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Indian / Hindu babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Indian / Hindu baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Indian / Hindu born baby names of Indian / Hindu child's. Top Indian / Hindu name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Indian / Hindu baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Indian baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Dhruval Desire For Self-expression And For Positions That Allow Contact With People; Free From The Restrictions And Rules Into Which You Are Often Drawn;
Aara Adoring
Almas Diamond
Amara Everlasting; Unfading; Eternal
Amreen Sky
Arya Noble
Beena Season Of Flowers; Clear; Sighted
Chanda Of The Moon; Chand Jesi; Bright Or Fierce
Deena Judge
Erum Heaven; Jannat
Fathima Daughter Of The Prophet (PBUH)
Henna Blessed
Iraj Flower; Blossom;
Isar Fascinating
Isha Alive; She Who Lives;
Jasmin A Flower Name; Aik Phool Ka Naam; ;
Jihan A River In Iran
Kashish Attraction
Komal Beautiful
Lina Tender; Delicate; Compassionate
Mahek Fragrance
Manal Attainment; Achievement
Naina Eyes
Neelam Blue Gem Precious Stone; Asmani Rang Ka Qeemti Pathhar
Neha Affectionate; Loving
Nina Gracious One
Nisa Women
Nisha Whole World
Rihana Sweet Basil
Rubi Red Gem
Ruksha Beautiful
Samiya High; Elevated Status; Incomparable
Sarish Charming; Fascinating; Morning; Equal
Shams The Sun; A Planet;
Shayla Little Mountain
Sheila Little Mountain
Shiya Exceptional
Somaya Beautiful Garden Surrounded With Roses And Flowers
Tanisha Happiness
Tara The Most Brilliant Star; It Is Also A Word That Refers To Any Type Of Visible Celestial Object; Such As A Star Or Planet
Tisha One Who Is Active; Lively (not Verified Name)
Ujala Light; Sunshine
Zaara Beautiful Flower
Adeel Righteous; Fair; Aadil; Yaksaan
Armaan Mashoor
Daanish Wisdom; Learning; Science
Dani Near; Close
Ehan Full Moon
Gulfam Rose Faced
Harith Cultivator; Farmer (literally " One Who Plows" ); It Also Means Lion
Juma Friday
Man Assistance
Maher Skilled
Raja Hope
Rasul Messenger
Ruhi Spiritual; Of Spirit; Roohaniyat;
Sadan Happy; Fortunate
Sabri Of Patience; Perseverence
Samir Fruit; Produce; Outcome; Fruitful; Spring;
Samit Quiet; Calm; Silent; Reticent;
Sati Shining; Bright
Shan Dignity; Splendour
Sohail Star; Aik Chamak-dar Sitara
Uday One Who Runs Fast
Wali Friend; Lord; Governor;
Aatish Aag (Fire)
Adi A Form Of Vasistha
Adrish Usool Pasand; Mirror
Aifa Smart
Ajia Superb; Wonderful
Amla The Pure One; Goddess Of Wealth (Lakshmi)
Aroona Dawn
Aryan Noble; Civilized
Ashna Friend; Acquaintance
Atish Fire; Splendor; Explosive; Dynamic; Kind
Atma Soul
Babu A Gentleman; Child; Clerk
Carma Garden Or Orchard
Champa A Flower; Zard Rang Ka
Chand Moon; Mahtab
Chandni Moonlight; Star; Humble; Light; A River
Chessy Peaceful; Quwwat
Chohan A Caste Of Rajputs
Daman One Who Tames; Subdues
Damina Lady
Eshan In God Grace; WorthyBalance
Eva To Provide Refuge; To Take Care Of
Intekhab Chunao; Pasand Karna
Jahangeer (Persian); Name Of A Mogul King
Jazim Determination; Firmness; Resolve; Kifayat Shear;
Jinah God Of King
Kamala Lotus
Kamla Khobsorat Khatoon
Kansa Vessel Of Bell-metal;
Kayan To Be Complete; To Be Fulfill
Kram Peddler
Kunwar Prince; A Prince
Meer Chief; Mayor; Leader; Worthy Of Admiration
Munna Strength; Power; Vigour
Naik A Chief; Leader; Head Of Group
Nami Famous; Well-known; Beloved
Niva Speech; Expression; Sun
Palin Guarding; Protecting
Paras Touchstone
Raadhi (Raazi) Agreed; Contended; Willing; Satisfied; Pleased
Rahmaan Allah’s Attribute Meaning ; Most Merciful; Most Kind ; Suitable Combination Of Names Are; Abdul Rahmaan; AzeezurRahmaan; Ahmadur Rahmaan; Khaleelurrahmaan
Ramesh Aram; Sukon; Rest; Calm; Relax
Sadar Attached; Respectful; Thoughtful
Sagar Ocean; Sea
Sakha Generosity; Liberality
Sakhi Generous
Saman Valuable; Costly; Expensive; Welfare;
Samin Precious; Expensive; Topmost; High Rank;
Sanan Brave
Sanat Lord Brahma; King; Eternal
Sania Secondly; Moment; Equal; Peer;
Saroj A Flower Of Lotus;
Shail Sitaron May Chamakdar; Glowing; Twinkling
Shamsher The Sword Of Honors
Shila Blind
Shina Virtue; Good; Gods Gift; Ankle Bells
Subha Auspicious; Happy; Good
Taniya Fairy Queen
Tarana Rescuing; Saving; A Musical Composition
Teena Clay;
Zaitun Olive
Zameen Guaranteeing The
Abha Brightness
Agni From The Fire
Akhila Entire
Amit Endless
Amrit Undead
Anand Happy
Anandi Happy
Anuja Born Second
Anupama Unequaled
Brahma Prayer
Chandana Sandalwood
Chetana Full Of Spirit
Daya Hunted Bird
Deodan God' S Present
Dev Godlike
Gautama The Bright One In The Darkness
Gotam The Bright One In The Darkness
Harish King Of The Apes
Indu Light Descent
Jitinder Conqueror Of Senses
Kala Princess; Lady-like
Kali Woman Of Gloom
Kapila Brown Red
Karan Ear
Kasi Radiant
Kausalya Woman From Kosala
Kavita Poetic
Kirtida Giving Fame
Kumara Son
Kunti Spear
Lakshmi Observing
Laxmi Observing
Lila Name Of A Flower
Madhava Born Is Springtime
Madhukar Making Honey
Mala Pendant
Malini Aromatic
Manisha Wise
Mitul Being Measured
Mohandas Mohana' S Servant
Mridula Gentle
Mukta Free
Nanda Happiness
Nirmala The Cleanest One
Ori Light Of Mine
Orion Border Or Extremity
Ova From A Little Egg
Padma Lotus Flower
Pal Tiny; Petite
Pallav New Leaf
Pankaja Born In Dirt
Parish One Who Lives In A Parish
Phaedra Bright; Radiant
Prema Loving
Prince The First To Take
Pushpa Blossom
Raleigh From A Deer Meadow
Ram Happy; Joyous
Ramon Protected Counsel
Ranger Forest Ranger
Ranvir Brave Or Courageous
Ratan A Jewel
Raul As Wise As A Wolf
Ravit You Quenched Your Thirst
Reva To Tie
Rian Little Ruler
Riya Vocalist
Robbie Of Shining Fame
Robin Of Shining Fame
Rohit Red
Ru Learner
Ruby Ruby Gemstone
Sada Good Luck

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