Islamic Boy Names From Quran With Meanings

Top 284 Islamic Boy Names From Quran With Meanings

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“Islamic Boy Names From Quran With Meanings” is a compilation of names derived from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. This collection holds significant cultural and religious importance, as names from the Quran are often chosen by Muslim families to reflect the virtues and qualities emphasized in their faith.

Each name comes with a meaningful explanation, providing insight into its linguistic and spiritual significance. These names carry a deep connection to Islamic heritage and serve as a source of inspiration for parents seeking to bestow meaningful and culturally rich names upon their sons.

ismael name meaning in islam

The compilation not only facilitates the process of choosing a name but also fosters a connection to the teachings and values embedded in the Quranic tradition.

Islamic boy names from Quran A to Z

Discover a rich collection of Islamic boy names derived from the Quran, spanning from A to Z. Each name holds profound meaning and significance, reflecting the diverse attributes and virtues praised in Islamic teachings. Explore this comprehensive list to find a meaningful and culturally rooted name for your child.

1. Mohamed

Meaning : The praised one

2. Zeeshan

Meaning : Dignified, respected

3. Taul

Meaning : A powerful man

4. Idris

Meaning : Prophet Enoch (peace be upon him).

5. Maruf

Meaning : He does good deeds

6. Ismael

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Ismael. It means “God hears”.

7. Aman

Meaning : “Security”, “safety”

8. Salman

Meaning : “safe”, “undamaged”

9. Badr

Meaning : A learner; The name of the full moon

10. Hamza

Meaning : Uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

11. Hassan

Meaning : Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

12. Wadud

Meaning : “loving”, “affectionate”

13. Nazeer

Meaning : Warner, Cautioner, Portent, Harbinger

14. Ehsan

Meaning : Compassionate, pious

15. Hamd

Meaning : Praise, Admire, Commendation

16. Fawad

Meaning : “heart”

17. Zain

Meaning : “beauty, grace”

18. Ahad

Meaning : One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God

19. Tawfiq

Meaning : “prosperity”, “good luck”

20. Ayaan

Meaning : Time or era

21. Tariq

Meaning : Nightly visitor, star

22. Mashhur

Meaning : A person that is well-known and famous

23. Rizwan

Meaning : One who is pious and devoted to God

24. Adam

Meaning : The first man and Prophet Adam (peace be upon him).

25. Haq

Meaning : Just, Right, Justice

26. Cemil

Meaning : “beautiful”

27. Mohammad

Meaning : The most important and precious part of the human body, the eyes

28. Kaamil

Meaning : Perfect, accomplished

Nuh name meaning in islam
29. Saadaat

Meaning : People who are lords, leader, and superiors

30. Matar

Meaning : Rain

31. Ubadah

Meaning : Worship

32. Dabir

Meaning : Ancestry, roots

33. Meezan

Meaning : To weigh and judge the propriety and justice of deeds

34. Rayyan

Meaning : The Paradise’s gate for those who fasted often in their lives

35. Waseem

Meaning : “handsome”, “good-looking”

36. Raashid

Meaning : Guided, intelligent

37. Ghafoor

Meaning : To Forgive, Forgiving, Most Forgiving, Merciful

38. Javed

Meaning : “eternal”, “everlasting”

39. Hyat

Meaning : To be alive

40. Shahid

Meaning : Witness

41. Saaqib

Meaning : Piercing; Sharp, Keen

42. Masudah

Meaning : A man whose personality is happy and joyful

43. Ghayoor

Meaning : Fiercely protective

44. Ishaq

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Ishaq. It means “laughter”.

45. Karim

Meaning : “generous”, “noble”

46. Mohmmedidrees

Meaning : Sweet as nectar and honey

47. Mustafa

Meaning : The chosen one

48. Hisham

Meaning : “generous”

49. Rahman

Meaning : “merciful”

50. Musa

Meaning : Saved, Savior, Newborn, Save by the Water

51. Anwaar

Meaning : The luminous and bright one; An eternal flame and light

52. Rayhan

Meaning : Good Scent, Fragrance, Fragranced Herb

53. Aamir

Meaning : Prosperous

54. Rafi

Meaning : “high”

55. Nadim

Meaning : “drink companion”

56. Saleh

Meaning : Prophet Saleh (peace be upon him).

57. Aalim

Meaning : Religious scholar

58. Saif

Meaning : Sword

59. Iqbal

Meaning : “scholar”

60. Ziyad

Meaning : “growth”, “progress”

61. Parvez

Meaning : “pleasure”, “success”

ziyad name meaning in islam
62. Qais

Meaning : “lover”

63. Wafiq

Meaning : Successful

64. Jawad

Meaning : Open-handed, generous

65. Dameer

Meaning : Heart, conscience

66. Ruhab

Meaning : An open-minded and generous Boy

67. Mujib

Meaning : “responder”

68. Salih

Meaning : Righteous, Virtuous, Intact, Praiseworthy, Good Boy

69. Ayyub

Meaning : To Return To God, To Repent, Name Of Prophet

70. Afaque

Meaning : Horizon

71. Waqar

Meaning : “dignity”, “respect”

72. Raheem

Meaning : Merciful, God Is Compassionate, Kind

73. Naqeeb

Meaning : Fault-Finder, Leader, Representative

74. Harun

Meaning : Prophet Aaron (peace be upon him).

75. Nahid

Meaning : “honorable”

76. Aariz

Meaning : Respectable man

77. Gafur

Meaning : Invincible

78. Ghaffar

Meaning : “cover”

79. Najm

Meaning : Celestial Body, Star

80. Zakariya

Meaning : Prophet Zechariah (peace be upon him).

81. Jalal

Meaning : “majesty, glorious”

82. Husam

Meaning : “sword”, “sharp edge”

83. Malik

Meaning : “king”

84. Kabir

Meaning : Great, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respected

85. Ghani

Meaning : A Quranic name, it means “rich”.

86. Waleed

Meaning : “newborn”

87. Hakeem

Meaning : Wise, intelligent

88. Aafaaq

Meaning : The Edge Of The Sky

89. Kamal

Meaning : “perfection”

90. Fahd

Meaning : Translating to “cheetah”

91. Keyaan

Meaning : Crown, king

92. Ghulam

Meaning : “servant”

93. Mukhtar

Meaning : Chosen

94. Azad

Meaning : An independent and a free person

95. Ghazanfar

Meaning : “lion”

96. Faraz

Meaning : A feeling of elevation

97. Sabir

Meaning : “patient”

98. Jassim

Meaning : Courageous warrior

99. Nouman

Meaning : “blood”, “life”

100. Amaan

Meaning : Protection, safety

101. Hakim

Meaning : Wise, Wisdom And Decisiveness

102. Ilm

Meaning : Knowledge

103. Wahib

Meaning : Giver, bestower

104. Manzoor

Meaning : Accept

105. Samir

Meaning : Friend or companion

106. Raheel

Meaning : Traveller

107. Ismail

Meaning : Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him).

108. Mumin

Meaning : Quranic name “believer” or “faithful”.

109. Hussein

Meaning : Quranic name referring to Hussein Ibn Ali. It means “handsome” or “beautiful”.

110. Aabid

Meaning : Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows

111. Masir

Meaning : Destiny, Fate, Final Destination

112. Hussain

Meaning : Islamic thinker

113. Ihsan

Meaning : Kindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman

114. Riza

Meaning : He who fears God and is full of virtue

115. Bahis

Meaning : “researcher”

116. Musawwir

Meaning : Fashioner

117. Nabil

Meaning : “noble”

118. Izhar

Meaning : Submission, acceptable

119. Raza

Meaning : “agreement”, “consent”

120. Adnan

Meaning : Name of the son of Prophet Ishmael

121. Thazeen

Meaning : Beautifully radiant one

122. Taha

Meaning : Mentioned in the opening verses of Surah Taha.

123. Bashir

Meaning : Bringer Of Glad Tidings, Harbinger, Bringer Of Good News

124. Jubair

Meaning : One who brings together

125. Dawar

Meaning : “ruler”, “judge”

126. Luqman

Meaning : A Prophet’s name

127. Imran

Meaning : “happiness”

128. Muhammad

Meaning : The praised one; Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

129. Usman

Meaning : “fast friend”

130. Hayat

Meaning : “life”, “existence”

131. Omair

Meaning : Problem solver

132. Baseer

Meaning : Vision

Ismael name meaning in islam
133. Tayyab

Meaning : “good”, “pure”

134. Rafiq

Meaning : “friend”, “companion”

135. Ahmet

Meaning : “praiseworthy”

136. Burak

Meaning : “bright”

137. Bari

Meaning : “creator”, “maker”

138. Aasim

Meaning : Protector

139. Adyan

Meaning : “religious, pious”

140. Shuaib

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Shuaib. Means “guides along the correct path”.

141. Uthman

Meaning : Quranic name referring to Uthman Ibn Affan. It means “baby bustard”.

142. Rehan

Meaning : Scented

143. Hasun

Meaning : A good-looking, handsome, and pretty man

144. Aabdar

Meaning : Moonlight; Early; Quick; The name of a famous battle

145. Ayman

Meaning : Good fortune

146. Rauf

Meaning : Merciful, Kind, An Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT)

147. Qasim

Meaning : Handsome

148. Zayed

Meaning : To increase, progress

149. Omar

Meaning : One who lives long

150. Jamil

Meaning : “beautiful”

151. Tahir

Meaning : Pious, pure

152. Zafar

Meaning : Victory, the best

153. Talha

Meaning : One of the ten companions promised Paradise (may Allah be pleased with him).

154. Sabur

Meaning : “patient”, “enduring”

155. Faisal

Meaning : Decisive

156. Wadi

Meaning : “valley”

157. Faiz

Meaning : “victorious”

158. Masuda

Meaning : A happy and joyful Boy

159. Fazl

Meaning : Courtesy, Noble Deed, Superiority

160. Yaseer

Meaning : Blessed, easy

161. Sadan

Meaning : A sensible, prudent, and reasonable person

162. Taymullah

Meaning : “servant of God”

163. Basir

Meaning : Knowledgeable, Proficient, One Who Sees

164. Azim

Meaning : Great, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendid

165. Azaan

Meaning : Call To Prayer, Power, Strength

166. Basil

Meaning : “brave”

167. Yahya

Meaning : Divinely created

168. Nuh

Meaning : Prophet Noah (peace be upon him).

169. Saqib

Meaning : Brightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharp

170. Emir

Meaning : Prince, commander

171. Dawud

Meaning : Name of a prophet

172. Hafeez

Meaning : “guardian”

173. Naji

Meaning : Saved

174. Abdul Aziz

Meaning : Servant of God

175. Azhar

Meaning : A shining and luminous being

176. Lateef

Meaning : In egyptian is : Gentle.

177. Basim

Meaning : Smiling

178. Nasir

Meaning : Helper, supporter

179. Syed

Meaning : Chief, leader

180. Owais

Meaning : A companion of the Prophet

181. Arafat

Meaning : Refers to the Mountain of Arafat in the Quran.

182. Morad

Meaning : Wish

183. Jabbar

Meaning : Mighty, brave

184. Humaid

Meaning : Praise

185. Ahmed

Meaning : The praised one

186. Umar

Meaning : Long life

187. Ibrahim

Meaning : Intimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name

188. Abbas

Meaning : “stern, lion”

189. Nasser

Meaning : “winner”

190. Fahim

Meaning : “understanding”, “wise”

191. Sarim

Meaning : “brave”, “sharp sword”

192. Majid

Meaning : “noble”, “honorable”

193. Suleiman

Meaning : Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him).

194. Yakub

Meaning : “supplanter”

195. Abdul Khabir

Meaning : Servant of the All-Aware, Servant of Allah

196. Latif

Meaning : Mysterious, delicate

197. Wahid

Meaning : Unique

198. Uzair

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Uzair. It means “helper”.

199. Ijaz

Meaning : “beyond the capability of human beings”

200. Sharif

Meaning : “noble”, “honourable”

201. Elias

Meaning : Derived from the Quranic root I-L-Y-S, “Yahweh”.

202. Khalid

Meaning : Eternal

203. Qadir

Meaning : Originating from the Quranic root, this name signifies “capable” or “powerful”.

204. Yaqub

Meaning : Prophet’s name, successor or heir

205. Rasheed

Meaning : Quranic name “righteous guide”.

206. Yunus

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Yunus. It means “dove”.

207. Zahid

Meaning : “ascetic”, “devoted to God”

208. Khaleel

Meaning : A friend

209. Irfan

Meaning : Knowledgeable

210. Sahil

Meaning : Guide, coast

211. Dawood

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Dawood. It means “beloved”.

212. Jamal

Meaning : Handsome

213. Ashab

Meaning : Master, Friends, Companions

214. Badr-al-Din

Meaning : Full moon of the faith

215. Talib

Meaning : A name derived from the Quran, which signifies a “seeker” or “student”.

216. Hashim

Meaning : “destroyer of evil”

217. Bashar

Meaning : One who brings good news

218. Hanif

Meaning : True believer

219. Kazim

Meaning : One who restrains anger

220. Mohammed

Meaning : Vastness; Magnitude in size; Greater than anything

221. Zahir

Meaning : “bright, shining”

222. Adeel

Meaning : “just”, “upright”

223. Ubaid

Meaning : “small slave”

224. Hamid

Meaning : “praiseworthy”

225. Zafir

Meaning : “victorious”

226. Kareem

Meaning : Noble, generous

227. Riyyan

Meaning : A special gate of Heaven for people who fasted a lot in their lives

228. Safiullah

Meaning : “pure of God”

229. Bilal

Meaning : Bilal ibn Rabah, the first African Muslim and a prominent companion (may Allah be pleased with him).

230. Riaz

Meaning : “gardens”, “meadows”

231. Uvais

Meaning : “discipline”

232. Saadat

Meaning : Blessing, honour

233. Mawhub

Meaning : A bestowed and gifted man

234. Jabir

Meaning : “noble”

235. Abdul Hafeez

Meaning : Servant of the Guardian

236. Ghaazi

Meaning : Conqueror, warrior

237. Jafar

Meaning : “stream”

238. Shakir

Meaning : “grateful”

239. Asif

Meaning : Forgiveness

240. Ali

Meaning : Ascend, exalted

241. Salim

Meaning : Safe

242. Sami

Meaning : High, Lofty, Exalted

243. Zubair

Meaning : Quranic name referring to Zubair Ibn Al-Awwam. It means “strong” or “powerful”.

