Biblical baby names for girls and boys

Biblical babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Biblical baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Biblical born baby names of Biblical child's. Top Biblical name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Biblical baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Biblical baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Anah Answer
Hena Troubling
Hur Hole; A Prison Cell
Amam Gathering Spot
Salah Faithfulness; Loyalty; Piety; Purity; Goodness; Benefit
Amad Enduring
Arba Fourth
Ater Binder; Maimed
Azal Near; Proximity
Harim Snub Nosed
Jabal A Stream; Water
Raham Merciful
Samaria Watch Tower
Achim God Will Establish
Adiel Ornament Of God
Andronicus Man Of Victory
Apphia Fruitful
Cypress Hardness
Enos Mortal
Golan Flower-like; Flowers; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Hillel Praising
Koa Camel
Methuselah Judgement
Midian Strife
Cephas Rock
Eder Flock
Eran Watchful
Hebron Alliance; Association
Jezreel God Sows
Kir Wall
Rei Friendly
Syntyche Fortunate; Affable
Tabor Height
Talmai Furrow; Brave
Tryphosa Thrice Shining
Ahi Brotherly
Ashan Smoke
Obed Working
Ahaziah God Has Taken; Seizure; Vision Of The Lord
Zimran Vine Dresser (a Person Who Prunes; Trains; And Cultivates Vines); Celebrated; Song
Baasha Bravery
Addar Splendid; Ample
Azaniah Hearing the LorD; the LorD's weapons.
Blastus Sprout
Azareel Whom The Lord Helps
Azariah He That Hears The Lord
Azaz Strong
Azekah Tilled( Golak; Daraz; Ghala )
Azgad Stern Troop
Boaz In Strength
Azmaveth Strong Unto Death
Azmon Strong
Aznothtabor Peaks Of Tabor
Azor Helper
Azotus Stronghold
Bocheru Firstborn
Bochim Weeping
Azrikam Help Against The Enemy
Azubah Forsaken
Azzan Noble; Excellent; Lofty; Cherished; Extraordinary’
Azzur Helpful
Baal Master; Owner
Abarim Regions Across
Baalmeon Lord Of Dwelling
Baalath Mistress
Baca Weeping
Abdi My Servant
Bajith House
Balaam The Lord Of The People
Baladan Bel Is His Lord
Bozez Shining
Bozrah Fortress
Balthazar King
Bamah High Place
Dalaiah Freed By God
Chaldea Land Of The Kaldu
Dalmanutha Slow Firebrand
Dalphon Dripping
Abelmaim Meadow Of Water
Abelmeholah Meadow Of Dancing
Abelmizraim Meadow Of Egypt
Abelshittim Meadow Of Acacias
Abib Tender; Green; Ear Of Corn
Abiel God My Father
Abijam My Father Is The Sea Or Seaman
Baruch Goodly
Abishua Father Of Plenty; Prosperous
Barzillai Iron Hearted
Abitub Father Of Goodness; Noble
Darda Pearl Of Wisdom
Chebar Far Off
Accad Strengthen; Fortress
Chedorlaomer Handful Of Sheaves
Accho Sandy
Chelal Perfection
Chelluh Completed
Chelubai Capable
Chemosh Subduer; Powerful
Darkon Scatterer
Chenaanah Merchant
Achaia Trouble
Achaicus Trouble
Achan Troublesome; One Who Troubles
Cheran Lyre
Chesulloth Fertile Places
Achish Angry; Terrifying
Achor Troubled
Bealiah Whose Lord Is God
Achzib Deceit
Chidon Javelin
Bealoth Mistresses
Chilion Pining
Chilmad Enclosure
Chimham Longing; Pining
Adadah Festival
Adaiah The Witness Of The Lord
Chios Snowy
Chislothtabor Flanks Of Tabor
Bebai Fatherly
Adami Earthy
Bedad Solitary
Bedeiah Servant Of God
Adbeel Miracle Of God
Chorazin Furnace Of Smoke
Chozeba Falsehood
Beeliada The Lord Knows
Addi Ornament
Beerlahairoi Well Of The Living One
Beera A Well
Beerelim Well Of Heroes
Addon Low
Beeroth Wells
Beersheba Well Of An Oath
Debir Sanctuary
Dedan Low Ground
Chun Established
Adithaim Twofold Prey
Chushanrishathaim Twice Wicked Cushan
Chuza The Seer
Dekar Lancer; Piercing
Admatha A Testimony To Them
Delaiah Freed By God
Buzi Contempt
Adonibezek Lord Of Bezek
Adonizedek My Lord Is Just
Adonijah My Lord Is God
Cis A Bow
Adoniram My Lord Is Exalted
Adoraim Two Heaps
Adoram My Lord Is God
Adrammelech Splendor Of The King
Benhadad Son Of Hadad
Cabbon The Builder
Demas Governor Of The People
Cabul Binding
Adullam Justice Of The People
AdUmm im Red Spots
Clauda Lame
Benzoheth Son Of Zoheth
Beon In The Dwelling
Beor Lamp; Burning
Cleophas My Exchanges
Beri A Well
Calcol Sustaining
Cnidus Nettled
Agabus Locust
Agag Flame
Agee Fugitive
Berothai Cypress Grove
Calneh Fortress
Deuel Invocation Of God
Agur Collector; Gatherer
Aharah After The Brother
Aharhel Safe
Ahasbai Blooming
Ahasuerus Lion King
Colhozeh All-seeing
Ahava Water
Ahaz Possessor; Owner
Besai Sword
Besodeiah In The Counsel Of The Lord
Camon Elevation
Besor Cool
Betah A Place Of Refuge
Ahiah Friend Of God
Beten Womb
Ahian Brotherly
Bethaven House Of Vanity
Bethazmaveth House Of The Strong Unto Death
Bethbaalmeon House Of Baal
Bethbarah House Of The Ford
Bethbirei House Of A Creative One
Bethcar House Of Lamb
Ahimelech My brother is a king; my king's brother.
Ahinadab Liberal
Bethgader House Of The Wall
Ahio Brotherly
Bethhaccerem House Of The Vineyard
Bethhoron House Of Hollowness
Ahisamach Helpful

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