifah  ♀  Girl Devoted; Dedicated; A Lady Who Worships Allah In Solitude
Aala  ♀  Girl Bounties; Blessings
Aaleyah  ♀  Girl Exalted; Highest Social Standing
Aalia  ♀  Girl Exhalted; Noble
Aalimah  ♀  Girl Scholar; Authority
Aaliyah  ♀  Girl Tall; Towering
Aamaal  ♀  Girl Hopes; Aspirations; Wishes
Aamanee  ♀  Girl Good Wish; Good Desire
Aamilah  ♀  Girl Doer Of (good) Deeds; Righteous
Aaminah  ♀  Girl Secured; Safe
Aamira  ♀  Girl Full Of Life; Prosperous;
Aani Fatimah Khatoon  ♀  Girl She Was A Literary Woman And A Poetess In Qastaniniyah
Aanisah  ♀  Girl Maiden
Aaqilah  ♀  Girl Wise; Discerning; Sensible; Reasonable
Aara  ♀  Girl Adoring
Aarifah  ♀  Girl Knowing; Women Who Recognises Islam
Aasia  ♀  Girl Hope
Aasimah  ♀  Girl One Who Protects
Aatifa  ♀  Girl Affectionate - Sympathy
Aatikah  ♀  Girl Generous
Aatiqah  ♀  Girl Shoulder (support) Old
Aatirah  ♀  Girl Fragrant
Abal  ♀  Girl Wild Rose
Abasah  ♀  Girl Daughter Of Al-Mahdi
Abda  ♀  Girl Brave; Strong; Courageous
Abeedah  ♀  Girl Worshipper
Abeer  ♀  Girl Fragrance
Abeera  ♀  Girl Rose; Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance
Abeerah  ♀  Girl Perfume; Fragrance
Abia  ♀  Girl Great; Super
Abida  ♀  Girl He Who Worships; Ebadat Karne Wali
Abidah Abida  ♀  Girl Worshipper
Abir  ♂  Boy Aroma; Strong; Ghor Karnay Wala; Dilgeer
Abir Abeer  ♀  Girl Fragrance; Perfume
Ablah  ♀  Girl Perfectly Formed
Ablaa  ♀  Girl Perfectly Formed
Abqurah  ♀  Girl Genius
Abra  ♀  Girl Example; Lesson
Abrar  ♂  Boy Achay Log; Naik Aur Parhaiz Gar Log
Adifaah  ♀  Girl Smart; Talented

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