244. Aleem

Meaning : Knowledgeable, Wise, Learned, Expert

245. Qadeer

Meaning : Extremely Capable, Competent, Able, Powerful

246. Aadil

Meaning : Justice

247. Farid

Meaning : “unique”

248. Ghafur

Meaning : To forgive

249. Mizan

Meaning : Balance, Scales, Measure, Weight

250. Safi

Meaning : “pure”, “clear”

251. Yusuf

Meaning : God shall give, a name of a prophet

252. Sajid

Meaning : One Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah,

253. Sahib

Meaning : “companion”, “friend”

254. Abdullah

Meaning : Servant of God

255. Munif

Meaning : “exalted”, “high”

256. Asar

Meaning : Mark, Print, Effect, Footprint

257. Haddad

Meaning : “smith”, “blacksmith”

258. Fadil

Meaning : Generous, honourable, superior

259. Aziz

Meaning : Noble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinary

260. Bahir

Meaning : “brilliant”

261. Najib

Meaning : “noble, outstanding”

262. Kathir

Meaning : Much, Abundant, Plentiful, Substantial

263. Imtiaz

Meaning : Power of discrimination

264. Razzaq

Meaning : Servant of the provider

265. Fardeen

Meaning : One who has the strength of three men; A name of the first month of the Parsi year

266. Lutfi

Meaning : Grace, kindness

267. Osman

Meaning : “baby bustard”

268. Zaid

Meaning : Zaid ibn Haritha, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

269. Yamin

Meaning : “towards right”

270. Sulaiman

Meaning : Quranic name for Prophet Sulaiman. It means “man of peace”.

271. Nizam

Meaning : “order”

272. Abdul

Meaning : A Quranic name that means “servant of God.”

273. Rushdan

Meaning : A man who is guided down the right path

274. Zaki

Meaning : “pure” or “innocent.”

275. Ma’ruf

Meaning : Known, Celebrated

276. Shalan

Meaning : One who is emanating light

277. Junaid

Meaning : Fighter

278. Asim

Meaning : “shield”.

279. Munir

Meaning : Shining, radiance

280. Mashkur

Meaning : Appreciated, thanked, One Who Is Worthy Of Thanks

281. Moosa

Meaning : Name of a Prophet, Arabic Form Of Moses

282. Kafeel

Meaning : Sponsor, Surety, Responsible

283. Akram

Meaning : Derived from the Quranic root A-K-R, it means “most generous.”

284. Ilyas

Meaning : Name of a Prophet

Muslim boys and girl nams with meaning in urdu

Modern Muslim Boy Names In Urdu A to Z

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an important decision, as it will be a part of their identity for the rest of their lives. For Muslim parents, finding a modern and meaningful name that reflects their faith and culture is essential. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of modern Muslim boy names in Urdu, from A to Z, to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

NameMeaning in urdu & English
Khatmat خطمتMountain Top
پہاڑ کی چوٹی
Khizaen خزائنTreasures
Ayoos عیوثLion
Khuraym خورایمIbn Fatik Had This Name
ابنِ فاتک یہ نام پڑا
Khlaaq خلاقCreator; Inventor
تخلیق کرنے والا،پیدا کرنے والا
Mutlib مطلبThe Name Of Grandpa’ S Of Hazrat Muhammad (S; A; W; W)
حضرت محمد ﷺ کے دادا کا نام
Basr بصرEye-sight; Wisdom; Sight
Ashiqi عاشقیLove
عشق، پيار، محبت
Sinan سینانLeopard
وار کرنے والا شخص
Farukh Akhter فرخ اخترLucky
خوش نصیب،نیک بخت
Damisha دمیشاRich
Sufi صوفیIslamic Mystic
متقی، پرہیز گار
Mahtaram محترمRespect
احترام والا، عزت کرنے والا
Ramza رمزاSymbol; Sign
Wedeed ودیدLoving
پیار کرنے والا
Anbaar عنبارLight
Fidaa فیداReDemption, Devoting one’s self, to another, ransom, suitable cobination for names, FiDaur Rehaman, FiDa’ MohammaD
رہائی، قربانی دینا ۔، بچاﺅ
Nusair نُصَیرVictory; Triumph
Wafid وافدSky
آسمان ; فلک
Budail BudaylName Of A Companion Of The Prophet
Hilaal ہلالCrescent; Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Batle Of Badr
Nusrat UddinHelp Of The Religion (Islam)
نصرت دین
Yesoob یعسوبRahnumai Karnay Wala; Guiding Person
رہنمائی کرنے والا
Sahban سحبانFaseh O Balegh Log
فصیح و بلیع لوگ
Harabat ہارابتFriday
Ghatoom غتومSmall Stars
چھوٹے ستارے
Ithaf ایتھافAllah Ka Tohfa
Zafaryab ظفریابA Victory
فتح پانے والا،جیت حاصل کرنے والا
Saheem سہیمMember
Nehal نہالCherished; Beauty; Rainy; Handsome
فتح مند
Bahbuh بہبُوGay
خوش، خوش مزاج
Altaf Hussain الطاف حسینKindness Of Husain
حسین کی مہربانی
Fardeen فاردینRadiant
روشن، درخشاں
Nirvaan निर्वाणUltimate Bliss; Liberation
Badrawi بدرویOne Who Is Like The Full Moon; Radiant; Mature
Muqtani مقتنیRich
Maraj معراجThe Place Of Ascent; The Above
Mutraf مطرفNew
Riyaad ریاض(Riyaaz) Garden; Meadow
Jan Muhammad جان محمدLife Of Muhammad
محمد کی زندگی
Abu dain ابودینWorshiper Of God; Devoted Servant Of God
Bahiyudin باہیا الدینThe Magnificent Of The Faith
ایمان کی شاہ وشوکت
Rafi رفیعComforter; Ooncha; Shareef; Buland Martaba
اونچا، شریف، بلند مرتبہ
Jaheed جہیدLoud Voice
اونچی آواز
Maloof UddinLover Of The Religion (Islam); Maloof (Beloved); Al (the); Din (Religion)
ملفو دین
Serir سریرOne Who Brings Joy To Others; One Who Causes Delight In Others
Human ہمانA Character In Shahnameh
خوشگوار آواز
Ghamiq گھمیقDark; Black
Husaam UdeenThe Sword Of The Faith
Waasey واسیCapacious; Wide; Ample
Ridhwan ردھوانAcceptance; Good Will; Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven
آسمان کے دروازے کے نگران کا نام، قبولیت
Sajad سجادProstrating In Prayers
بہت سجدے کرنے والا
Mushaywir مشائخHoneycomb Cell
Sabaah صباحMorning Bright
Nubras نبراسBrave
Laaiq لائقTreasure Of The Faith; Which Means A Person Who Is A Treasure To The Muslims Due To His Virtues
قابل واسطے
Qaifaal قیفالLeader
AfruzStanding Tall Like A Mountain; Ability To Withstand All That Is Thrushed Upon It
Mahjan مہجنPure; Flourishing; Blooming
Daoithra دؤیتھراPupil Of The Eye
آنکھ کی پتلی
Daud داؤدBeloved; Dear Friend
عزیز دوست
Ashkan اشکنHealthy; Sahat Mand
فارسی بادشاہ کے 3rd خاندان کے نام
Fardosi فردوسیAble For Heaven
جنت کے قابل
Taai تائیObedient; Willing
Nayalash نیالشPrayer
Mughni مغنیOne Who Releases Another From Straitened Circumstances; An Epithet Of Allah
دینے والا
Gonal گونلBrigth; Bright
منور، روشن
Abrak ابراکThe Blessed One; More Or Most Blessed
زیادہ یا برکتوں سے مالا
Daeb دائبDiligent; Conscientious
Rasien رصینStrong
Shajar شجرTrees
Bukhtiar بختیارLucky
خوش نصیب
Khaveed خویدGreen Sapling
سبز پودا
Nadeen ندینHope
Gareeb غریبPoor Person
Hind ہندOld Arabic Name
سو اونٹ
Muaan معانDestination
Nater ناطرNature
محافظ، نگہبان
Rakhis رخیصCheap
Zobome زابومPure Gold
خالص سونا
Martmoor مرتمورOfficer
Zulfaqar ذوالفقارThat Which Has Vertebrae (vertebrae Being The Bones In A Person’ S Back; Also Known As The Spinal Column); It Is Said Because The Sword’ S Blade Had Grooves (there Are Also Many Other Interpretations For This Word)
Morsed مرصدWaiter
انتظار کرنے والا
Talay طالعGood; Luck
NafiisMany Property; Precious; Many
Kamlan کاملانWhole; Without Flaws; Perfect
Shariat شریعتDivine Law; Islamic Law
مذہبی قانون
ShadmehrKind; Cheerful
Mawdood مودودBeloved; Attached
Tauseef توصیفPraise; Commendation; Attribute; Quality;
خوبی بیان کرنا
Muzayyin مزائینBeautifier; Adorner
Wahiid واحدAlone
Hasret حسرتDesire
Soda سوداBlack
Afta افتاLater Born; Younger
آخری اولاد، چھوتا
Farees فریسBraverer
عقل مند، فراست مند، ذی فہم
HabiburRahman حبیب الرحمانBeloved Friend Of Allah
Qabad قبادBadshah E Azam
بادشاہ اعظم
Ehteram احترامRespect
عزت، احترام، ادب
Ghazari غازاریPigeon
کَبُوتر، فاختہ
Muhabbab محبّLoved [by Others]
Ghazee غاذیConqueror
نصیحت کرنے والا
Satal سطلForgiving; Generous
Yathrib یثربFormer Name Of The City Of Madinnah
Junaid جنیدSoldier; Warrior; Baghdaad Key Wali Ka Naam;
بغداد کے والی کا نام
Lamaaz لمازEye Hint
آنکھ کا اشارہ
Nabeegha نابغہFine Personality; Happy
فصیح، خوش
Druj درُجLie
دھوکا، دروغ، جھوٹ
Khalifa خلیفہSuccessor; Viceroy; Caliph; Vice-regent
MushirulHaq مشیرالحقCounselor Of The Truth Ie Allah
Waliy والیHelper; Protector; Friend; Wali; Religious Person; Master; Love; Owner
Abdel Adir عبد العدیرServant Of The Capable
جوہر قابل
Nad نادDelicate; Moist; Tender
Bayazid بایزیرName Of A Saint
ایک سنت کا نام
Imdad امدادMadad Karna; Help Karna
مدد کرنا
Haajid حاجیDoing Tahajjud Prayer
Shaah شاہKing; Monarch; Emperor
شاہ ملک ; شاہانہ ; بادشاہ
Safa صفاPure
ابدی ; ازلی
Yameem یمیمIntended
ارادہ کرنے والا
Jamaaluddin جمال الدینBeauty Of The Faith
ایمان کی خوبصورتی
Matlub مطلوبDesired; Sought After; Demanded
نامعلوم، مطلوب
Attbal عتبلLaborer
Sahiq سحیقOne Who Is Truthful
NaziihClean; Dignity; Honest
Hermes ہرمسHeap Of Stones
قابل ترین،حضرت ادریس علیہ السلام کا نام
Hubur ہُبُرJoy
خُوشی، مُسَرَّت
Sahoor ساہوارWake Up
Murzi مرزیOne Who Does Acts Or Gives Gifts Charity That Gain Other People’ S Approval; One Who Satisfies
Muyassir معیسرFacilitator; One Who Makes Something Easy Or Possible
Gorkh گورکھName Of A Wliullah
ایک ولی اللہ کا نام
Resa ریساEloquent; Wise; Well-guided
Daanish دانشWisdom; Learning; Science
علم، عقل बुद्धि; सीखना; विज्ञान
Biryar بریارDecision; Resolution
Gawdat گودتVariant Transcription Of JAWDAT
Damuwaq داموقVery Hot
بہت گرم
Senapati سینا پتیLord Murugan
سپہ سالار
Misid MisidVariant Of MUSAd Related: MUSAd
Juthamah جتھامہNightmare (name Of Companion)
ڈراونا، ساتھی کا نام
Turialai توریالئیBrave
Muqees مقیثFood Provider
رزق دینے والا
Khabir خبیرExpert; One Who Has Much Knowledge
SaquibBright; Luminous
Hajj حاجOne Who Has Performed The Hajj Or Pilgrimage To Makkah
وہ جس نے حج یا حج مکہ کو انجام دیا
Manzhoor منظور(Manzoor) Agreed; Approved; Accepted
Imaduddin عمادودینPillar Of The Faith (Islam)
ایمان کا ستون )اسلام(
Hajir ہاجرNoble; Excellent
ہجرت کرنے والا، نَفِیس، افضَل، پاکیزہ، مقدس
ZayerTourist; Who Visits Holy Places
Ibadet عبادتObedient
Laaraib لاریبBelieve
Tehsin تحسینAdmiration And Praise Ray
توصیف و تعریف کرنا
Bashirat بشیرتPrudent; Intelligence
ہوشیار، ذہانت، عقل
Sawa ساواModeration
Reshaeel ریشائلAn Angel’ S Name
ایک فرشتے کا نام
Inayatuddin عنایت الدینCare Of Religion (Islam)
Qulaib قلیبHeart; Conscience
Falak فلکThe Sky; High; Sphere; The Heaven; Asman
Ireel اریلBrave; Fearless
Buzrjmahar بزرجمہرWise; Prudent; Learned
عقل مند
Faraaq فراقSeparation
Malang ملنگMystic
Ridhwaan رضوانPleasure; Happiness; Doorkeeper Of Jannah
Marooh مروحLively; Joyful; Gleeful; Energetic
Shuma شماعRattlesnake
ہنس مکھ
Ladhe Shah لدھے شاہName Of Famous Waliullah
ایک مشہور ولی اللہ کا نام
Wahdan وحدانUnique; Singular; Peerless
تنہا، اکیلا
Haleel حلیلTrue Friend; Comrade; Companion;
سچا دوست
Akhtab اختابFalcon (a Type Of Bird Of Prey); One Who Speaks Much; One Who Gives Many Speeches
Ajlah اجلہA Narrator Of Hadith Had This Name
Mohtashim محتشمRespectable; High Rank;
غزت و وقار والا، امير، دولت مند، رئيس، عزت والا، جاہ و جلال والا
Muafir معافرTravel Fellow
ہم سفر
Malas ملاثPious
Zahaaq ضحاکHappy
Labib لبیبSensible; Intelligent; Wisdom;
Aleeque علیقWhite Cloth
سفید کپڑا
Zornab زرنابPure Gold
خالص سونا
Kashef کاشفUncoverer
ظاہر کرنے والا، دکھانے والا، عیاں کرنے والا
Zumin ضمینResponsible
ذمہ دار
Arzaal عرزالLion
Saher ساحرEarly Morning; Dawn
جادو کرنے والا،سحر میں جکڑنے والا،بس میں کرنے والا
Khanz خانزHumdum
ہمدم، ساتھی، ہمراہی، رفیق
Abdal la عبداللہServants Of Allah
خدا کے بندے
Kalam کلامBaat Krny Wala
بات، قول سخن
Brinkar برینکرCreator Of Destiny
قسمت کا خالق
Shad شادKhush; Masroor
خوش، مسرور
Ihtiram إحترامHonour; Hold In Honour
عزّت، تعظیم، شان و شوکت میں رہنا
Titu ٹیٹوDear; Beloved; Darling; Lovable; Favourite
Mamun معمونLoyal; Trustworthy
معتبر، قابل بھروسہ
Yuaan یوعانGrace
Ghazwan غزوانRaider; Attacker; A Person Who Takes Part In A Raid Or Attacker
مہم پر ایک، فتح کرنے کے لئے
Marzuq مرزوقBlessed By God; Fortunate
خدا کی طرف سے مبارک، خوش قسمت
Yureed یریدTalab; Chahat
طلب، چاہت
Awanah اعوانہMiddle-aged; Fierce Abu Awanah Al-Waddah Was A Scholar Of Hadith And A Reciter Of Quran
اُدھيڑ عُمَر، ظالم، شدید
Manam مناعمSoft And Delicate
نرم و نازک، ملائم و نفیس
Aatim عاطمKnowledgeable
علم و فضل والا
Leeman لیمانCRAB-FACED
ترش رو، کھٹا
Modern Muslim Boy Names In Urdu A to Z

These are just a few examples of modern Muslim boy names in Urdu. Each name has its own unique meaning and significance. It is important to choose a name that resonates with you and your family, and that holds a special meaning for your child. Take your time, do your research, and consult with your loved ones to find the perfect name that will bring joy and blessings to your little one’s life.

