Palma Name Meaning - Origin and Popularity

Palma is a girl name with Spanish origin thats popular mostly in Christianity cultures and in English speaking countries, and it means "Palm Tree". People named Palma are thought to be very lucky, especially with the number 7. Their lucky colors are Blue, dark blue, and Saturday is considered their lucky day. This makes Palma a wonderful name full of positive vibes and the lucky stone is Cat's Eye, known for bringing harmony and luck.!

The girl's name Palma is made up of 5 attributes and is initially refer to females. Palma name is fairly short and simple to pronounce.

Palma Name Meaning - Effect & Importance

Palma meaning are palm tree . Names can impact various aspects of a person's life, including career opportunities and social interactions. Selecting a meaningful and resonant name can set a positive tone for a child's future development and self-esteem.

Palma Name Properties

  • Palma
  • Gender:  Girl
  • Meaning:  Palm Tree
  • Text Pronunciation:  PAHL-mə
  • Origin:  Spanish
  • Lucky Color:  Blue, dark blue
  • Lucky Metal:  Platinum
  • Lucky Days:  Saturday
  • Popularity Number:  2185
  • Lucky Number:  7
    Note:   Its formula genrated number. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions of Lucky numbers.

Palma name and meaning

Similar names


Meaning by alphabetically

P ⇒ Passion, Perseverance, Progress
A ⇒ Ambition, Action, Assertiveness
L ⇒ Love, Leadership, Loyalty
M ⇒ Motivation, Mastery, Mindfulness
A ⇒ Ambition, Action, Assertiveness

Popularity Trend Chart

Explore the popularity trend of the name "Palma" over the years with this engaging chart, tracking how interest in the name has evolved annually

Meaning by Numerology:

In numerology, each number from 1 to 9 is believed to carry its own unique meanings and characteristics. Here's a Palma brief overview Number 7: Symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insight. It's linked to introspection and seeking inner truths, attracting deep thinkers interested in philosophy or spirituality.

Meaning by Metal Platinum:

Platinum boosts spiritual growth, intuition, and enlightenment. It's perfect for those with lucky number 7, symbolizing purity, wisdom, and inner transformation.

Deep aspect of lucky color

Dark blue symbolizes trust and stability. It's calming, promotes serenity, and boosts focus and communication. This color fosters confidence and professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Qs. What does the name Palma mean?
  • ANS: Palma meaning in english are Palm Tree.
  • Qs. What is the origin and usage of Palma?
  • ANS: Palma belongs to Spanish origin & usage is in English speaking countries,
  • Qs. How to write Palma?
  • ANS: It wrote like that Palma
  • Qs. Is Palma name used for male or female?
  • ANS: Palma specifically used for Girl
  • Qs. What is the lucky number of Palma?
  • ANS: The Lucky Number of Palma is 7
  • Qs. How to Text Pronounce Palma?
  • ANS: The Text Pronunciation of Palma is PAHL-mə
  • Qs. What is the Lucky stone of Palma?
  • ANS: The Lucky stone of Palma is Cat's Eye
  • Qs. What day is considered lucky for Palma?
  • ANS: The Lucky day of Palma is Saturday
  • Qs. What is the Lucky color of Palma?
  • ANS: The Lucky color of Palma is Blue, dark blue
  • Qs. Is Palma a popular name?
  • ANS: Palma is a popular name, this name explored by the users 2185 times

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