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Coltrane Young Horse; Frisky
Eudocia Highly Regarded
Ktisztina Christian
Shamhuth Desolation; Destruction
Pfeostun From the Priest's farm.
Townly From The Town Meadow
Gryta Pearl
Guiseppie He Shall Add
Gwladys A; Meaning Lame
Melusina Dark Skinned
Stokkard Hardy Tree
Najjiyyah Beneficial Useful
Eguskine Sunshine
Torree DeriveD from Victoria 'triumphant.
Tryphana Delicate
Margrit Pearl
Bernardas Brave
Cochlain Hooded
Muhammad Taqqi Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam
Pernel Little Rock
Garwyli Legendary Son Of Gwydaawg Gwyr
Pippino He aDDs'.
Gersham Exiled
Jehovahshalom The Lord Send Peace
Jerande Rules By The Spear
Jeroenr Holy Name
Twein Cut In Two
Uherto Intelligent
Brittnee Originally The Ancient Duchy Of Bretagne In France Celtic Bretons Emigrated From France To Become The Bretons Of England
Caffara Helmet
Chattie A Feminine Form Of Charles; Meaning Man Alternate Meaning; Tiny And Feminine Famous Bearers: Princess Charlotte; Daughter Of King George IV; British Writer Charlotte Bronte
Chaundra Of The Moon
Cheryll Dear One; Darling Rhyminglike Meryl And Beryl
Anastassia Resurrection
Marhildi Famous Battle Maiden
Maryska Bitter
Gwynneth White Fair Happiness Blessed
Saxons A Saxon
Egbertyne Shining Sword
Bidelia Protective
Krodha Anger
OIethe Honest
Lueinda Light
Marelde Elfin Mary
Margeret Pearl
Margisia Pearl
Branhard Bold Raven
Barnardo Brave
Aethiops An Ethiopian
Glifieu Mythical Son Of Taran
Egbert Formidably Intelligent
WiIlard Brave
Eumaeus A Swineherd Who Fought With Odysseus
Garrson Son Of Gar
Jehovahtsidkenu The Lord Our Righteousness
Plexippus An Argonaut
Pompeius Antony anD Cleopatra'. Sextus Pompeius, Roman triumvir.
Gikhrist Serves Christ
Jerrald Rules By The Spear
Pslomydes A Knight
Uigbiorn War Bear
Uptun From The Upper Farm
Upwode From The Upper Forest
Carilynne Femininemanly
Caroliana Femininemanly
Cathicen Pure, clear. Form of the Latin 'Katharina', from the Greek 'Aikaterina'. It was borne by a number of saints, incluDing St Catherine of AlexanDria, a 4th century martyr who suffereD torture on a spikeD wheel.
Chalciope Daughter Of Eurypylus
Chrystina Follower Of Christ
Anasztaizia Meaning She Shall Rise Again
Clarrisa Or Clarice Bright; Shining And Gentle; Famous
Andsware Answer
Constanzie Constancy; Steadfastness
Annwfn Mythical Name Of The Otherworld
Rollanda Renowned
Gurice Cub
Ascencion Reference To The Ascension
Semadar Berry
Audrie Nobility; Strength
Milicente Strong
Thorunna Mother Of Bishop Of Bjorn
Osburga Name Of A Queen
Loordes Place In France Where Virgin Mary Reportedly Appeared To A Young Girl And Miracles Of Healing Subsequently Took Place
Lorrella Elfin Laura
Lsss Girl
Welss From The West
Ragnilde Wise Strength
Zytka Stronglife
Brandelis A Knight
Barhloew Lives On The Bare Hill
Ablendan Blind
Chval Flattery
Colvile Place Name In France
Carlatun From Carl's farm.
Airdsgainne From The Height Of The Cliff
Biford Lives At The River Crossing
Bionbyr Warrior's estate.
Cottus A Titan
Ekhard Sacred
Rangford From the raven's forD.
Sextus Born SixthGiven To The Sixth Child Born To A Large Family

Christian Baby Names

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