Remember, a name is not just a word, but a reflection of your faith, culture, and hopes for your child’s future. May you find the perfect name that brings happiness and success to your family.

Wonderful German Girl Names With Meanings

331+ Wonderful German Girl Names With Meanings

Explore a captivating list of German girl names, each carrying a unique meaning and cultural significance. From timeless classics to modern gems, discover the beauty and depth behind these wonderful names that reflect Germany’s rich linguistic heritage.

Whether you seek tradition or trend, this compilation offers a delightful journey into the world of German female names and their meaningful origins.

strong german names for girls

selection of powerful German names for girls. From bold historical choices to contemporary gems, this collection showcases names that exude confidence and character, reflecting the enduring spirit of German culture in the realm of female nomenclature. Embrace the vigor and significance behind these strong German names for a meaningful and impactful choice for your daughter.

1. Carla

Meaning :“free” in German and Italian.

2. Adele

Meaning :“noble” in German.

3. Bertrun

Meaning :shining secret

4. Adalwolfa

Meaning :she-wolf

5. Mira

Meaning :Sea, ocean in Sanskrit/German

6. Lorelei

Meaning :“temptress” in German.

7. Malin

Meaning :Little warrior in German

8. Axel

Meaning :It might not be a chart-topper in Germany, but this one is growing in popularity in the states in recent years. Axel means ‘father of peace.’ Though this spelling is considered gender-neutral, you could also further feminise the name for a little girl by giving the French spelling, Axelle.

9. Romy

Meaning :“dew of the sea” in Latin.

10. Walburga

Meaning :“strong protector” in German.

Lorita name meaning
11. Marie

Meaning :“star of the sea” in Latin.

12. Jutta

Meaning :“child” in German, pronounced you-tuh.

13. Brigitte

Meaning :“power” in French.

14. Maja

Meaning :Great in Greek/German

15. Valentina

Meaning :“healthy or strong” in Roman.

16. Ebba

Meaning :“fortress of riches” in German.

17. Ludmila

Meaning :“darling people” in Slavic.

18. Miloslava

Meaning :“merciful darling” in Slavic.

19. Raffaela

Meaning :“God heals” in German.

20. Marit

Meaning :Of the sea in Germanic

21. Belinda

Meaning :This pretty German girl name has dipped again. It has a storied past with various cultural references and the German translation is ‘pretty one.’

22. Emilia

Meaning :“rival” in Latin.

23. Catrin

Meaning :“pure” in Greek.

24. Lisbet

Meaning :“God is my oath” in Hebrew.

25. Mildred

Meaning :“strong in work” in German.

26. Selma

Meaning :“godly helmet” in German.

27. Keil

Meaning :“wedge” in German.

28. Mirella

Meaning :Admirable, wonderful in Italian/German

29. Emmeline

Meaning :“work” in German.

30. Renate

Meaning :“born again” in Latin.

31. Julia

Meaning :“youthful” in Roman.

32. Alvira

Meaning :fair

33. Milla

Meaning :Strong, determined in German

34. Bertina

Meaning :“bright or shining” in German.

35. Adette

Meaning :sweet or noble

36. Elsa

Meaning :“noble” in German. Perfect for Disney fans!

37. Bertha

Meaning :“bright one” in German, pronounced bear-tuh.

38. Melanie

Meaning :“black or dark” in Greek.

39. Alfonsine

Meaning :eager to battle

40. Annika

Meaning :Grace in Dutch/German

41. Amina

Meaning :Trustworthy in Arabic/German

42. Erika

Meaning :eternal ruler

43. Willa

Meaning :“resolute protector” in Latin.

44. Engelbertha

Meaning :Means “bright angel”

45. Margit

Meaning :“pearl” in Greek.

46. Paulina

Meaning :“small” in Latin.

47. Ermentrude

Meaning :“universal strength” in German.

48. Halfrid

Meaning :peaceful heroine

49. Therese

Meaning :“harvester” in French.

50. Meret

Meaning :“pearl” in German.

51. Malea

Meaning :Strength, power in German

52. Lia

Meaning :“gentle” in Italian, popular in German-speaking Switzerland.

53. Lorita

Meaning :honor or victory

traditional german names for girls

Traditional German Names for Girls, a collection rooted in centuries-old cultural heritage. From timeless classics to cherished familial choices, explore the enduring elegance and cultural significance behind these names that have stood the test of time in Germany.

54. Käthe

Meaning :Pure in German

55. Linnea

Meaning :Twinflower in Swedish/German

56. Thea

Meaning :Goddess in Greek/German

57. Isabella

Meaning :“God is my oath” in Hebrew.

58. Nicole

Meaning :“victory of the people” in French.

59. Irmina

Meaning :war goddess

60. Zinnia

Meaning :“Zinn’s flower” in German.

61. Berdine

Meaning :glorious

62. Klara

Meaning :“bright or clear” in Latin.

63. Anouk

Meaning :Grace in Dutch/German

64. Ziska

Meaning :“free” in Yiddish.

65. Laura

Meaning :“laurel tree”, a symbol of victory.

66. Gretta

Meaning :A more popular German baby name than many on our list, Gretta means ‘pearl’ and is a diminutive of Margarethe or Margaret.

67. Gertrude

Meaning :“strong spear” in German.

68. Luana

Meaning :graceful warrior

bertina name meaning
69. Luisa

Meaning :famous in war

70. Carolina

Meaning :“freeholder” in Latin.

71. Eleonora

Meaning :If you are an Eleanor fan on the hunt for a pretty German name for your baby girl, consider this alternative. The German meaning is ‘the other.’

72. Melisande

Meaning :“strong in work” in German.

73. Carol

Meaning :“festive song” in English.

74. Stella

Meaning :Star in Latin/German

75. Evi

Meaning :life

76. Mia

Meaning :“mine” in Italian.

77. Lina

Meaning :“sunlight” in Greek.

78. Judith

Meaning :“woman from Judea” in Hebrew.

79. Anke

Meaning :“God has favored me” in Hebrew, pronounced ahn-kuh.

80. Marlene

Meaning :“star of the sea”, pronounced mar-leh-nuh.

81. Charlotte

Meaning :“free” in Old French.

82. Ziggy

Meaning :A sassy diminutive of Siegfried or Sigmund, this German baby name has had its moment over the years, thanks to Ziggy Stardust and Ziggy Marley (not to mention, as a character name in Big Little Lies). Plus, it works for girls as well as boys!

83. Evonne

Meaning :archer

84. Maike

Meaning :Pearl in German

85. Rebecca

Meaning :“captivating” in Hebrew.

86. Romantza

Meaning :A showstopper that actually just means ‘Roman’ but sounds a lot like it could mean romance; let that be the personal meaning to you if you choose this adorable German girl name.

87. Adalaide

Meaning :noble one

88. Elisabeth

Meaning :“God is my oath” in Hebrew.

89. Heidi

Meaning :“noble kind” in German.

90. Astrid

Meaning :“divinely beautiful” in Scandinavian.

91. Liezel

Meaning :Means “God is beautiful”

92. Reinhilde

Meaning :“decision to fight” in German.

93. Gannet

Meaning :A unique German baby name that is easy to spell and pronounce, it means ‘goose’ and is a way more fun alternative to either Garrett or Janet.

94. Lara

Meaning :“protection” in Latin.

95. Henrietta

Meaning :keeper of the hearth

96. Ronia / Ronja

Meaning :Strong, to cry in Swedish/German

97. Heike

Meaning :strong ruler

98. Marlena

Meaning :Combination of Maria and Magdalene in German

99. Rosalie

Meaning :Rose in Latin/German

100. Leonie

Meaning :“lion” in Latin, Leonie is a popular name in Lichtenstein, a stunning German-speaking country in the Alps.

101. Adal

Meaning :sweet and noble

102. Wim

Meaning :An Old German name meaning ‘helmet’ or “protection” traditionally trends male, but thanks to its whimsical sound, it’s certainly suitable for modern-day baby girls, too!

103. Kikka

Meaning :mistress of all

104. Katrin

Meaning :“pure” in Greek.

105. Enna

Meaning :Bird-like in German

106. Edeltraud

Meaning :“noble attitude” in German.

classic german names for girls

German girl names that exude grace and tradition. This curated list celebrates classic choices that have stood the test of time, embodying the cultural richness and enduring charm of German naming traditions.

107. Aaleigha

Meaning :Means “high” or “to move up”

108. Stefanie

Meaning :“crown” in Greek.

109. Millie

Meaning :This adorable variation on Millicent has been a classic German baby girl name for decades. It’s extremely popular yet continues to remain stylish.

110. Fiona

Meaning :Fair in Irish/German

111. Mina

Meaning :Love, affection in German

112. Hannah / Hanne

Meaning :Grace in Hebrew/German

113. Senta

Meaning :“grow” in German.

114. Marieke

Meaning :Bitter, beloved in German/Dutch

115. Ursula

Meaning :“she-bear” in Latin.

116. Anjuta

Meaning :Means “derived from Anjan”

117. Alberta

Meaning :bright

118. Sabine

Meaning :“from Sabin” in German.

119. Adelheide

Meaning :sweet and noble

120. Dina

Meaning :Judged, vindicated in Hebrew/German

121. Hannelore

Meaning :“grace” and “God is my light”. This name was very popular in Germany around World War II and is a combination of Hannah and Eleonore.

122. Aletta

Meaning :Noble, graceful in German

123. Andrea

Meaning :“strong” in Greek.

124. Linda

Meaning :“pretty” in Spanish.

125. Leah

Meaning :“noble” in Hebrew.

126. Katherina

Meaning :pure

127. Matilda/Tilda

Meaning :Originally spelled Mathilda in Old German, means “mighty in battle”

128. Sophia

Meaning :“wisdom” in Greek.

129. Karsten

Meaning :This rarely heard German version of Christian is a nice pick for a baby boy or girl.

130. Hildegard

Meaning :“battle enclosure” in German.

elisabeth name meaning
131. Alviria

Meaning :The German variation on Elvira, which means fair, Alviria is a beautifully exotic choice with great nickname potential of either Ally, Viria or Ria.

132. Clara

Meaning :“clear or bright” in Latin

133. Amalia

Meaning :“work” in German.

134. Seraphina

Meaning :Fiery, angelic in Hebrew/German

135. Tanja

Meaning :“fairy queen” in Roman, pronounced tan-ya.

136. Runa

Meaning :Secret lore in Old Norse/German

137. Aili

Meaning :sweet

138. Wendlesora

Meaning :Name of a Saint

139. Sibylle

Meaning :“seer” in Greek.

140. Regina

Meaning :“queen” in Latin.

141. Tamara

Meaning :“palm tree” in Hebrew.

142. Vala

Meaning :“singled out” in German.

143. Jule

Meaning :Youthful, downy-bearded in German

144. Liv

Meaning :Life in Old Norse/German

145. Ediline

Meaning :gracious

146. Isolde

Meaning :“ice battle” in German.

147. Ruta

Meaning :“friend” in Hebrew.

148. Sofia

Meaning :“wisdom” in Greek.

149. Esme

Meaning :Precious, valuable in Arabic/German

150. Emery

Meaning :“industrious” in German.

151. Lotte

Meaning :“free” in German, pronounced lot-tuh.

152. Frieda

Meaning :“peaceful” in Old German.

153. Jana

Meaning :God is gracious in Czech/German

154. Helisent

Meaning :“temple path” in German.

155. Gisela

Meaning :“pledge” in German.

156. Nixie

Meaning :Such a special and cute-sounding German name, Nixie means ‘water nymph.’

beautiful german names for girls

Beautiful German names for girls, blending timeless charm with cultural richness. This curated list unveils a collection of graceful and melodious names, each carrying a distinct meaning to adorn your child with both beauty and significance

157. Elin / Elina

Meaning :Torch, light in Greek/German

158. Ingrid

Meaning :“beautiful” in Scandinavian.

159. Freya

Meaning :“lady” in Scandinavian.

160. Berdina

Meaning :glorious

161. Anja

Meaning :“God has favored me” in Scandinavian, pronounced ahn-ya.

162. Caroline

Meaning :“free” in German.

163. Nora

Meaning :Honor, light in Irish/German

164. Otthild

Meaning :“prospers in battle” in German.

165. Adelheid

Meaning :“nobility” in German. Or Adelheidis for a more traditional version.

166. Alary

Meaning :Means “elf ruler”

167. Mathilda

Meaning :“battle-mighty” in German.

168. Sascha

Meaning :The German spelling of Sasha is a solid selection for a boy or girl. The name means ‘defending warrior’ and versions of it are popular in France and elsewhere throughout Europe.

