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Dioxippe An Amazon
Margisia Pearl
Margrit Pearl
Bernardas Brave
Cochlain Hooded
Coltrane Young Horse; Frisky
Shehariah Mourning Or Blackness Of The Lord
Pelltun From The Pool Farm
Pinochos Dark Skinned
Plexippus An Argonaut
Rollanda Renowned
Mertysa Famous
Egbertina Shining Sword
Ktisztina Christian
Vaetilda Mother Of The Skraeling Children
Marelde Elfin Mary
Barnardo Brave
Carlatun From Carl's farm.
Erchanhardt Sacred
Wulfweardsweorth World Guardian
Muhammad Taqqi Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam
Esrlson Nobleman's son.
Ewert Shepherd
St Alban From St Alban
Farrs Son Of Farr
Hurlbart Army Strong
Ffodor Legendary Son Of Ervyll
Thurlow From Thor's hill.
Garrson Son Of Gar
Garwyli Legendary Son Of Gwydaawg Gwyr
Pfeostun From the Priest's farm.
Jerrall Strong; Open-minded Blend Of Jerold And Darell
Ulvelaik Wolf Sport
Uptun From The Upper Farm
Chaundra Of The Moon
Ambruslne Immortal 5th-century British Military Leader Ambrosius Aurelianus Was Probably A Prototype For Legendary King Arthur
Marhildi Famous Battle Maiden
Cundry Woman Who Condemns Percival
Maryska Bitter
Melusina Dark Skinned
Milicente Strong
Stokkard Hardy Tree
Eguskine Sunshine
Bidelia Protective
Laurlnda Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree (symbols Of Honour And Victory)
OIethe Honest
Osburga Name Of A Queen
Loordes Place In France Where Virgin Mary Reportedly Appeared To A Young Girl And Miracles Of Healing Subsequently Took Place
Marcelinda Of Mars Mars Was Mythological Roman God Of Fertility For Whom The Month March Was Named; Mythologically Identified With The Greek War God Ares
Barhloew Lives On The Bare Hill
Bartleah From Bart's meaDow.
Actaeus From Athens
Dlenendra Sky God
Gudbrande Weapon Of The Gods
Guglilmo Resolute Guardian
Shamhuth Desolation; Destruction
Enmishpat Fountain Of Judgment
Shawnn From Sean
Erkerd Sacred
Sanbourne From The Sandy Brook
Hwistlere Piper
Fychan Small
Peverell Piper
Picford From the wooDcutter's forD.
Jehovahshalom The Lord Send Peace
Ghebers Followers Of Ancient Persian Religion
Pompeius Antony anD Cleopatra'. Sextus Pompeius, Roman triumvir.
Gikhrist Serves Christ
Jeroenr Holy Name
Vaclar Wreath Of Glory
Aghadreena From The Field Of The Sloe Bushes
Chasidah Pious
Anasztaizia Meaning She Shall Rise Again
Gertmda Strong With A Spear
Annuziata Named For The Annunciation
Gryta Pearl
Gwladys A; Meaning Lame
Jennalee Modernand Jennifer
Mellicent Strong
Saxons A Saxon
Devinee Dark-haired
Duldne Sweet
Najjiyyah Beneficial Useful
Krisztina Christian
Thorunna Mother Of Bishop Of Bjorn
Tryphana Delicate
Ljudumilu Beloved
Lueinda Light
Madelaine From The Tower
Welss From The West
Mahaleleel Praising God
Xeveria Owns A New House
Branhard Bold Raven
Charlot Son Of Charlemagne
Bearcban Marksman
Buinton Born Fifth
Colvile Place Name In France
Doggie From the Gaelic 'Dubhglas' meaning Dark water, Dark stream, or from the Dark river.
Donnan Brown
Glifieu Mythical Son Of Taran

Christian Baby Names

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