Welsh baby names for girls and boys

Welsh babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Welsh baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Welsh born baby names of Welsh child's. Top Welsh name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Welsh baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Welsh baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

1. Barwyn Boy A White Mound
2. Bowen Boy Owen' S Son
3. Broderick Boy Descendent Of Bruadar
4. Bryn Boy A Hill
5. Brynn Girl From A Hilly Land
6. Cadmael Boy War Chief
7. Cadoc Boy War
8. Carwyn Boy Pure Love
9. Cedric Boy Generous And Friendly Character
10. Deri Boy Oak Tree
11. Devaughn Boy Of A Little Deer
12. Dilys Girl Authentic; Real
13. Eilwyn Boy Whitish
14. Eryl Unisex Lookout Point
15. Gareth Boy A Gentle Person
16. Garwyn Boy A White Vehicle
17. Gaynor Girl Woman Of White Magic
18. Glenda Girl Nothing But Goodness
19. Glenys Girl Clean And Holy Woman
20. Griffin Boy A Fierce Person
21. Gwendolyn Girl Blessed Bow
22. Gwyneth Girl Happy Woman
23. Howell Boy Eminent Or Distinguished
24. Iver Boy Fighter With Bow
25. Jareth Boy Descendant
26. Kendra Girl Supreme Champion
27. Lynette Girl From The Lake
28. Maddock Boy Lucky One
29. Marlais Boy Blue
30. Marvin Boy Great Marrow
31. Megan Girl Pearl
32. Nerys Girl Madam
33. Parry Boy Harry' S Son
34. Pembroke Boy High Land Area Or Headland
35. Powell Boy Eminent Or Prominent
36. Price Boy Rhys' S Son
37. Reece Boy Fervor
38. Reese Unisex Fervor
39. Rhys Boy Fervor
40. Trahern Boy Like Iron
41. Treva Girl From A Large Hamlet
42. Trevor Boy Large Settlement
43. Urian Boy One With A Privileged Background
44. Wynne Unisex Fair
45. Berwyn Boy A White Mound
46. Bran Boy Raven
47. Crandall Boy Valley Of Cranes
48. Delyth Girl The Attractive One
49. Deron Boy Small But Great
50. Deryn Boy Small But Great
51. Dylan Unisex From A Large Sea
52. Eirian Girl Adorable
53. Enid Girl Woman With Life And Soul
54. Fargo Boy Cobbler Or Shoe Maker
55. Floyd Boy Gray Haired Person
56. Galahad Boy Unclear
57. Gavin Boy Hawk Of White
58. Gawain Boy Hawk Of White
59. Ginevra Girl Woman Of White Magic
60. Gladys Girl Woman Of The Land
61. Glynn Boy A Valley
62. Griffith Boy A Fierce Person
63. Guinevere Girl Woman Of White Magic
64. Gwen Girl Blessed Bow
65. Gwyn Boy A Fair Person
66. Iverson Boy Son Of Ivor
67. Jennifer Girl Woman Of White Magic
68. Jenny Girl Woman Of White Magic
69. Kendrick Boy Supreme Champion
70. Kerwin Boy From Curwen
71. Lloyd Boy Gray Haired Person
72. Lynn Unisex From The Lake
73. Maddox Boy Son Of Madoc
74. Pennant Boy Head Or Starting Of A Stream
75. Rhain Boy A Spear
76. Rhonda Girl Woman With Great Lance
77. Taliesin Boy Brilliant Brow
78. Tomi Boy Twin
79. Trev Boy Large Settlement
80. Uther Boy Terrible Or Abhorrent
81. Von Boy Little One Or Small One
82. Wyn Boy Fair
83. Yale Boy From The Slopes
84. Cerdic Boy Cherished
85. Daryn Boy Great
86. Brys Boy Legendary Son Of Brysethach
87. Davyn Boy Beloved
88. Bendigeidfran Boy Blessed Raven
89. Delwyn Boy Valley Friend
90. Cadell Boy Small Battle; Spirit Of The Battle
91. Clust Boy Legendary Son Of Clustveinydd
92. Carne Boy Surname Cairn Meaning Landmark Or Memorial Of Piled-up Stones
93. Carthage Boy The Anglicized Form Of The Irish Carthach; Which Is A The Irish St Carthach; Also Known As St Carthage; Founded An Early 7th Century Monastery At Lismore; County Waterford