169. Dorthea

Meaning :Means “gift from God”

170. Sigfrida

Meaning :“victorious” in German.

171. Juliane

Meaning :youthful

172. Waltraud

Meaning :strength

173. Eda

Meaning :“well-mannered” in Turkish.

174. Greta

Meaning :“pearl” in Greek.

175. Franziska

Meaning :“from France” in German.

176. Griselde

Meaning :gray battle maiden

177. Gunnel

Meaning :battle maiden

178. Millicent

Meaning :“strong in work” in German.

179. Berlin

Meaning :Place names are a fun, unique name choice for boys or girls, and that of the capital city of Germany is no exception!

180. Tilda

Meaning :Mighty in battle in German

181. Lisbeth

Meaning :The German diminutive of Elizabeth means ‘pledged to God’ in Hebrew.

182. Leandra

Meaning :Lioness, man in Greek/German

183. Verena

Meaning :Truth in Latin/German

odila name meaning
184. Bernadine

Meaning :courage of a bear

185. Krista

Meaning :Means “a Christian”

186. Wilhelmina

Meaning :“resolute protector” in Latin.

187. Nele

Meaning :“horn” in German.

188. Margarethe

Meaning :“pearl” in German.

189. Lenore

Meaning :The modern version of Lenora, Lenore rose in popularity as the character name of Cameron Diaz in The Green Hornet. It has great nickname potential of Nori, the same as Kim Kardashian’s daughter!

190. Holle

Meaning :“sweet” in Swedish.

191. Mette

Meaning :“pearl” in German.

192. Iva

Meaning :God is gracious in Hebrew/German

193. Alissa

Meaning :“noble” in German.

194. Gretel

Meaning :“pearl” in Greek.

195. Gretchen

Meaning :“pearl” in Greek.

196. Martha

Meaning :“mistress” in Greek.

197. Amelie

Meaning :Hardworking in French/German

198. Anni

Meaning :Grace in German

199. Hilma

Meaning :resolute protector

200. Gerhardina

Meaning :mighty with a spear

rare german names for girls

German names for girls. Delve into a distinctive realm of uncommon choices that blend tradition and individuality, providing a touch of exclusivity to your quest for the perfect name.

201. Leni

Meaning :“light” in Greek.

202. Haydn

Meaning :We are obsessed with this cool, modern name. Similar to the amazing actor Hayden Panettiere, this stylish name is linked to composer Joseph Haydn.

203. Anselma

Meaning :Divine helmet in Germanic

204. Hilde

Meaning :battle maiden

205. Antonia

Meaning :Priceless in Latin/German

206. Ingeborg

Meaning :“under the protection of Ing” in Norse.

207. Adela

Meaning :Very similar to the legendary singer Adele, Adela is the German variation.

208. Viola

Meaning :Violet in Latin/German

209. Katja

Meaning :Pure, chaste in Greek/German

210. Linde

Meaning :“soft” in German.

211. Karin

Meaning :“pure” in Swedish.

212. Johanna

Meaning :“God is gracious” in Hebrew.

213. Keller

Meaning :A lovely gender-neutral occupational name translating to ‘cellar master’ (making it an apt pick for wine-loving parents), the German moniker is picking up speed for boys and girls.

214. Clarissa

Meaning :bright

215. Pia

Meaning :Pious, devout in Latin/German

216. Hedwig

Meaning :“war” in German.

217. Leonora

Meaning :Light in Greek/German

218. Helga

Meaning :“holy” in German.

219. Lena

Meaning :“bright” in Arabic.

220. Zelda

Meaning :“fighting maid” in Hebrew.

221. Alda

Meaning :“wave” in German.

222. Rilla

Meaning :“small brook” in German.

223. Florentia

Meaning :A German take on Florence, the unique sounding, flowery name means ‘flourishing, prosperous.’

224. Bernadette

Meaning :“strong as a bear” in German.

225. Rieke

Meaning :Ruler of the home in German

226. Agatha

Meaning :“good” in Greek.

227. Magda

Meaning :“from Magdala” in Slavic.

228. Lieselotte

Meaning :“God’s promise” in German.

229. Odila

Meaning :“prospers in battle” in German.

230. Antonie

Meaning :priceless

231. Edda

Meaning :Great grandmother in Norse/German

232. Edith

Meaning :“rich and happy” in Old English.

233. Mareike

Meaning :“bitter” in German.

234. Anneliese

Meaning :“Graced with God’s bounty” in German.

235. Ilse

Meaning :“oath of God” in German.

236. Clotilda

Meaning :“famous in battle” in German.

237. Tara

Meaning :Star in Sanskrit/German

238. Thora

Meaning :Thunder in Old Norse/German

239. Karla

Meaning :Free woman in Germanic

240. Uta

Meaning :“riches” in German.

241. Tilly

Meaning :Possibly one of the cutest names on the list, Tilly is diminutive of Matilda. Meaning battle-mighty, this adorable name also has a strong feel to it.

242. Alice

Meaning :“noble” in German.

243. Auberon

Meaning :The gender-neutral German baby name means ‘noble’ or ‘bearlike.’

244. Smilla

Meaning :Smile in Danish/German

245. Avila

Meaning :“desired” in German.

246. Gitta

Meaning :Strength, power in German

247. Maira

Meaning :Sea, ocean in Latin/German

248. Meike

Meaning :“bitter” in German.

249. Silke

Meaning :“heaven” in German.

250. Winola

Meaning :“charming friend” in German.

251. Ulla

Meaning :“determined” in Scandinavian.

popular girls names in germany

Explore this curated list to find inspiration and insight into the names currently favored among parents in Germany.

252. Gesine

Meaning :“strong spear” in German.

253. Lisette

Meaning :Means “devoted to God”

254. Truda

Meaning :A chic alternative to Trudy that means ‘fighting woman’ in German.

255. Sarah

Meaning :“princess” in Hebrew.

256. Albertyne

Meaning :intelligent

257. Everett

Meaning :“brave boar” in German.

258. Bathilda

Meaning :warrior woman

259. Valda

Meaning :“battle heroine” in German.

260. Felicie

Meaning :The cute German version of Felicity, meaning ‘good fortune,’ ‘happy.’

sascha name meaning
261. Josepha

Meaning :A beautiful choice if you are naming a little girl after a Joseph or Josephine in the family, this unique German baby girl name means, ‘Jehovah increases.’

262. Maxi

Meaning :One of the cutest gender-neutral names out there, Maxi is diminutive of Maximilian. It is rising in popularity of a baby girl name, as an adorable yet cool choice.

263. Hella

Meaning :Bright, shining in Greek/German

264. Jette

Meaning :Home ruler in German

265. Eva

Meaning :“life” in Hebrew.

266. Eleanor

Meaning :“shining light” in Greek and French.

267. Odetta

Meaning :“wealthy” in German.

268. Lisa

Meaning :“oath from God” in Hebrew.

269. Ronja

Meaning :“God’s joyful song” in Scandinavian.

270. Katrina

Meaning :More popular than many others here, Katrina is a beloved German name meaning ‘pure.’ It is the German version of Katherine.

271. Ivara

Meaning :“archer” in German.

272. Jocelyn

Meaning :“of the Gauts tribe” in German.

273. Liesl

Meaning :“pledged to God” in German.

274. Geraldine

Meaning :“spear-ruler” in German.

275. Christina

Meaning :“follower of Christ” in Latin.

276. Ella

Meaning :“she” in Spanish.

277. Maude

Meaning :“powerful battler” in Old German.

278. Margot

Meaning :Pearl in French/German

279. Nadine

Meaning :“hope” in Russian.

280. Paula

Meaning :“small” in Latin.

281. Earhart

Meaning :“brave” in German.

282. Angelina

Meaning :“angel” in Greek.

283. Aliz

Meaning :sweet

284. Livia

Meaning :Blue, envious in Latin/German

285. Hanna

Meaning :“grace, beauty, or favor” in Hebrew.

286. Karlotta

Meaning :tiny and feminine

287. Ida

Meaning :“industrious” in German, popular in the northern regions.

288. Dorothea

Meaning :“gift of God” in Greek.

289. Druella

Meaning :“elfin vision” in German.

290. Sinja

Meaning :Victorious, helper in German

291. Hannah

Meaning :“grace, beauty, or favor” in Hebrew.

292. Lisanne

Meaning :God is my oath in Dutch/German

293. Anna

Meaning :“grace or favor” in Hebrew, popular in South Germany.

294. Gratia

Meaning :grace

295. Luise

Meaning :“famous warrior” in German.

296. Adelaide

Meaning :“noble” in German.

297. Lotta

Meaning :free woman or “warrior.” Makes a cute nickname for Charlotte!

298. Matilda

Meaning :“battle-mighty” in German.

299. Hilda

Meaning :“maid of battle” in German.

cool german names for girls

300. Kira

Meaning :Lord, ruler in Russian/German

301. Griselda

Meaning :“dark battler” in German.

302. Rheta

Meaning :This pretty German name for girls means ‘eloquent speaker.’

303. Emma

Meaning :“universe” in Old German.

304. Jara

Meaning :God gives sweetness in Hebrew/German

305. Lea

Meaning :“delicate” in Hebrew.

306. Emery / Emerson

Meaning :Meaning ‘industrious,’ Emery is a sweet German name for boys and girls. The similar name Emerson, or ‘son of Emery,’ is another solid gender-neutral German name. Both have place name meanings for U.S. parents, and are rising in popularity here.

307. Gisella

Meaning :Exotic-sounding but easy to pronounce, Gisella means ‘pledge,’ and will stand out as a unique German baby name.

308. Crescentia

Meaning :Means “to grow”

309. Claudia

Meaning :“enclosure” in Latin.

310. Sabrina

Meaning :After the ancient Roman tribe.

311. Anahi

Meaning :Grace, beautiful in Guaraní/German

312. Zemirah

Meaning :blessed and happy in life

313. Ada

Meaning :“noble” in German.

314. Katharina

Meaning :“pure” in Greek.

315. Elena

Meaning :Torch, light in Greek/German

316. Gerda

Meaning :enclosure or stronghold

317. Irma

Meaning :“world” in German.

318. Birgit

Meaning :“strong” in Celtic.

319. Frida

Meaning :“peace” in Scandinavian.

320. Felia

Meaning :Lucky, successful in Latin/German

321. Elke

Meaning :“noble” in German and Dutch.

322. Talia

Meaning :Dew of God in Hebrew/German

323. Maria / Marie

Meaning :Bitter, beloved in Hebrew/German

324. Olga

Meaning :blessed and holy

325. Malia

Meaning :Calm, peaceful in Hawaiian/German

326. Rosamund

Meaning :“rose of the world” in Latin or “horse protector” in German.

327. Aloisa

Meaning :“famous fighter” in Geman.

328. Mila

Meaning :“miracle” in Italian or “gracious” in Russian.

329. Isa

Meaning :strong-willed

330. Monika

Meaning :“advisor” in Latin or “unique” in Greek.

331. Felice

Meaning :Means “fortunate or happy”

332. Fine

Meaning :Free in German

German Baby Girl Names A TO Z


836 German Boy Names With Meaning “A” to “Z”

Discover the rich cultural heritage and significance behind German boy names with this insightful collection. Rooted in history, tradition, and language, each name carries a unique meaning that reflects the values and aspirations of German-speaking communities.

Whether you’re drawn to names that exude strength, wisdom, or charm, this compilation provides a glimpse into the diverse and meaningful world of German boy names, offering a blend of classic choices and contemporary favorites.

Uncover the stories behind these names and embark on a journey to find the perfect name for your little one, steeped in Germanic tradition and significance.

Powerful German boy names

Powerful German boy names exude strength, resilience, and a rich cultural heritage. Drawing inspiration from Germanic roots and historical figures, these names carry a robust and commanding presence. Examples such as “Ludwig” and “Friedrich” evoke a sense of regality, while “Gunther” and “Gideon” exude strength and leadership.

1. Ernst

Meaning :“serious”.

2. Egbert

Meaning :“shining sword”.

3. Poldi

Meaning :The name is a diminutive of Leopold. The meaning of the name is “patriotic.”

4. Truda

Meaning :A chic alternative to Trudy that means “fighting woman” in German.

5. Kellen

Meaning :“slender”.

6. Theo

Meaning :Theodore is a strong, traditional German boy name, but shorten it to Theo and you’ve got an adorable name perfect for a little boy. This one is also popular in northern Germany.

7. Rudolf

Meaning :Stems from the Germanic name Hrodulf, and is derived from the elements hrod, meaning “fame” and wulf, meaning “wolf.” The name means “glory wolf.”

8. Tobias

Meaning :“God is good”.

9. Werner

Meaning :“defender”.

10. Gerhard

Meaning :“spear ruler”, this is the name of recent German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

11. Gretta

Meaning :A more popular German baby name than many on our list, Gretta means “pearl” and is a diminutive of Margarethe or Margaret.

12. Abelard

Meaning :“noble strength”.

13. Leopold

Meaning :“brave”.

14. Heller

Meaning :“brilliant or bright”.

15. Hermann or Herman

Meaning :“soldier”.

16. Norbert

Meaning :“northern brightness”.

17. Heinz

Meaning :name is the diminutive form of “Heinrich” and means “ruler of the home.”

18. Traeger

Meaning :is a German occupational name that means “someone who carries something.”

19. Dagobert

Meaning :“shining sun”.

20. Schubert or Shubert

Meaning :“shoe-maker”.

21. Stein

Meaning :Stein is a surname of different origins derived from German and means “stone/rock.”

22. Bjorn

Meaning :“bear”.

23. Bernhard or Bernard

Meaning :“brave as a bear”.

24. Humphrey

Meaning :As in Bogart, and also because it’s so unique and lovely. The traditional German name for boys means “peaceful warrior.”

25. Berlin

Meaning :Place names are a fun, unique name choice for boys or girls, and that of the capital city of Germany is no exception!

26. Claus or Klaus

Meaning :“victory of the people”.

27. Wilhelm or Vilhelm

Meaning :“resolute protector”.

28. Stein

Meaning :“stone”.

29. Dustin

Meaning :“brave warrior”.

30. Otto

Meaning :Otto can be used as both a first name and surname, and it originates as an Old High German short name meaning “wealth and fortune.”

31. Schaeffer or Schaffer

Meaning :“steward”.

32. Salomo

Meaning :is the German translation of Solomon and means “peaceful one.” It’s a very strong biblical name that has connotations of wisdom.

33. Kaspar

Meaning :“treasurer”.

34. Diederich or Dieterich

Meaning :“people’s ruler”.

