Spanish baby names for girls and boys

Spanish babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Spanish baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Spanish born baby names of Spanish child's. Top Spanish name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Spanish baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Spanish baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Abelardo Breathing
Adolfo Distinguished Or Strong Wolf
Adora Adoration
Agata Good-hearted
Alba Fair; White
Alberto Aristocratic And Bright
Aldo Very Old
Alexandro Defender Of Man
Alfredo Advice From Elves
Alonzo Noble And Prepared
Ambrosio Eternal; Indestructible
Amelio Hard-working
Amias Beloved
Anastasia Resurrection
Andres Virile; Manly
Anso Eagle; God
Antonia Invaluable
Arsenio Virile; Potent; Strong
Bartolo Farmer' S Son
Bernardo As Strong As A Bear
Bonito Good
Carlitos Free Man
Carlos Free Man
Cecilia Blinded
Celia Blinded
Charo Woman With Rosary
Che Hey
Chelo Solace; Consolation
Chiquita Little Girl
Cierra From The Mountains
Clara Bright And Clear
Concepcion Conception
Concha Conception
Conrado Bold Or Wise Counselor
Consuelo Solace; Consolation
Cornelio Horn
Cortez A Refined Or Accomplished Person
Damarion Dedicated To Mars
Dejuan God Is Merciful
Delmar From The Sea
Dolores Full Of Sorrows
Domingo Lord' S Child
Eberardo Courageous Like A Boar
Eldora Golden
Elonso Fit For Battle
Emberto Of Great Acclaim
Emilio Rival; Challenger
Enrico Ruler Of The House
Erardo Respectable And Courageous
Ernesto Serious Minded
Estefan Man With Crown
Estela Like A Star
Eugenio Of Noble Descent
Eulalia Good Talker
Fabiola Lovely Bean
Faustino Fortunate
Federico Calm Monarch
Flavia Golden-haired Woman
Flavio Golden-haired
Genoveva Leader Of The Tribe
Gertrudes The Strongest Spear
Gilberto Bright Young Man
Gregorio Awake Or Watchful
Guillermo Strong Mind And Protection
Henio Ruler Of The House
Humberto Bright Fighter
Jeronimo Holy Name
Jesenia Like A Flower
Jorge Farming Man
Jose God Raises
Lando Unclear
Lasaro My Helper Is God
Lavada Washed
Leonardo Strong Like The Lion
Leonor Sympathy; Compassion
Lola Full Of Sorrows
Loma Born On A Small Hill
Lorena Woman From Lorraine
Lorenza Laurel Tree
Luciano Light Of The Day
Luis Well-known Fighter
Manfredo Powerful Peace
Manolo God With Us
Maricruz Rebellious; Cross
Marino Rendered To Mars
Marisol Sun And Sea
Mercedes Merciful; Mercies
Merche Merciful; Mercies
Micaela Which Man Is Like God?
Milagros Miracles
Nieves Born When It Snows
Osias My Strength Comes From God
Perla Gemstone
Porfirio Purple
Prospero According To One' S Wishes
Renato Reborn
Reynaldo Wise Ruler
Rio River
Roldan Famous Land
Roman Coming From Rome
Roque Sleep Or Rest
Rosa Rose Blossom
Rosario Woman With Rosary
Rufina Woman With Red Hair
Sancho Sacred Or Holy
Santiago St James
Santos Saint
Savannah Grassland Without Trees
Sergio One Who Serves; Attendant
Severino Austere Or Grim
Sierra From The Mountains
Tavares Hermit' S Son
Teodoro God' S Present
Tia Aunt
Tierra Land; Soil; Earth
Tito Honored
Valdez Unclear
Valerio Powerful; Strong
Verda Truth
Vicente The One Who Conquered
Yesenia Like A Flower
Zavanna Grassland Without Trees
Benito The Blessed One
Bolivar Mill On The Shore
Bonita Attractive
Buena Woman Of Good
Calderon Melting Pot
Carlito Free Man
Celso Exalted One
Cesar Head Full Of Hair
Chavez May God Protect
Cordero Young Ram
Cruz Carrying A Cross
Danilo The Lord Is My Judge
Delia Woman From Delos
Delores Full Of Sorrows
Dores Full Of Sorrow
Dulce Sweet Daughter
Edgardo Prosperity From The Spear
Eduardo Wealthy Guard
Emilia Competitor; Rival
Enrique Ruler Of The House
Esteban Man With Crown
Eugenia Woman Well-born
Eustacio Bearing Fruit
Everardo Courageous Like A Boar
Ezequias God Provides Strength
Fabio Bean Farmer
Fausto Fortunate
Febe Brightest Of Women
Felipe Friend Of Horses
Fernando Brave Yet Peaceful
Francisco French Man
Geraldo Ruler With Spear
Gerardo Strong Like A Spear
Geronimo Holy Name
Gonzalo Safe Fight
Gustavo Staff Of The Gods
Hector To Possess Or To Hold
Hernan Brave Yet Peaceful
Ignacio Fire
Isandro One Who Frees Or Releases Men
Izador Present From Isis
Jade Gemstone
Joseluis God Will Increase; War Famous
Josue God Is Deliverance
Lolita Full Of Sorrows
Lorenzo City Of Laurels
Lucio Light Of The Day
Manuel God With Us
Marco Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Marina From The Shore
Mario Rendered To Mars
Marissa Of The Sea
Nazario From Nazareth
Nevada Covered In Snow
Neves Born When It Snows
Orlando Famous Land
Paco French Man
Palma Palm Tree
Palmira Palm Tree
Paloma Beautiful Dove
Pedro Rock
Querida Darling
Ramiro Famous Counsel
Raymundo Protected Counsel
Rejinaldo Wise Ruler
Renaldo Wise Ruler
Reyes Royalty
Roberto Brilliant Fame
Rocio Drops Of Dew
Rodolfo Legendary Wolf
Rodrigo Renowned Chief
Rogelio Request Or Petition
Rolando Famous Land
Sandro Defender Of Men
Santana Santa Ana
Severo Austere Or Grim
Silvio From The Woods
Socorro Support; Succor

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Spanish baby girls / baby Boys NamesSpanish Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of Spanish baby names of Girls and Boys.
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