Sikh baby names for girls and boys

Sikh babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Sikh baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Sikh born baby names of Sikh child's. Top Sikh name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Sikh baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Sikh baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

1. Humpreet Girl Hum Aur Preet
2. Livdeep Boy AbsorbeD in thelight of GoD,' IlluminateD'IlluminateD' Love'Love
3. Livpreet Boy ' Love'Love of aDoration, AbsorbeD in' gem'gem of the' holy'holy worD,' BeloveD'BeloveD
4. Livsharan Boy AbsorbeD in the' lotus'lotus feet of GoD
5. Livtar Boy ' Love'Love unenDing
6. Vijender Boy God Of Bravery
7. Bachittar Boy WounDerous merits, A person with wonDrous merits,' Wise'Wise one
8. Bahadar Boy One Who Isbraveand Corageous
9. Vikramjit Boy Victoriousbrave
10. Bakhsheesh Boy The' blesseD'blesseD one
11. Baljeet Boy Mighty Victorious
12. Balraj Boy ' Strong'Strong,' King'King
13. Baltej Boy One Withgloriousmight
14. Balvan Boy ' Powerful'Powerful anD mighty
15. Balvindra Boy ' Strong'Strong
16. Livjot Girl AbsorbeD in the' meaning having light'light of GoD,Love' meaning having illuminateD'illuminateD
17. Livroop Girl Embodiment OfLove
18. Beant Boy Without enD - infinity, UseD to refer to the' supreme'supreme being
19. Bhagatveer Boy The brave' Devotee'Devotee of GoD
20. Bhavjeet Boy One who swims across the DreaDful' worlD'worlD' ocean'ocean
21. Bhupinderpal Boy Preserved By God
22. Birindar Boy ThebraveGod
23. Yadvinder Boy GoD, LorD' Krishna'Krishna
24. Bishanpal Boy Raised By God
25. Deep Boy A Lamp; Beautiful
26. Devpreet Boy ' Love'Love for GoD
27. Dharamdeep Boy ' Lamp'Lamp of religion
28. Dharampreet Boy ' Love'Love of' faith'faith
29. Dharamsheel Boy ' Holy'Holy
30. Nripinder Boy Lord Of Kings
31. Opinder Boy One In Proximity Of The Heavenly God
32. Prabhsimran Girl Admiration Of God
33. Ekambir Boy One Heroic God
34. Ekjot Boy God Is One
35. Praneeta Girl LeD forwarD, ConDucteD, ADvanceD, PromoteD,' meaning having Pure'Pure' meaning having water'water
36. Fakeer Boy A saintly person,' Devotee'Devotee
37. Harbin Boy Courageous Like God
38. Harbinder Boy Glorious' warrior'warrior
39. Harisaroop Boy With An Appearance Like God
40. Harpuneet Boy Clean,' Pure'Pure like GoD
41. Hartej Boy Radiance Of God
42. Pushpinder Boy GoD of' flower'flower
43. Hitender Boy Compassionate God
44. Ranjit Boy Victor In Wars; Victorious
45. Sarableen Girl One Who Prevades In All
46. Satleen Girl The one absorbeD in' meaning having truth'truth, In GoD
47. Satsukh Girl The one in' meaning having true'true bliss
48. Hamreet Girl ' meaning having BeloveD'BeloveD of GoD,' meaning having FrienD'FrienD of GoD
49. Japinder Boy In Appreciation Of God; Praiseof God
50. Simarleen Girl Absorbed In Remembrance; Forever Absorbed In God
51. Sobha Girl Glorious; Virtuous (1)
52. Sukhjeet Girl Remaining in' meaning having peace'peace
53. Sukhroop Girl EmboDiment of' meaning having peace'peace
54. Beeyatch Girl Creation Of God
55. Bhagwantjot Boy Light Of God
56. Bhagwantroop Boy In The Form Of God
57. Bishan Boy Immaculate God; Lord Vishnu
58. Datar Boy The Kind God
59. Devasheesh Boy Blessing Of God
60. Devinderpal Boy Fostered By God
61. Prabhmeet Boy Friend Of God
62. Rajkanwar Boy Prince
63. Rattan Girl Gem
64. Sachdeep Boy Light Of Truth
65. Saihaj Boy Peaceful And Equipoise Person
66. Saihajleen Boy One Absorbed In Peace And Bliss
67. Sampuran Boy The Perfect One
68. Samrath Boy Mighty And Powerful
69. Samvir Boy Samrat; King
70. Sangat Boy Associating With Holy Congregation
71. Santa Boy Exalted Person
72. Santokh Boy Contented; Peaceful And Patient
73. Sarabdeep Boy The Lamp That Gives Light To All
74. Sarabdev Boy Omnipresent
75. Sarabjot Boy All Pervading Light
76. Sarabnam Boy The Always Present Name Of God
77. Sarminder Boy God Of War
78. Saroop Boy Beauteous
79. Satbachan Boy The One Abiding By The Holy Word
80. Satbir Boy The True Warrior
81. Satgun Boy Of True Merits
82. Satinderpal Boy Protected By God Of Truth
83. Satjeevan Boy The One Living The Truthful Life
84. Satkeerat Boy One Who Praises The True One
85. Satparvan Boy The One Accepted By God
86. Satpreet Boy The Lover Of The Truth
87. Seetal Boy Peaceful; Calm; Contented
88. Shabad Boy Lamp; Light Of The Holy Word
89. Shabadpreet Boy The One Who Loves The Holy Word
90. Simardeep Boy Lamp Of Remembrance Of God
91. Simranpreet Boy Lovingly Remembering God
92. Sohani Girl Beautiful
93. Suckchen Girl Peace And Happiness
94. Sukhbir Boy Warrior Of Peace
95. Sukhchain Boy The One Who Is Peaceful And Calm
96. Sukhdev Boy God Of Peace
97. Sukhinder Boy God Of Happiness
98. Sukhjeev Boy A Peaceful Person
99. Sukhjit Girl Cute
100. Sukhjodh Boy Warrior Of Peace
101. Sukhjot Boy Light Of Peace
102. Sukhmeet Boy The Peace Giving Friend
103. Sukhnam Boy Bliss From Naam
104. Sukhpreet Boy One Who Values Inner Peace And Joy
105. Sukhraj Boy King Of Peace
106. Sukhram Boy The One In Whom Peace Pervades
107. Sukhshant Boy The One Who Is In Bliss And Peace
108. Sukhsharan Boy Peace In Taking Shelter In Guru
109. Sukhveer Boy Warrior Of Peace
110. Sulakhan Boy Virtuous; Meritorious
111. Sumat Boy One With Wise Intellect
112. Sundarjeet Boy One Who Attains To Beauteousness
113. Sundarveer Boy Beauteous And Brave
114. Surat Girl Of Awakened Consciousness
115. Surinderjit Boy One Who Is Victorious Over Gods
116. Surjit Boy Immortal; Godly Person
117. Surjot Boy Fight Of God

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