35. Gerd

Meaning :popular German boy name shortened from Gerhard and Gerardus that means “garden.”

36. Albert

Meaning :“noble and bright”.

37. Ulric

Meaning :“wolf people”.

38. Egon

Meaning :“edge of a sword”.

39. Baldwin

Meaning :Old German equivalent to Baldavin means “brave, bold friend.” This was the personal name of the crusader, who in 1100 became the first Christian king of Jerusalem.

40. Berchtwald

Meaning :original German boy name means “bright ruler.”

German boy names with from b
41. Stefan or Stephan

Meaning :“crown”.

42. Franz

Meaning :“free”.

43. Emmett

Meaning :name has Germanic origins, probably originating as a hypocoristic form of women’s name. It means “powerful.”

44. Tim

Meaning :“God’s honor”.

45. Alvin

Meaning :“noble friend”.

46. Torsten

Meaning :“Thor’s stone”.

47. Randall

Meaning :“wolf shield”.

48. Gustav

Meaning :“God’s staff”.

49. Detlef

Meaning :German name for men that translates to “heritage of the people.”

50. Arndt

Meaning :“eagle ruler”.

Traditional German boy names

Traditional German boy names often reflect a rich cultural and historical heritage, offering a blend of strength, meaning, and sometimes a touch of classic charm. These names often carry a sense of tradition, connecting the individual to their German roots.

51. August

Meaning :“exalted”.

52. Hiob

Meaning :Hiob is the German form of Job and means “persecuted or hated.” This may not be the preferred name for a child when parents think of the biblical story of Job.

53. Zindel

Meaning :“man’s defender”.

54. Schultz

Meaning :“village judge”.

55. Adam

Meaning :“earth”, a Hebrew name.

56. Wim

Meaning :An Old German name meaning “helmet” or “protection” traditionally trends male, but thanks to its whimsical sound, it’s certainly suitable for modern-day baby girls, too!

57. Helmut

Meaning :Pronounced hehl-moot, this name means “healthy mind”.

58. Magda

Meaning :The German version of Magdalen translates to “high tower.”

59. Gunter or Gunther

Meaning :“warrior”.

60. Carl

Meaning :A classic German name meaning “free man”. It’s the German form of Charles.

61. Dennis

Meaning :“follower of Dionysus”.

62. Ziggy

Meaning :A sassy diminutive of Siegfried or Sigmund, this German baby name has had its moment over the years, thanks to Ziggy Stardust and Ziggy Marley (not to mention, as a character name in Big Little Lies). Plus, it works for girls as well as boys!

63. Eckhardt

Meaning :German name meaning “swordsman” or “brave edge” or “point.” It is the name of a character in the 1989 American superhero film Batman.

64. Niklas or Niclas

Meaning :“people’s victory”.

65. Verner or Werner

Meaning :“army defender”.

66. Aloisa

Meaning :The German take on Louisa. With a more lyrical vibe than Eloise, this unique German name for girls means “renowned warrior”…it’s the perfect blend of pretty and fierce.

67. Harald

Meaning :“army ruler”

68. Florian

Meaning :“blooming flower”.

69. Romantza

Meaning :A showstopper that actually just means “Roman” but sounds a lot like it could mean romance; let that be the personal meaning to you if you choose this adorable German girl name.

70. Josepha

Meaning :A beautiful choice if you’re naming a little girl after a Joseph or Josephine in the family, this unique German baby girl name means, “Jehovah increases.”

71. Thomas

Meaning :“twin”.

72. Baer

Meaning :If you have a soft spot for cuddly names, consider this one for boys. Pronounced like the English word bear, this German name means “bearlike.”

73. Matthias

Meaning :“gift of God”.

74. Ansel

Meaning :Perhaps most commonly associated with the great photographer Ansel Adams, this popular German boy name translates to “with divine protection,” or “follower of a nobleman.”

75. Packert

Meaning :“noble”.

76. Rainer

Meaning :A German baby name with a French feel, meaning “wise army.”

77. Felix

Meaning :From the Latin meaning “fortunate or happy”.

78. Rainart

Meaning :name is of old Germanic origin and can mean “strong judgment” or “brave counsel.”

79. Dalbert

Meaning :“bright, shining one”.

80. Derex

Meaning :name is derived from the old German name “Theodoric” and means “people’s ruler.”

81. Herbert

Meaning :“bright warrior”.

82. Walter

Meaning :“heritage”.

83. Warren

Meaning :“watchman”.

84. Waldo

Meaning :name means “God’s power.” The name is associated with famous philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).

German boy names with from c and d
85. Kiefer

Meaning :“barrel maker”.

86. Frederick

Meaning :A “peaceful ruler” who can go by Freddie if he prefers! We adore this classic German boy name.

87. Patrick

Meaning :“esteemed commander”.

88. Rainer or Rainier

Meaning :“deciding warrior”.

89. Horst

Meaning :“man from the forest”.

90. Josef

Meaning :“God will give”.

91. Alrick

Meaning :is the shortened form of the name “Aldarich” and means “wise ruler.”

92. Paul

Meaning :A classic all over Europe, Paul is a Biblical name meaning “the little one”. What could be more perfect for a baby boy?

93. Alwin

Meaning :is the German form of “Alvin,” and it means “noble friend.”

94. Martin

Meaning :“follower of Mars”.

95. Lukas

Meaning :Stems from the Greek word “Loukas,” meaning “man from Lucania.” In German, the name translates to “bringer of light.”

96. Valentin

Meaning :This German name for boys has a touch of a romantic vibe with the unavoidable Valentine’s Day association, and this bold pick’s meaning (“strength, health”) has merit in its own right.

97. Otis

Meaning :name of Old German origin means “wealth.”

98. Merrill

Meaning :“from the sea”.

99. Decker

Meaning :The German occupational name means “roofer” and sounds very cool in English.

Unique old fashioned German boy names

Old-fashioned German boy names exude timeless charm, reflecting a rich cultural heritage. Names like Otto, Klaus, and Friedrich evoke a sense of tradition and enduring character. These classic choices carry a sense of history and authenticity for those seeking a vintage appeal.

100. Frank

Meaning :“free”.

101. Leo

Meaning :The name Leo is the shortened form of the old German name Leopold, which means “lion.”

102. Imre

Meaning :“archer’s bow”.

103. Albrecht

Meaning :“noble and bright”.

104. Edwin

Meaning :“wealthy friend”.

105. Rolf

Meaning :“wolf counsel”.

106. Richmond

Meaning :This very cute German name is still not super popular stateside—it hasn’t been in the Top 1,000 in the U.S. since the 1940’s. It means “powerful protector.”

107. Jeremias

Meaning :This name means “God is exalted.” It’s also a derivative of the name Jeremiah.

108. Bernard

Meaning :More widely used in Europe than here in the States, we love this popular German name meaning “strong, brave as a bear.”

109. Conrad

Meaning :“brave counsel”.

110. Heimrich

Meaning :name means “ruler” or “power.” In the Middle Ages, this was one of the most popular names in Germany.

111. Friedrich

Meaning :“peaceful ruler”.

112. Gisella

Meaning :Exotic-sounding but easy to pronounce, Gisella means “pledge,” and will stand out as a unique German baby name.

113. Decker

Meaning :German name that translates to “covering.” When used as a surname, it’s the occupational name for a roofer, carpenter, or related tradesman.

114. Godfrey

Meaning :This very bold German name for boys has religious undertones and a stoic feel that will be adorable in preschool and look great on a resume, too. Godfrey means “God’s peace.”

115. Louis or Luis

Meaning :Ludwig is classic, old-fashioned German, but the French equivalent is much more popular these days.

116. Volker

Meaning :German boy name means “army or warrior.” It isn’t widely used and would be considered a rare and unusual pick.

117. Emil

Meaning :There’s no English equivalent, but Emilio, Emile, and the German Emil are all popular across Europe. This one is particularly popular in northern Germany.

118. Oskar

Meaning :German male name means “God’s spear.”

119. Andreas

Meaning :name means “manly and brave.” It is basically a jazzed-up version of Andrew and is commonly used across Europe.

120. Bruno

Meaning :“armor”.

121. Felicie

Meaning :The cute German version of Felicity, meaning “good fortune,” “happy.”

122. Anthon

Meaning :“praiseworthy”.

123. Peer

Meaning :is the German equivalent of “Peter.” It’s a popular German name with biblical roots, meaning “rock” or “stone.” It’s considered an honor to be named after a disciple of Jesus.

124. Adalgiso

Meaning :“precious promise” ‒ an unusual and unique German boy’s name.

125. Zigmund

Meaning :name is derived from the Old High German name “Sigmund.” It means “protection through victory.”

126. Jonas

Meaning :“lover of peace”, this is a popular name in the south of Germany.

127. Jan

Meaning :“God is gracious”.

128. Nikolaus

Meaning :is a German derivative of the Greek name “Nikolos” and means “conqueror of the people.”

German boy names with from f and g
130. Seigfried

Meaning :Male German name consisting of the elements sigi meaning “victory” and fridu meaning “peace” to create a name with a meaning of “protection and peace.”

131. Carlin

Meaning :Less heard than Carl, but a nice alternative if you’re looking for a strong German name for your son. Carlin means “a man” in German and has the alternative Irish translation of “little champion,” which is very sweet.

132. Einhardt

Meaning :German male name meaning “sword’s hard edge.”

133. Varick or Varrick

Meaning :“protective leader”.

134. Eleonora

Meaning :If you’re an Eleanor fan on the hunt for a pretty German name for your baby girl, consider this alternative. The German meaning is “the other.”

135. Milan

Meaning :“dear”.

136. Michel

Meaning :is the German version of “Michael.” It’s another popular name used in many languages and it means “who is like God. ” Naming a child for a famous archangel has its perks.

137. Katrina

Meaning :More popular than many others here, Katrina is a beloved German name meaning “pure.” It is the German version of Katherine.

138. Benedict

Meaning :“blessed”.

139. Everten

Meaning :name translates to “wild boar,” or “someone strong as a bear.”

140. Arno

Meaning :“eagle”.

141. Belinda

Meaning :Despite a brief stint in the U.S. Top 1,000 in the early 2000’s, this pretty German girl name has dipped again. It has a storied past with various cultural references and the German translation is “pretty one.”

142. Emmerich

Meaning :“brave and powerful”.

143. Marcus or Markus

Meaning :“follower of Mars”.

144. Danner

Meaning :A strong sounding German boys’ name with a spritely and lighthearted meaning—“dancer by the fig tree.”

145. Hans

Meaning :“God is gracious”, but it’s also the name of the dastardly prince from Frozen.

146. Uwe

Meaning :Pronounced oo-veh, meaning “

147. Elias

Meaning :Elijah, Elia, and Elijahu are all popular variants of the Hebrew name meaning “God is Jehovah”. It’s a beautiful, ancient name.

148. Eike

Meaning :“edge of a sword”.

149. Ewald

Meaning :“powerful law”.

Handsome German boy names with meaning

Handsome German boy names exude strength and charm, reflecting a rich cultural heritage. From classic choices like Maximilian to modern picks like Felix, these names blend tradition with contemporary appeal, creating a timeless and sophisticated charm.

150. Christian

Meaning :“follower of Christ”.

151. Leon

Meaning :Leonhard was a German name of old, but it has been replaced with the simpler and more international Leon, from the Latin meaning “lion”.

152. Gunther

Meaning :Another baby name that has German roots yet feels modern enough for today’s parents. Gunther means “battle warrior.”

153. Curt or Kurt

Meaning :“wolf”.

154. Heinz

Meaning :“home ruler”.

155. Hertz

Meaning :The meaning of this name is “kind, brave and bold.” It can also be translated to mean “kind-hearted individual.”

156. Matteo or Mateo

Meaning :The Italian form of Matthew, it’s a popular name in Germany, too.

157. Roland

Meaning :“from the famous land”.

158. Marcel

Meaning :“young warrior”.

159. Hans

Meaning :This German boy’s name means “God is gracious.” It also has Danish and Hebrew roots.

160. Derek

Meaning :“power of the people”.

German boy names with from h
161. Ferdinand

Meaning :“bold and peaceful”.

162. Norman

Meaning :“Northman”.

163. Deiderich

Meaning :German male name that means “powerful” or “the people’s ruler.”

164. Valdemar

Meaning :“renowned leader”.

165. Romy

Meaning :This German baby name is a popular choice among celebrity parents, including Sofia Coppola, even though the gender-neutral name isn’t a top choice in the States or in Germany. However, it’s currently ranked #71 in the Netherlands and #160 in France.

166. Geraldine

Meaning :This German baby name is the feminine version of Gerald and means “ruler with a spear.”

167. Waldemar

Meaning :means “ruler of the world” and is more popular in the Russian form “Vladimir.”

168. Karsten

Meaning :This rarely heard German version of Christian is a nice pick for a baby boy or girl.

169. Bastian

Meaning :“venerable”.

170. Gunther

Meaning :German name means “army” or “warrior.” This is also the name of a semi-legendary 5th-century Burgundian king who appears in the Germanic saga during the Nibelungenlied.

171. Axel

Meaning :“father of peace”.

172. Matthias

Meaning :name is the German variation of “Matthew” and means “gift of God.” It’s a very common name used by German parents, and it has biblical connections.

173. Rheta

Meaning :This pretty German name for girls means “eloquent speaker.”

174. Fremont

Meaning :“guardian of freedom”.

175. Obert

Meaning :“wealthy or bright”.

176. Jorg

Meaning :“farmer”.

177. Henry or Henri

Meaning :Henry means “ruler of the house”. Might want to be careful with this one.

178. Lisbeth

Meaning :The German diminutive of Elizabeth means “pledged to God” in Hebrew.

179. Hacket

Meaning :common German name for boys that can also be spelled: Hacket, Hackit, and Hackitt. Means “rooster” or “estate ruler.”

180. Ellery

Meaning :“elder tree”.

181. Hartman

Meaning :Just as it sounds, this German baby name means “hard, strong man.” It’s a bold choice for a baby boy and a nice option if you’re naming a son after a Harry or Herman in the family.

182. Nils

Meaning :is the German version of “Nick” and means “victory of the people.”

183. Luca or Luka

Meaning :“light”.

184. Warner

Meaning :“powerful warrior”.

185. Emery / Emerson

Meaning :Meaning “industrious,” Emery is a sweet German name for boys and girls. The similar name Emerson, or “son of Emery,” is another solid gender-neutral German name. Both have place name meanings for U.S. parents, and are rising in popularity here.

