French baby names for girls and boys

French babies names - Our database contain huge name list of French baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive French born baby names of French child's. Top French name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of French baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

French baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Albert Aristocratic And Bright
Alice Of A Noble Kin
Alicio Noble; Graceful
Aliisa Noble; Graceful
Alison Noble; Graceful
Aliz Noble; Graceful
Ames Companion
Amy Beloved
Ayers Son Of Ayer
Bacon Selling Pork
Balzac Horse With White Spots On Its Legs
Beaman From A Beautiful Hill
Beaufort Coming From A Beautiful Fortress
Beauregard Beautiful Look
Beeman From A Beautiful Hill
Belmont From A Beautiful Hill
Blanchard White Or Fair
Boyce Living Beside A Wood
Bryce Speckled
Bryson Brice' S Son
Burnett Dark Haired Person
Butch Butcher
Butler The Dispenser Of Bottles
Calvin Little Bald One
Cardwell From Cardwell
Carlisle Castle Owner
Cash Case Maker
Chante Being Sung
Chaucer Pants Maker
Cherilyn Darling; Beloved
Chesney The Person Who Dwells Near The Oak Grove
Chevy A Member Of The Nobility
Colette People' S Triumph
Corbett Little Raven
Cosette Unclear
Coty Living Near A River Bank
Darnell A Plant
Darryl From Airelle
Dashiell Coming From Chiel
Deja Once Before
Delaney From The Black River
Demonte Living Near The Top Of A Mountain
Dior Golden
Disney Coming From Isigny
Dixie The Tenth Child
Durrell Hardy; Resilient
Esprit Spirit
Falconner Falcon Keeper
Falkner One Who Hunts With Falcons
Fitz Son Or Male Descendant
Flemming From Flanders In Normandy
Gael Of Gaelic Descent
Gauge A Person Who Measures
Gaylord A Dandy
Gibbon A Friend With A Gift
Grant Great; Large
Guido Professional Guide
Gulliver Covetous Or Acquisitive Person
Guy Professional Guide
Hamelin Home
Ives Yew
Jenner Cunning Or Ingenious
Joy Joy
Kurtis A Refined Or Accomplished Person
Lafayette From La Hetire
Lamar From Near A Pool
Lattimer Interpreter Or Latin Speaker
Laverne Alder Tree
Lebaron The Warrior
Leroy King
Leverett Fleet Footed
Lockhart Fresh Water Fish
Lorand Famous Land
Lorin Laurel Tree
Lorraine Woman From Lorraine
Lovell Small Wolf
Lowell Small Wolf
Lyle Coming From An Island
Mallory Unlucky
March Border Or Extremity
Marquita From The Border
Marva Wonder; Miracle
Matisse God' S Present
Melvin Bad Settlement
Montague From A Pointed Mountain
Montel From A Little Hill
Montgomery Strong Man' S Hill
Montrell Royal Hill
Moselle From A French River
Neville New Village
Noel Christmas
Noelle Christmas
Noll Elf Warrior
Norris Coming From North
Pacey From Pacy
Pansy Pansy Flower
Percival Pierce The Valley
Pippin To Tremble Fear Or Excitement
Purcell Pierce The Valley
Reichard Daring Power
Reinald Wise Ruler
Richard Daring Power
Richmond From Richmond
Ricky Daring Power
Ritchie Daring Power
Shantae Being Sung
Sheryl Darling; Beloved
Sigourney Unclear
Slater One Who Works With Slate
Talin Unclear
Telford From Telford
Terrell Stubborn Animal Or Person
Travis A Collector Of Toll
Trista Filled With Sadness
Tristao Filled With Sadness
Troy From Troyes
Tyson Son Of Ty
Verna Of The Alder Tree
Vernon Of The Alder Tree
Wallace Foreign Person
Yves Yew
Yvon Yew
Bale Living Near The Castle Wall
Bassett From Bassett
Beau Beautiful Person
Beaumont Coming From A Beautiful Hill
Berle A Water Parsnip
Bijou Jewel-like
Bleu The Color Blue
Boone A Good Person
Boswell From Beuzeville
Branch Tree Branch
Bruce Town In France
Buford A Ford Beside An Aviary
Bunyan Structures; Buildings; Foundations; Institutions
Burgess Freeman From A Fortified Town
Burrell A Countryman
Butcher Butcher
Chandler One Who Sells Candles
Chanel Narrow As A Pipe
Chantal Tough Like Stone
Chantelle Tough Like Stone
Chapelle Living Near A Church
Chauncey Chance
Cheney An Oak Tree Or Grove
Cher Darling; Beloved
Cheryl Darling; Beloved
Chevalier A Member Of The Nobility
Corbin Raven
Cornett Dwelling In The Cornel Tree
Cort Bold Or Wise Counselor
Curtis A Refined Or Accomplished Person
Dabney White Settlement
Darcy From Arcy
Darold From Airelle; Lord Of The Manor
Darren From Airelle
Dash The Ash Tree
Delano Coming From Swamps
Dorsey From The Village Of Arcy
Dozier Living Near Willows
Drystan Filled With Sadness
Durant Steadfast
Dureau Hure' S Son
Elroy The King
Esme Beloved One
Falcon Falcon Keeper
Faulkner Keeper Of Falcons
Fitzgerald Son Of A Powerful Ruler
Gable Tax Collector; Gobler
Garnet A Person Who Makes Door Hinges
Gaston Guest
Gentry Of Noble Birth; A Gentleman
Gilen Vow; Oath
Grainger A Person Who Oversees The Granaries
Granger A Person Who Oversees The Granaries
Granville Guard Settlement
Halbert One Who Carries The Halberd; A Weapon
Hammett Son Of Hamo
Hubert Man With Clever Mind
Jewel Precious Stone
Jolie Lovely Girl
Justice Morally Right
Lacey Person From Normandy
Lancelot Servant
Larue The Street
Laur Bay Laurel Tree
Lavelle Valley
Lever Fleet Footed
Loring Son Of A Well Known Warrior
Louis Well-known Fighter
Lourdes From Lourdes
Lovett Small Wolf
Macy Armed
Manon Rebellious Woman
Marquis From The Border
Martel Hammer
Marvel Wonder; Miracle
Mason Mason
Mavis Song Thrush
Naeva Born At Night

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French, Germanic Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of French, Germanic baby names of Girls and Boys.
French names and meanings. French names for girls - Feminine. French names for boys - males. French latest baby names. French names and meanings and their lucky numbers.French baby names.