94. Cedrych Boy War Leader; Gift Of Splendor
95. Donne Boy Used In Honor Of 17th Century Poet John Donne
96. Culhwch Boy Legendary Son Of K; Iydd
97. Drem Boy Sight
98. Glyn Boy Valley
99. Gorsedd Boy From The Mound
100. Earwine Boy White River
101. Mathias Boy Gift Of God
102. Dyllan Boy From The Sea
103. Dyllon Boy From The Sea
104. Einion Boy Anvil
105. Gwawl Boy Legendary Son Of Clud
106. Menw Boy Legendary Son Of Teinkaedd
107. Gwylim Boy A Welsh Variantof William; Meaning Resolute Protector
108. Merlyn Boy From The Hill Over The Sea
109. Merrick Boy Dark-skinned; A Moor Form Of Maurice
110. Emlyn Boy Industrious Welsh Version Of The Latin Aemilianus Also; From The Welsh Place Name Newcastle Emlyn Famous Bearer: Welsh Actor And Dramatist Emlyn Williams
111. Emrys Boy The Welsh Form Of The Greek Ambrose; Meaning Immortal
112. Rheged Boy Legendary Father Of Gwres
113. Wynn Boy White; Fair; Handsome
114. Heilyn Boy Legendary Son Of Gwynn
115. Howel Boy EminentAttentive
116. Huarwar Boy Legendary Son Of Avlawn
117. Taffy Boy Beloved Or Friend; From The Hebrew Sixth Century St David (or Dewi) Was Patron Saint Of Wales
118. Ioan Boy GoD's gift'
119. Owin Boy Young Warrior
120. Owyn Boy Young Warrior
121. Teithi Boy Legendary Son Of Gwynnan
122. Timotheus Boy GoD given'
123. Garreth Boy Gentle MoDest anD brave Sir Gareth was a legenDary knight of King Arthur's RounD Table
124. Tramaine Boy From The Big Town
125. Traveon Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
126. Travion Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
127. Tremain Boy From The Big Town
128. Trevan Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
129. Treven Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
130. Trevian Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
131. Trevion Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
132. Trevls Boy Surname And Place-name Treves
133. Trevonn Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
134. Trevyn Boy Fair Town Abbreviation Of Trevelyan
135. Tristram Boy Sad DinIn A Story From The Middle Ages; Tristan; Nephew Of King Mark Of Cornwall; Was In Love With The Princess Iseult Of Ireland
136. Pryderi Boy Legendary Son Of Pwyll
137. Branwyn Girl White-breasted
138. Enit Girl Woodlark
139. Angharad Girl Much loveD UseD in 'Mahinogion,' a collection of meDieval Welsh folk tales The name of famous Welsh actress AngharaD Rees
140. Glad Girl DeriveD from the olD Welsh name GwlaDys, a, meaning lame Also DeriveD from the Welsh 'gwleDig', meaning territorial ruler
141. Gleda Girl Lame
142. Glynnis Girl Fair; Good
143. Arial Girl Vigorous
144. Arian Girl Silver Derived From Greek Arion; Mythological Magic Horse Born To Poseidon And Demeter
145. Guenevere Girl White Lady
146. Gweneth Girl Fair; Blessed
147. Mercia Girl Compassion; Forbearance
148. Bettrys Girl The Welsh form of the Latin Beatrix, meaning 'brings joy
149. Leoline Girl LeaderLion-like
150. Olwen Girl White footprint In 'Culhwch anD Olwen', one of the Welsh stories from the 'Maginogion', the Olwen were white flowers growing in the heroine's footprints
151. Olwyn Girl Daughter Of A Giant
152. Torri Girl Break
153. Lilybet Girl GoD's promise

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