186. Otto

Meaning :“wealth”.

187. Karsten

Meaning :is the German version of “Christian.” It’s a unisex name that means “anointed.”

188. Tederich

Meaning :male name often means “first of the people,” “king of nations,” or “powerful and rich.”

189. Zane

Meaning :“God is gracious”.

190. Dieter

Meaning :“warrior of the people”.

191. Geert

Meaning :“brave strength”.

192. Fritz

Meaning :“peaceful ruler”.

193. Keller

Meaning :“cellar”.

194. Jasper

Meaning :“treasurer”.

195. Sascha

Meaning :The German spelling of Sasha is a solid selection for a boy or girl. The name means “defending warrior” and versions of it are popular in France and elsewhere throughout Europe.

196. Berhtram

Meaning :name means “bright raven.” The raven was the bird of Odin, king of the gods, according to Germanic mythology.

197. Gannet

Meaning :A unique German baby name that’s easy to spell and pronounce, it means “goose” and is a way more fun alternative to either Garrett or Janet.

198. Artur

Meaning :“bear-like”.

199. Meyer

Meaning :“farmer”.

Top 100 German boy names

Germany with our curated list of the Top 100 German boy names, blending tradition and modernity. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, discover the perfect name for your little one in this diverse selection. Embrace German heritage and find a name that resonates with meaning and charm.

200. Milo

Meaning :is a derivative of the Old Germanic form of Miles and means “soldier.” The name has additional glam, as it is the given name of the actor Milo Ventimiglia, the star of the TV show This Is Us.

201. Dirk

Meaning :“gifted ruler”.

German boy names with from l and m
202. Konrad

Meaning :In Old German, the name means “brave counsel.” Otherwise, it translates to “bold advisor.”

203. Roderick

Meaning :“famous leader”.

204. Peter

Meaning :“rock”.

205. Ales

Meaning :name means “noble” or “bright.”

206. Zelig

Meaning :“blessed and holy”.

207. Odell

Meaning :“little wealthy one”.

208. Lorelei

Meaning :Falling in popularity in the U.S., this pretty German girl’s name means “alluring, temptress. (Also, this name will have special meaning to Gilmore Girls fans!)

209. Penrod

Meaning :“esteemed commander”.

210. Oscar or Oskar

Meaning :An Irish name, Oscar means “spear of the gods”. A favorite among west Germans.

211. Johann

Meaning :“God’s gift”.

212. Oliver

Meaning :“olive” or “elf army”.

213. Zalman

Meaning :“peace”.

214. Bastian

Meaning :The German moniker translates to “man of Sebastia” or “venerable.” It can be used as a shortened version of Sebastian.

215. Florentia

Meaning :A German take on Florence, the unique sounding, flowery name means “flourishing, prosperous.”

216. Nixie

Meaning :Such a special and cute-sounding German name, Nixie means “water nymph.”

217. Baden

Meaning :Such a unique German boy name! It’s a derivative of the name Bade, and simply translates to “son of Bade,” so if you’re looking for an extra meaningful German name this probably isn’t the one for you. However, it sounds lovely and has an attractive, strong impact.

218. Wagner

Meaning :“wagon-maker”.

219. Hank

Meaning :“home ruler”.

220. Christoph

Meaning :This is a German variant of Christopher and means “He who holds Christ in his heart.” This name can be used as both a first name and a surname.

221. Andreas

Meaning :“manly”.

222. Adal

Meaning :unisex name is the German derivative of Adel and means “noble” or “elite.”

223. Sigmund

Meaning :“protector”.

224. Luther

Meaning :“warrior”.

225. Lars

Meaning :is the German form of “Larry” and means “victory.”

226. Berengar

Meaning :“bear spear”.

227. Gerhard

Meaning :German version of “Gerald” means “brave spearman.”

228. Traugott

Meaning :“faith in God”.

229. Hrodebert

Meaning :Derived from the Germanic elements hrod meaning “fame” and beraht meaning “bright.”

230. Strom

Meaning :“brook”.

231. Philipp

Meaning :“horse lover”.

232. Maximilian

Meaning :Another strong name, Maximilian means “greatest”.

233. Uberto

Meaning :“bright intellect”.

234. Lucas or Lukas

Meaning :This name ‒ which means “bringer of light” ‒ is popular worldwide, and is especially popular in southern Germany.

235. Hubert

Meaning :“bright mind”.

236. Barend

Meaning :“hard bear”.

237. Auberon

Meaning :The gender-neutral German baby name means “noble” or “bearlike.”

238. Ulf

Meaning :“wolf”.

239. Zelda

Meaning :This fresh German name appears in literature and movies more often than it seems to on kindergarten rosters, but we’re loving that it’s made its way back into the top 1,000 in the States. Zelda means “gray fighting maid.”

240. Everett

Meaning :More popular for boys but picking up speed for daughters too, this crossover German name means “brave boar.”

241. Abelard

Meaning :name means “noble and steadfast.” Notably, it’s the name of the great 12th century Breton scholastic, philosopher, and theologian Pierre Abelard.

German boy names with from n and o
242. Hubert

Meaning :name translates to “bright heart” or “bright mind.”

243. Elmar

Meaning :“noble and famous”.

244. Burke

Meaning :“birch tree”.

245. Ulbrecht

Meaning :“noble”.

246. Burkhart

Meaning :medieval personal name means “hardy, brave, and strong.” It’s derived from the Germanic name Burkard. Saint Burkhard was a bishop who founded several monasteries in Germany in the 8th century.

247. Odolph or Odolf

Meaning :Meaing “prosperous wolf”.

248. Amalia

Meaning :To be fair, the more popular version in Germany right now is Emelia at #4, but we love this less-used take on the common name, which means “work.”

249. Reynold

Meaning :name is the English derivative of an Old High German personal name and cognate of Rognvaldr. The name means “advice/power.”

Badass German boy names

Badass German boy names exude strength and charisma, often rooted in rich historical and cultural significance. From powerful Teutonic origins to modern edgy choices, these names convey a sense of bold individuality.

250. Ludwig

Meaning :“famous warrior”.

251. Max

Meaning :shortened form of “Maximilian,” this name means “greatest.” This name was also borne by a 3rd-century saint in a region of Passau.

252. Finn

Meaning :An Irish name meaning “fair”, “bright”, or “blond”.

253. Udo

Meaning :“power of the wolf”.

254. Jarvis

Meaning :It’s a saint’s name that was more popular in the 1880’s, and appeared as a character in A Tale of Two Cities; but the vintage German name is feeling contemporary again with a hipster feel that’s hard to resist (consider it an alternative to the similar-sounding, more popular Jasper).

255. Adalard

Meaning :is a lovely traditional German name for boys that means “brave.”

256. Adelbert

Meaning :“noble and bright”.

257. Ulbrecht

Meaning :name means “noble/bright” and is mainly used in German-speaking countries.

258. Tilman

Meaning :“ruler of the people”.

259. Lina

Meaning :Currently ranked #6 in Germany for girls, this pretty moniker means “tender” and cracked the top 800 girls’ names in the United States in 2018.

260. Jakob

Meaning :This is the German equivalent of “James” and means “may God protect.”

261. Archie

Meaning :After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s little boy was given this cute take on an old-school British name (Archibald), the popularity skyrocketed. But many might not know that the shortened form, Archie, is a German baby name in its own right, meaning “truly brave.”

262. Georg

Meaning :“farmer”.

263. Adler

Meaning :This strong German name for boys means “eagle,” an animal reference that coincidentally gives the meaning an American twist. Even though it’s not super common, it doesn’t sound that different or unusual rolling off the tongue.

264. Michael

Meaning :“who is like God”.

265. Bertina

Meaning :Meaning “bright” and “glorious” it’s a German name for girls bursting with hope and lightness. It also lends easily to the adorable nickname, Bertie.

266. Baldwin

Meaning :“brave friend”.

267. Josef

Meaning :The German origin of this name means “God will increase.” The only disadvantage is having this child think they are the favorite child, like Jacob’s son in the bible.

268. Garin

Meaning :“warrior”.

269. Filbert

Meaning :“bright”.

German boy names with from t u v
270. Wolfgang

Meaning :“wolf journey”. You can shorten this to Wolfie ‒ adorable!

271. Wolfgang

Meaning :is a traditionally popular name in Germany. It is an Old High German name that means “wolf’s journey.”

272. Obrecht

Meaning :An old Germanic name derived from Od-brecht. It means “famed for your heritage.”

273. Azzo

Meaning :is an old German name that means “noble at birth.” The pet name for this name is “Azzolino.”

274. Matilda

Meaning :A “battle-mighty” name for your little girl with a fighting spirit! Matilda is just darling, and so are the nicknames Mattie and Tillie.

275. Bertram

Meaning :“bright raven”.

276. Volker

Meaning :“people’s defender”.

277. Klaus

Meaning :is originally a diminutive form of “Niklaus” and means “victory of people.”

278. Jurgen

Meaning :“son of George”.

279. Otis

Meaning :“wealthy”.

280. Manfred

Meaning :“man of peace”.

281. Karl

Meaning :is the Germanic variant of “Charles” and means “strong, free man.”

282. Frantz

Meaning :is a German surname that may refer to Adrienne Frantz (born 1978). It means “free man.”

283. Yannick or Jannick

Meaning :“God is gracious”.

284. Ben

Meaning :Once Germany’s most popular name, Ben can be short for Benedict or Benjamin.

285. Gerard

Meaning :“brave spear”.

286. Elsa

Meaning :Need we explain why your little girl will love growing up with this name? Princess connotations aside, it’s a darling German name for girls meaning “pledged to God.”

287. Clarissa

Meaning :Clarissa means “bright, clear.” It’s a more elaborate version of Claire and has literary ties with Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf’s protagonist in Mrs. Dalloway.

288. Anton

Meaning :is the German form of “Anthony” and means “priceless.”

289. Theobald

Meaning :“boldest people”.

German boy names with from p and q
290. Rudolph

Meaning :“famous wolf”.

291. Gilbert

Meaning :“bright promise”.

292. Adelaide

Meaning :A beautiful German girl name meaning “noble” or “nobility,” it’s currently in the top 300 in the U.S.

293. Christof or Christoph

Meaning :“bearing Christ”.

294. Adalfuns

Meaning :is an Old High German name meaning “ready for battle.” This name was commonly used in the 7th century.

German boy names with from t u v
295. Walden

Meaning :If you’re a lover of literature or poetry, you’re likely catching the Thoreau context here, but the lovely German boys’ name also means “powerful.”

296. Daniel

Meaning :“God is my judge”.

297. Reinhardt

Meaning :“strong counsel”.

298. Albertus

Meaning :name is derived from Old High German “Adalbrecht” and means “noble and famous.”

299. Schaffer

Meaning :This unique German boy name translates to “shepard.” (Incidentally, Shepard is growing in popularity for boys in America!)

300. Xiomar

Meaning :popular German name is a variant of Geomar. It means “famous in battle.”

301. Heinrich

Meaning :“home ruler”.

302. Arnold or Arnoldt

Meaning :“eagle ruler”.

303. Johan

Meaning :The German version of John translates to “God is gracious.” It’s in the Top 600 in the U.S., making it just rare enough that you can be pretty sure your son will be the only one at school with this classic German boys’ name. The closest similar name in Germany’s top 10 right now is Jonas, a Greek name meaning “dove.”

304. Yvo

Meaning :The name translates to either “yew tree” or “archer” since yew wood was commonly used to fashion bows.

305. Kaiser

Meaning :is a very common German surname, originating partly as an occupational name for a servant in the Emperor’s household. The name means “emperor.”

306. Jakob or Jacob

Meaning :A Biblical name meaning “one protected by God”.

307. Adolf

Meaning :“noble”.

German boy names with from s and t
Most Unique Islamic Girl Names With Meanings

818 Most Unique Islamic Girl Names With Meanings

Discover the rich tapestry of Islamic culture and heritage with our curated collection of ‘818 Most Unique Islamic Girl Names With Meanings.’ This comprehensive list offers a diverse selection of names, each carrying a profound significance rooted in Islamic traditions.

Whether you seek names inspired by Quranic verses, historical figures, or cultural symbolism, this compilation provides a valuable resource for parents looking to bestow a meaningful and distinctive name upon their daughters.

Top 10 Islamic Girl Names: Urdu & English Meanings | Beautiful Names for Your Baby Girl

Embrace the beauty of Islamic nomenclature and explore the profound meanings behind each name in this carefully crafted compilation

