Muslims baby Boy names starting with O

Islamic babies names - Cool and attractive Islamic born baby names of child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Islamic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

1. 👦🏻Orhan Great Leader; Supreme Leader ( Umda Leader )
2. 👦🏻Omri Grain Sheaf
3. 👦🏻Obaid Servant
4. 👦🏻Omir Flourishing
5. 👦🏻Omari To Flourish Or To Thrive
6. 👦🏻Ousaf Description; Definition
7. 👦🏻Omar Faruk Braver; Intelligence
8. 👦🏻Orkhan Great Leader; Supreme Leader
9. 👦🏻Ozaafar Lion
10. 👦🏻Ossama One Of The Names Of The Lion
11. 👦🏻Obed Working
12. 👦🏻Ozhan Thrower
13. 👦🏻Omer Long Live
14. 👦🏻Omar Faruq Flourishing, Distinguisher
15. 👦🏻Omais Love; Affection
16. 👦🏻Obaidullah Servant Of Almighty
17. 👦🏻Omor Faruk Clever, Discerning
18. 👦🏻Osaf A Well Dancer; Wasf (Qualities)
19. 👦🏻Ons Gladness; Removal Of Fear
20. 👦🏻Omarr God The Highest
21. 👦🏻Omidvar Hopeful; Wishing
22. 👦🏻Ohrmazd Divinity Of Wisdom
23. 👦🏻Omeed Hope
24. 👦🏻Oud Fragrance
25. 👦🏻Owaiz Replacement; Something That Takes The Place Of Another Thing
26. 👦🏻Oemar The Arabian Traveler
27. 👦🏻Onays Friendly; Good Friend; One Who Brings Peace And Serenity To The Heart
28. 👦🏻Oner Status
29. 👦🏻Orz Middle (of A Sea Or River)
30. 👦🏻Oahile Handsome, Good-looking
31. 👦🏻Osamaa Lion
32. 👦🏻Omarie Derives From The Arabic Name Umar Meaning Flourishing; Prosperous; Populous
33. 👦🏻Omar Life; Long Living
34. 👦🏻Osama Lion
35. 👦🏻Osmen A Divine Protector
36. 👦🏻Ormazd Divinity Of Wisdom
37. 👦🏻Owais A Companion Of The Prophet (SAW)
38. 👦🏻Owaib One Who Repents; One Who Continually Goes Back To God’ S Obedience
39. 👦🏻Owaisi Brave; Courageous; Warrior ( Jangjo; Bahdur )
40. 👦🏻Olfa Familiarity; Intimacy
41. 👦🏻Ouzar Pure
42. 👦🏻Ozil Miran Variant Of Ozil, Meaning "full Of Light"
43. 👦🏻Oraibi Keen; Perceptive; Intelligent
44. 👦🏻Ozegar Free
45. 👦🏻Onemor Pious Honorable
46. 👦🏻Omar Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
47. 👦🏻Omar Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
48. 👦🏻Ommar First Son
49. 👦🏻Ousama Lion
50. 👦🏻Osmar Divinely Glorious
51. 👦🏻Oukesson Light; Good
52. 👦🏻Othmane Snake
53. 👦🏻Onslow Hill Of The Passionate One
54. 👦🏻Okba Keen; Inventive; Reliability
55. 👦🏻Osayad Strong, Powerful
56. 👦🏻Ozan Poet; Bard In Turkish
57. 👦🏻Owais Ali The High Exalted One; The Sublime
58. 👦🏻Owais Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
59. 👦🏻Oktai Famous; Well-known; Elite; High-born
60. 👦🏻Osman Tender Youth; A Nice Pen (a Literary Person); Name Of The Third Caliph Of Islam
61. 👦🏻Omeir Long Living
62. 👦🏻Owaid Helper
63. 👦🏻Omair Problem Solver
64. 👦🏻Onsi One Who Brings Calm And Gladness To The Heart; One Who Removes Fears
65. 👦🏻Omaijid Noble; Praiseworthy; Glorious
66. 👦🏻Omar Ali The High Exalted One; The Sublime
67. 👦🏻Owaisy Gifted Talented
68. 👦🏻Omrao King
69. 👦🏻Omran Solid Structure
70. 👦🏻Oktay Fearless
71. 👦🏻Omid Hope; Umeed
72. 👦🏻Omar Umar Life
73. 👦🏻Osman Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
74. 👦🏻Owais Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
75. 👦🏻Osman Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
76. 👦🏻Ossamah Lion
77. 👦🏻Osmanek A Divine Protector
78. 👦🏻Osloob Way; Manner; Style; Mode; Method
79. 👦🏻Osman Ali The High Exalted One; The Sublime
80. 👦🏻Omero Security; Pledge
81. 👦🏻Orang Wisdom; Understanding
82. 👦🏻Othman Wealthy