2KatrinaA well-known Bollywood actress; Katrina means pureGirlIslamic
3Mehar/MeherKindness, benevolentGirlIslamic
4SanjeedaAn Indian TV actress; Sanjeeda means guardedGirlIslamic
Mazneen baby girl name with meaning
5MazneenShining goldGirlIslamic
7SaniaA well-known tennis player; Sania means splendidGirlIslamic
8TasnimFountain of Paradise, water that falls from a high placeGirlIslamic
10QandisaFemale demon of MoroccoGirlIslamic
12SanamPakistani actress; Sanam means belovedGirlIslamic
15LutfiyahDelicate, gracefulGirlIslamic
17EraAlbanian song-writer and singer; Era means windGirlIslamic
18MiznaRain, DecorationGirlIslamic
19RayahArabic meaning “friend.”GirlIslamic
22AaliyahHigh exalted, to ascendGirlIslamic
24NylaWinner, championGirlIslamic
26DuwarGoddess of maidensGirlIslamic
28MaznaA rain-bearing cloud, a woman with a bright-glowing faceGirlIslamic
30AllatumGoddess of underworldGirlIslamic
31AamiraA woman inhabiting a placeGirlIslamic
33FazlunaFlower in the desertGirlIslamic
34NadaGoodness, blessednessGirlIslamic
35InayaHelp, care, protectionGirlIslamic
36HuriyyaSplendid companion of ParadiseGirlIslamic
37SyraPakistani model; Syra means fateGirlIslamic
38KirazCherry treeGirlIslamic
39MajidaPraiseworthy, laudableGirlIslamic
41DibaFine silkGirlIslamic
42FadwaSelf-sacrifice, heroism, gallantryGirlIslamic
48KhaliyaSolitary, aloneGirlIslamic
50Sobia Welldressed womanGirlIslamic
51ZabeenFair and beautifulGirlIslamic
53KashafTo show, to inspire, to blossomGirlIslamic
54ManaalAttainment, achievementGirlIslamic
56NehaLoving, affectionate, rainGirlIslamic
58SamiaWife of ancaeus.GirlIslamic
60FariahFriend or companionGirlIslamic
62HalimaGentle, mildGirlIslamic
63QantaraSmall bridgeGirlIslamic
64HinaPopular Indian TV actress; Hina is derived from HennaGirlIslamic
fareena baby name with meaning kind
66AabidahWorshipper, a devoteeGirlIslamic
67HwlatGoddess of magicGirlIslamic
68IzzaStrength, powerGirlIslamic
69AeeshaAlive and well, living prosperouslyGirlIslamic
70HaniyaA place to rest; to be happyGirlIslamic
72SalamaFlawlessness, safetyGirlIslamic
74Ira KhanDaughter of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan; Ira means earthGirlIslamic
77MalalaPakistani activist; Malala means grief-strickenGirlIslamic
78MaysaWalking with a proud gaitGirlIslamic
79HadiaLeader, guideGirlIslamic
81RimshaBeautiful flowerGirlIslamic
82AlishaProtected by GodGirlIslamic
85LatFemale idol of stoneGirlIslamic
88MeheroonCharming, beautifulGirlIslamic
89GazalaTime soon after sunriseGirlIslamic
90KindahPart of a mountainGirlIslamic
91DuriyaRadiant, dazzlingGirlIslamic
92FaihaSweet heavenly fragranceGirlIslamic
93HarimtuGoddess of fertilityGirlIslamic
94MahdiaWell-guided, under the guidance of GodGirlIslamic
97QadriyaCapable and powerfulGirlIslamic
98AylinMoon haloGirlIslamic
99AmanaFaithful; to believeGirlIslamic
100AtargatisGoddess of fertilityGirlIslamic
102ChaabouGoddess in the NabataeanpantheonGirlIslamic
103GhaydaYoung and delicateGirlIslamic
105MahrukhBright cheeksGirlIslamic
107TaadeelBeing equalGirlIslamic
109MariyamPious and god-fearingGirlIslamic
110HudaGuidance to the right pathGirlIslamic
111GhulFemale spiritsGirlIslamic
113HaramNoble womanGirlIslamic
114RadwaA mountain in MedinaGirlIslamic
115RuhiCotton, soulGirlIslamic
118AfsanehStory of fairiesGirlIslamic
119KaamnooshSweet wishGirlIslamic
122NarinaRosy, fresh, like a pomegranate or pomegranate flowerGirlIslamic
128UrwaSupport, handholdGirlIslamic
129MinahilFresh Water SpringGirlIslamic
131LayanGentleness, softnessGirlIslamic
132IlayWater nymphGirlIslamic
133TabanaBright moonlightGirlIslamic
134AvaleyPretty as birdGirlIslamic
136ZohraJewels in the skyGirlIslamic
137MawraPakistani actress; Mawra means unpredictableGirlIslamic
138IqraFirst word of the Quran, To read, To reciteGirlIslamic
139SafuraWife of MosesGirlIslamic
140ThanaHappy occasionGirlIslamic
141HanaJoy, happiness, delightGirlIslamic
145ElfesyaBeautiful as a fairyGirlIslamic
146AyaVerse from the Qur’an; sign of God’s existenceGirlIslamic
148BarikaBlossom, bloomGirlIslamic
149FarzanaWise, intelligent and knowledgeableGirlIslamic
sanem baby girl name meanig is Perfection
152ZaidaProphet’s wifeGirlIslamic
153MajidahGlorious, nobleGirlIslamic
154Al-LatGoddess of fertilityGirlIslamic
156Al-UzzaThe Might OneGirlIslamic
157MasabaFamous Indian designer; Masaba means refugeGirlIslamic
160SamaExhalted, high statusGirlIslamic
161DoreenPearl-like, made of pearlGirlIslamic
168OmaimahKind and loving (like a mother)GirlIslamic
169FalakBeautiful skyGirlIslamic
170KhalidahImmortal, eternalGirlIslamic
171UwraPakistani model; Uwra means supportGirlIslamic
172DuaaPrayer, supplicationGirlIslamic
173NishaWhole world, Hindi for “night”GirlIslamic
174MarwaSmooth and hard white rock, a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water for her son IsmailGirlIslamic
175MakinaPowerful, influentialGirlIslamic
176AminaTrustworthy, loyalGirlIslamic
177MahiraA famous Pakistani actress; Mahira means expertGirlIslamic
179RabiahPale cloudGirlIslamic
180FahimaPerceptive, understandingGirlIslamic
181BareekaBeauty of blossoming flowerGirlIslamic
182KarimaGenerous, honorableGirlIslamic
186TaneemTo be blessedGirlIslamic
187HaseenaBeautiful, prettyGirlIslamic
188SakiyyaGoddess of rainGirlIslamic
189AidahVisitor of the sick; one who returnsGirlIslamic
190ManhaGift of allahGirlIslamic
191InaraRay of light, heaven sentGirlIslamic
192AadilaHigh in moralGirlIslamic
193FarwaWealth, Interest, FurGirlIslamic
194HumayrahNick name of Ayesha, the Prophet’s wifeGirlIslamic
195HafeezahArabic meaning “keeper of the sacred book”GirlIslamic
196GhushaanTender branches of treesGirlIslamic
197WajihaBeautiful woman, gloriousGirlIslamic
199BurcuOf sweet scentGirlIslamic
204Ezza/EzzahHonor, respectGirlIslamic
205YumnaGood fortuneGirlIslamic
207LeenSoft, gentleGirlIslamic
208SidraBerry or lote-tree, name of a tree in ParadiseGirlIslamic
209SajidaProstrating to GodGirlIslamic
212SoniaExalted, high in status or rankGirlIslamic
213AanisahGood natureGirlIslamic
217IrhaMolar TeethGirlIslamic
218FadiaSelf-sacrificing; heroicGirlIslamic
221SaharGoddess of dawnGirlIslamic
222LatifahElegance, charmGirlIslamic
223JannahParadise, gardenGirlIslamic
225FoziaTriumphant. successful.GirlIslamic
226Adeela/AdilahOne who executes equitable justice, nobleGirlIslamic
228ShifaCuring, healingGirlIslamic
229AzamiThistle flowerGirlIslamic
230MuniraBright and shiningGirlIslamic
231IbtisamOne who smiles oftenGirlIslamic
236KuthrGoddess of prosperityGirlIslamic
238FaakhiraProud, excellent, preciousGirlIslamic
240RoshanakLuminous beautyGirlIslamic
242OzzaBaby fawnGirlIslamic
243OrwiyaFemale mountain goatGirlIslamic
244AqeelaIntelligent, wiseGirlIslamic
248Natureinspired Muslim Girl NamesGirlIslamic
249LianaBound by vinesGirlIslamic
251RafeeqaKind, gentle companionGirlIslamic
252ManariRadiant, brilliant; one who is like a lighthouseGirlIslamic
Feriha name meaning is joyful
256FamyaGood fameGirlIslamic
258JumaanaSilver pearlGirlIslamic
259AlaraAquatic fairyGirlIslamic
260SafaPurity, innocence; a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water to give her son IsmailGirlIslamic
261BayanTo illustrate, to make clear; declarationGirlIslamic
264NimatGoddess of fortuneGirlIslamic
265FarhanaHappiness and joyGirlIslamic
266RabiaMonks or dervishes who abandon worldly possessions asceticGirlIslamic
269MahnoorMoonlight, moon, radianceGirlIslamic
270ZarinaIndian actress; Zarina means of goldGirlIslamic
271ZeenahBeauty and adornmentGirlIslamic
272LalehRed tulipGirlIslamic
276KhushbooIndian actress; Khushboo means fragranceGirlIslamic
277AvaleighDesired songGirlIslamic
278ElmedinaOne devoted to faithGirlIslamic
279EdriceA prosperous rulerGirlIslamic
280ParweenCluster of starsGirlIslamic
282MisbahLamp, lightGirlIslamic
286BushraGood newsGirlIslamic
287SadiahGood luckGirlIslamic
288RaziaPersian meaning “content”GirlIslamic
289MeerabBent, awry, crooked, difficultGirlIslamic
292FarahIndian film director; Farah means happinessGirlIslamic
293NasreenWhite roseGirlIslamic
295AhminaOne who is safeGirlIslamic
297ZainabGenerous. Fragrant flower. This name also belongs to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)GirlIslamic
299FabihaFortunate, CongratulationsGirlIslamic
301UrwahEvergreen treeGirlIslamic
302DaaniaOne who is beautifulGirlIslamic
303IfzaGuardian angelGirlIslamic
304NaziaTo be proud, a proud womanGirlIslamic
306HafsaYoung and fierceGirlIslamic
308AsyaPensive, wistfulGirlIslamic
309MahaRare jewelGirlIslamic
313ShaylaMeans little mountainGirlIslamic
315ValiqaRare name meaning trustworthyGirlIslamic
316MishalBig Lamp, Torch, Place Of FlameGirlIslamic
318RanyaVictor, one who triumphsGirlIslamic
319NazriyaRegional Indian actress; Nazriya means beautyGirlIslamic
320DaniaClose, nearGirlIslamic
321AmyraA princess; leaderGirlIslamic
322ZiyaSource of light or radianceGirlIslamic
323KamilaComplete, perfectGirlIslamic
324DilaraThe one who delights the heartGirlIslamic
327UmaimaThe guidedGirlIslamic
328IlliyeenBlessed with a high statusGirlIslamic
330AthiratanGoddess of fertilityGirlIslamic
331KhadijaThe name of Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s First Wife Khadijah-tul-Kubra (RA)GirlIslamic
332AfraMaple treeGirlIslamic
333AishaLife, aliveGirlIslamic
337Zara/ZarahHigh status, exalted, eastern splendor, princessGirlIslamic
338SohaA well-known Bollywood actress; Soha means a starGirlIslamic
339LafizaDeep as a seaGirlIslamic
342MomalBeloved, Queen, BeautifulGirlIslamic
344ZeenatVeteran Bollywood actress; Zeenat means beautyGirlIslamic
346JaveriaProphet Muhammad’s wifeGirlIslamic
347NairaBrilliant, radiantGirlIslamic
353HaadiyaGuide to righteousnessGirlIslamic
354Dhat-SanatGoddess of QatabanGirlIslamic
355MarziaContent; one whom Allah is pleased withGirlIslamic
356AmaniGood wishGirlIslamic
357WarinaBollywood actress; Warina means resemblanceGirlIslamic
359AfetBewitching beautyGirlIslamic
360ShanzaWoman of diginity.GirlIslamic
361JahariMeans “jewel”GirlIslamic
362RameenSuccessful woman.GirlIslamic
364AimanPakistani TV actress; Aiman means blessedGirlIslamic
366Jasmine/JazminPersian flower nameGirlIslamic
371AlinaSilk of heaven, soft, delicateGirlIslamic
373BasmaA smileGirlIslamic
376AlilatArabian mother goddessGirlIslamic
377MaheenDelicate, slimGirlIslamic
378ObaidiyahDevout follower of AllahGirlIslamic
379KomalSoft girlGirlIslamic
380MinnaGift, good and kind deedGirlIslamic
381HamraTolerant or enduringGirlIslamic
383HayaModesty, chastity, virtueGirlIslamic
387AnisaOne who is friendly and gentle with othersGirlIslamic
392MusfiraGlowing face, Bright, WhiteGirlIslamic
394SedaWith echoGirlIslamic
395OmeraGreat personalityGirlIslamic
396Dhat-BadanGoddess of oasisGirlIslamic
397EiliyahBeautiful oneGirlIslamic
398ZabyaFemale gazelleGirlIslamic
401Samaira/SamirahNight companion in conversationGirlIslamic
402RuhoiCotton, soulGirlIslamic
404KareemaGenerous, nobleGirlIslamic
405SumeyyeThe one who is high above othersGirlIslamic
406JaseenaNice heartGirlIslamic
407SamaraOne who converses under moonlightGirlIslamic
411AlimaEducated, intellectualGirlIslamic
412AfghanThe LooserGirlIslamic
413LaibaAngel of heaven, gorgeous, prettyGirlIslamic
414NajmaStar, a brilliant heavenly bodyGirlIslamic
416HumaA well-known Bollywood actress; Huma means lucky birdGirlIslamic
418GhaniaQuranic meaning rich, prosperous or selfGirlIslamic
420AmeiraPrincess, leaderGirlIslamic
421MairaGood, virtuous, righteous, uprightGirlIslamic
422AleahGod’s beingGirlIslamic
423NaziraBeauty and radiance that’s apparent in the faceGirlIslamic
424FaraA girl who brings happinessGirlIslamic
426NahleejahDown to earthGirlIslamic
427ZoyaLove, lifeGirlIslamic
428IrmakFrom the riverGirlIslamic
429RihanaSweet basilGirlIslamic
432NurayRadiant moonGirlIslamic
434ArmeenaFairy, Princess, BraveGirlIslamic
436AblahPerfectly formedGirlIslamic
437JennaParadise, heavenGirlIslamic
438NyasiaMost beautiful oneGirlIslamic
440ShumailaSoorat. Many people with this name have earned fame around the world.GirlIslamic
441Baalat-SahraGoddess of underworldGirlIslamic
442KhudrahUrdu origin meaning “greenery”GirlIslamic
443ShafrFemale solar deityGirlIslamic
444ToobaBlessedness, goodness, blissGirlIslamic
448FaizaSuccessful; winnerGirlIslamic
449ZunairaFlower Of ParadiseGirlIslamic
450KhalidaImmortal, eternalGirlIslamic
451HumairaFrom the arabic name meaning reddish! title name of aisha ra one who strives to achieve her utmost best!GirlIslamic
452RubinaThe red gemstoneGirlIslamic
455MirhaLight of AllahGirlIslamic
456AllatAncient motherGirlIslamic
458MahamMughal Emperor Zahir wife, MoonGirlIslamic
459FarihaHappy and cheerfulGirlIslamic
460HumnaExtremely discerningGirlIslamic
461RudaGod of protectionGirlIslamic
462JaleelaOne who is exaltedGirlIslamic
463SabeenCool breezeGirlIslamic
464MiraalGazelle, Doe, A Female DeerGirlIslamic
465AafiaHealthy, beautiful, kindGirlIslamic
466IbadatWorship, devotionGirlIslamic
467RudGoddess of rainGirlIslamic
468JasmineGod’s giftGirlIslamic
472ShabahSpirit of deadGirlIslamic
473SobiaWell dressed womanGirlIslamic
474NoorGlow, radianceGirlIslamic
479MunyaWish, hopeGirlIslamic
480YusraEase, comfort, blessedness, prosperousGirlIslamic
482UrshiaOne who belongs in the skiesGirlIslamic
484AakifahDedicated to AllahGirlIslamic
485AfnanShort dry twig chewed and used to clean teethGirlIslamic
486QiraatA beautiful recitationGirlIslamic
487TaahiraPure, free from sinGirlIslamic
489DilayGorgeous moonGirlIslamic
491WardahFlower, glowingGirlIslamic
493RukhsanaBeautiful And Rosy CheeksGirlIslamic
494AreeshaThatched roof, shade, shelterGirlIslamic
495DunyaWorldly lifeGirlIslamic
496InshaArabic meaning “to create” or “to express”GirlIslamic
497AniyaCaring, lovingGirlIslamic
498HabiLiked by allGirlIslamic
499QaynanSabaean GodGirlIslamic
501ElahehLike a goddessGirlIslamic
502SabiraPatient and tolerantGirlIslamic
503ManahilFresh Water SpringGirlIslamic
507ZaraPrincess, exaltedGirlIslamic
511KaibahMaiden goddessGirlIslamic
512JunainaLittle garden or little paradiseGirlIslamic
513IzmaEsteemed privilege and honourGirlIslamic
514LaraibUndoubtedly, CertainlyGirlIslamic
516FusunCharming oneGirlIslamic
518NushratA well-known Bollywood actress; Nushrat means victoryGirlIslamic
520BenazirUnique, peerlessGirlIslamic
522YasminJasmine flowerGirlIslamic
523RashidaRighteous oneGirlIslamic
524ZairaDangal and The Sky is Pink actress; Zaira means radianceGirlIslamic
526SabaSoft breezeGirlIslamic
529HawkamGod of justiceGirlIslamic
532LiyanaSoftness, tendernessGirlIslamic
533AbrishOne who pours water, First rain in heavenGirlIslamic
535HiraThe name of the hill where the quran was revealed to the prophetGirlIslamic
536ShirineRunaway actress; Shirine means sweetGirlIslamic
538HurainName of Hazrat FatimaGirlIslamic
539BaheejaBeautiful, radiant, glowing with freshnessGirlIslamic
540NadiaA kind of bull, Conference, Majlis, Aquatic, CallerGirlIslamic
542ReyahWinds, strengthGirlIslamic
545AthiratGoddess of QatabanGirlIslamic
547HoorainName of Hazrat FatimaGirlIslamic
548ZahidasultanaA pious queenGirlIslamic
549AphroditeGreek GoddessGirlIslamic
550HawbasOracular goddessGirlIslamic
551QaylahName of two women companionsGirlIslamic
554SamreenFruitful, beneficialGirlIslamic
555BadraFull moonGirlIslamic
557GhusunBranches of treesGirlIslamic
558NelofurLotus flowerGirlIslamic
559GolnarThe one who needs inner quietGirlIslamic
560DilrubaCharming oneGirlIslamic
562Heba/HibaGift, blessing from GodGirlIslamic
563NafisahPrecious, exquisiteGirlIslamic
564FayrozTurquoise colour shadeGirlIslamic
565BalqisQueen of shebaGirlIslamic
567BilquisQueen of SheebaGirlIslamic
568Eshal/EshaalParadise flower, fragrant flower of HeavenGirlIslamic
569IbthajThe one who brings happiness to the familyGirlIslamic
571MantGoddess of fateGirlIslamic
573RahimaMerciful, kind, tenderheartedGirlIslamic
574RizwanaBeautiful, guardian of heavenGirlIslamic
577TabassumSweet smileGirlIslamic
579SuhanaDaughter of Shah Rukh Khan; Suhana means pleasantGirlIslamic
580MehzebeenBeautiful like moonGirlIslamic
581IlhamInspiration, museGirlIslamic
582NoraA well-known Bollywood actress; Nora means a bright torchGirlIslamic
583MeeshaUnlimited, SmileGirlIslamic
587GhaadiyaEarly morning rainGirlIslamic
588HanifaDevoted believer, one who believes in the oneness of GodGirlIslamic
589ManawatAncient goddessGirlIslamic
590BatoolPious womanGirlIslamic
591AzadehDry earthGirlIslamic
592AasiyaOne who helps the weakGirlIslamic
594AleenaFair, good-lookingGirlIslamic
595KausarAmerican actress; means abundanceGirlIslamic
596Naa’irahBright, shiningGirlIslamic
597LailaArabic meaning “night”GirlIslamic
598MaryamBitter, yearning for a child; mother of the Prophet Issa (Jesus)GirlIslamic
599AbreshminaMade of silkGirlIslamic
600MusarratJoy, delightGirlIslamic
602HaniaRich, well-to-do, prosperous, happy, in pleasant or easy circumstancesGirlIslamic
603AqsaName of the mosque at JerusalemGirlIslamic
604SehrishGlamorous personality, magicalGirlIslamic
606BatoulAscetic; devoted to GodGirlIslamic
607EshalThe name of flower in the heavenGirlIslamic
608DimahRain that falls without thunder or lighteningGirlIslamic
609NasrinWild roseGirlIslamic
611GigiA famous American model; Gigi means royaltyGirlIslamic
612YaraLady of waterGirlIslamic
615GhazaalYoung ghazelleGirlIslamic
616IramParadise, The Garden Of ParadiseGirlIslamic
617IbaHigh status; superbGirlIslamic
618RubiyaSpring SeasonGirlIslamic
619GhusanBranches of a treeGirlIslamic
620SaffiyaBest friendGirlIslamic
623QaseemaBeautiful womanGirlIslamic
624AyselMoon streamGirlIslamic
625SalmaA well-known Hollywood actress; Salma means peaceGirlIslamic
627UdainaPlace of everlasting blissGirlIslamic
628AbeehaThe name of Hazrat Fatima R.AGirlIslamic
629MaaribEnd goalsGirlIslamic
632HibaGift, Forgiveness, Reward, LegitGirlIslamic
633MahekSweet smellGirlIslamic
634PariwashBeautiful as a fairyGirlIslamic
636LubnaA woman with milky white beautyGirlIslamic
637KiranRay Of LightGirlIslamic
640PalwashaRay of moonGirlIslamic
642SaafiaPure, untaintedGirlIslamic
643LanaGentle, soft, tenderGirlIslamic
646WaniyaSoft, gentle breezeGirlIslamic
647ManarGuiding lightGirlIslamic
648IrsaRainbow lilyGirlIslamic
649RayanThe gate of Paradise dedicated to those who fast oftenGirlIslamic
652RidaContentment and state of being obedient towards GodGirlIslamic
653HabeebaOne who is lovedGirlIslamic
654MedinaCity, one of the three holy cities in IslamGirlIslamic
655AizaNoble, respectfulGirlIslamic
657DuaBlessing, prayerGirlIslamic
660DeryaFrom oceanGirlIslamic
663FainusiaEvolved from beautiful soulGirlIslamic
665WaseelaFemale judgeGirlIslamic
667SaraBollywood actress; Sara means pureGirlIslamic
668NawasamGoddess of WaterGirlIslamic
669ZareenBollywood actress; Zareen means of goldGirlIslamic
670AayatVerses of the QuranGirlIslamic
671MatiraRainy, a place that often receives rainGirlIslamic
672AzizaPowerful or boldGirlIslamic
676MadihaArabic meaning “praise” or “admiration”GirlIslamic
679NuraFull of lightGirlIslamic
680TaalahYoung palm treeGirlIslamic
681JudyWhere Noah’s ark rested after the floodGirlIslamic
683SarahBringer of happiness, wife of the Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) and mother of the Prophet Ishaak (Isaac)GirlIslamic
684AzzaYoung gazelleGirlIslamic
685UswaExample, SampleGirlIslamic
686AnamMercy of Allah, blessedGirlIslamic
687QadiraPowerful and capableGirlIslamic
688NaiaComfort, peaceGirlIslamic
689AyahA verse from the Quran; a sign of God’s existenceGirlIslamic
690JumanaGirl name of Arabic origins meaning “silver pearl”GirlIslamic
691JazeeraAn islandGirlIslamic
692HumainaPakistani actress; Humaina means able to determineGirlIslamic
693NihlahGift, beliefGirlIslamic
696ObaidaFemale servantGirlIslamic
697HadiyaA woman who guides people to the right pathGirlIslamic
698KainatThe universe, all beingGirlIslamic
699YaminahBestowed with blessingsGirlIslamic
701SafwanaShining starGirlIslamic
702AergulBlooming rosesGirlIslamic
703TamiraDate merchant or traderGirlIslamic
705LatifaGentle; gently kindGirlIslamic
708OdhoKind, Entertainer, HandsomeGirlIslamic
709TabindaBright and shiningGirlIslamic
710Tabassum aka TabuA well-known Bollywood actress; Tabassum means smileGirlIslamic
711ShabanaVeteran Bollywood actress; Shabana means belonging to nightGirlIslamic
712AafiyaPerfectly healthyGirlIslamic
713KalimaTeacher, speakerGirlIslamic
714NimraThe name of a famous mosqueGirlIslamic
718EzzahYoung female gazelleGirlIslamic
719IlanaTender, delicateGirlIslamic
721BudairaLittle full moonGirlIslamic
722FaatimaPerfect womanGirlIslamic
724NajwaWhispering, intimate conversationGirlIslamic
725AbihaThe name of Hazrat Fatima R.AGirlIslamic
726AasmaSky, exalted oneGirlIslamic
727SabuhiMorning starGirlIslamic
728GulzaarGarden of rosesGirlIslamic
730JazmaineFragrant flowerGirlIslamic
731RameeshaBouquet of rosesGirlIslamic
732ZahraShine, blossomGirlIslamic
733GulbargPetals of roseGirlIslamic
734AysunBeautiful like moonGirlIslamic
735ShamsGoddess of Himyarite KingdomGirlIslamic
736SophiaPopular American TV actress; Sophia means beautifulGirlIslamic
738MalikaQueen, lady, ownerGirlIslamic
739Ash-ShirMeccan GoddessGirlIslamic
740FaariaTall and beautiful womanGirlIslamic
741AfifaChaste, virtuous, modestGirlIslamic
742Sanalight, radiance, to glow, resplendenceGirlIslamic
746AnumThe mercy of allahGirlIslamic
747RahilaTraveler, departerGirlIslamic
748MumtazVeteran Bollywood actress; excellentGirlIslamic
752ShadrafaGod of protection and prosperityGirlIslamic
753SabahComplete, a soft breezeGirlIslamic
754LameesPure silkGirlIslamic
756NargisA well-known Bollywood actress; Nargis means flowerGirlIslamic
757BadriyaFull moonGirlIslamic
758HeenaArabic for hennaGirlIslamic
761OjalaLight of the universeGirlIslamic
762EmanFortunate, Safe, Fearless, Congratulations, SatisfiedGirlIslamic
763SalwaThat which brings happinessGirlIslamic
767SaminaA costly thingGirlIslamic
768MaahnoorGlow of moonGirlIslamic
769AdivaAgreeable, gentleGirlIslamic
770GhazalLove poem, poetry that expresses strong emotionGirlIslamic
772NadiraRare, uniqueGirlIslamic
774ShizaA gift or presentGirlIslamic
775QaysarA woman’s nameGirlIslamic
776Dhtu-BadanGoddess of oasisGirlIslamic
780AyeshaA well-known Bollywood actress; Ayesha means LifeGirlIslamic
782AmalFamous lawyer and wife of George Clooney; Amal means hopeGirlIslamic
784MonaDesired, wanted, wished forGirlIslamic
787FadilahVirtuous, generousGirlIslamic
788HajraTo emigrateGirlIslamic
790AsmaSky-high, exaltedGirlIslamic
791DamsaWhite silkGirlIslamic
792Fatimah/FatimaCaptivating, shining oneGirlIslamic
793MariaElevated, sharpGirlIslamic
794IbtihalOne who lives in prayerGirlIslamic
795MaizaOne who distinguishes between good and badGirlIslamic
797EilaOak treeGirlIslamic
798ZainaBeauty, adornmentGirlIslamic
799NafeesaPrecious thingGirlIslamic
800SaabihaArriving in the morningGirlIslamic
802AlatAstral GoddessGirlIslamic
803ParizadOf divine originGirlIslamic
806FahnaThought of extinction of oneself before their loved one diesGirlIslamic
807FatimaOne of the 4 perfect women mentioned in the Qur’an, the daughter of the Holy ProphetGirlIslamic
808FareenBlessed, fortunateGirlIslamic
809IzdiharTo blossom, flourishGirlIslamic
814HafsnahLittle lionessGirlIslamic
815MehtapFrom moonlightGirlIslamic
817NawalGift, blessingGirlIslamic
  1. Q: What inspired the compilation of “818 Most Unique Islamic Girl Names With Meanings”?
    • A: The compilation was inspired by a desire to celebrate diversity and provide a resource for parents seeking distinctive Islamic names for their daughters.
  2. Q: How were the names selected for the list of 818 unique Islamic girl names?
    • A: The names were carefully researched and chosen based on their uniqueness, cultural significance, and positive meanings in Islamic traditions.
  3. Q: Can you provide an example of a unique Islamic girl name from the list and its meaning?
    • A: Certainly! One example is “Zahira,” which means “shining” or “bright” in Arabic.
  4. Q: Are these names rooted in a specific cultural or linguistic background within the Islamic world?
    • A: The list includes names from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds within the Islamic world, reflecting the rich diversity of the Muslim community.
  5. Q: Do the names on the list have specific religious or historical connections?
    • A: Some names may have religious or historical significance, while others are chosen for their positive meanings and cultural resonance.
  6. Q: How can parents ensure that the chosen name aligns with Islamic traditions and values?
    • A: Parents can consult with religious scholars, family members, or use reputable Islamic name books to ensure that the chosen name aligns with Islamic principles.
  7. Q: Are the names on the list suitable for girls of all ages, or are they more focused on certain age groups?
    • A: The list includes names suitable for girls of all ages, providing a diverse range of options for parents.
  8. Q: Can parents modify or combine names from the list to create a unique name for their daughter?
    • A: Yes, parents can certainly modify or combine names to create a unique and meaningful name for their daughter, while still respecting Islamic traditions.
  9. Q: Are the meanings of the names provided culturally sensitive and accurate?
    • A: The meanings have been researched for accuracy, and efforts have been made to ensure cultural sensitivity. However, it’s always advisable for parents to double-check meanings based on their cultural context.
  10. Q: Where can parents access the list of “818 Most Unique Islamic Girl Names With Meanings”?
    • A: The list can be accessed through reputable Islamic bookstores, online resources, or websites dedicated to Islamic baby names.

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