Hebrew baby names for girls and boys

Hebrew babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Hebrew baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Hebrew born baby names of Hebrew child's. Top Hebrew name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Hebrew baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.


Hebrew baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Aapo Father Of Many Nations
Abarrane Mother Of Multitude
Abbott Father
Abdiel Servant Of God
Abijah God Is My Father
Abner My Father Is Luminous
Abraham Father Of Many Nations
Abrams Father Of Many Nations
Acke Peace Of The Father
Adabelle From The Beautiful Scenery
Adamo Man
Adao Man
Addai Ornament Of God
Adin Delicate
Adlai Ornament Of God
Adon God Or Lord
Adoni God Or Lord
Aiken Made From Oak Trees
Akim Originating From God
Akseli Peace Of The Father
Amaris Given By God
Amitai Truth
Amoz Bearer Of Burden
Ane Gracious; Merciful
Aniko Gracious; Merciful
Anissa Gracious; Merciful
Anja Gracious; Merciful
Anna Gracious; Merciful
Annemarie Gracious; Rebellious Woman
Anniken Gracious; Merciful
Anouk Gracious; Merciful
Apikalia My Father' S Delight
Asaya God' S Creation
Asenath Devoted To Anath
Asriel God' S Support
Atkins Son Of Atkin
Avigail My Father' S Delight
Aviva Season Of Spring
Baram Cheerful; Friendly; Happy; Charming; Pleasant
Bartek Rich In Land
Bartolomeu Rich In Land
Bartosz Rich In Land
Bathsheba Daughter Of The Vow
Belen Bethlehem
Bengurion The Lion' S Son
Benjamin Right Hand' S Son
Bethany From A Fig House
Bettina Promise Of God
Bilhah Shy; Timid
Buffy Promise Of God
Caleb To Be Faithful
Carmella Garden Of God
Carmen Garden Of God
Carmo Garden Of God
Chava Living And Breathing
Chaya Full Of Life
Coos Following After
Dan The Lord Is My Judge
Daniel The Lord Is My Judge
Danielle God Judges Me
Danuta God Judges Me
Davian Adored
Davida Adored
Davis Adored
Deb From A Bee Swarm
Deborah From A Bee Swarm
Delilah Delicate Woman
Derorit Liberty
Deshaun God Is Merciful
Dinah The Avenged One
Duci Woman From Magdala
Eden Place Of Delight
Edison Adam' S Son
Eeva Living And Breathing
Efa Living And Breathing
Efrain Bearing Fruit
Efron A Singing Bird
Ehud Allied
Eilam Immortal; Forever; Eternal
Elah Oak Or Turpentine Tree
Eli All Powerful
Elian My Lord Responded
Eliora Lord Is My Guiding Light
Elisabete Promise Of God
Elisheva Promise Of God
Elizabeth God Is My Oath
Ellis Yahweh Is My God
Elspet Promise Of God
Elzbieta Promise Of God
Emanuel God With Us
Emmanuel God With Us
Enok Dedicated Or Faithful
Ephraim Bearing Fruit
Erzsi Promise Of God
Esmail God Hears
Ethan Enduring Or Long Lasting
Eve Living And Breathing
Ever Unclear
Evin God Is Merciful
Evron Bearing Fruit
Ewa Living And Breathing
Ezekiel God Will Strengthen
Ezra God' S Help
Fifi God Raises
Gabe God' S Bravest Man
Gabor God' S Bravest Man
Gabriela God' S Bravest Woman
Galia Born In Waves
Galilea Born In Galilee
Gessica One Who Can Foresee
Gia God Is Merciful
Giacobbe Following After
Giancarlo God Is Merciful
Gianna God Is Merciful
Gideon Hewer
Gilad Hill Of Witness
Gilam Joy Of A Country
Gilead Hill Of Witness
Giovanna God Is Merciful
Giuseppe God Raises
Guryon Lion
Hadassah From The Myrtle Tree
Hampus God Is Merciful
Hansel God Is Merciful
Hanson Son Of John
Haskell The Cauldron Of God
Hazaiah God' S Prediction
Helah Rust-colored
Hesekiel God Will Strengthen
Hezekiah Strength From God
Hila Praise Or Appreciation
Hirsh Deer
Hosea God Delivers
Huldah Quick As A Weasel
Hymen Life Or Man
Ian God Is Merciful
Ib Following After
Ichabod Glory Gone
Iekika One Who Can Foresee
Ikaia God Delivers
Ike One Who Brings Laughter
Ilana To Soften; To Make More Gentle; To Make More Lenient
Immanuel God With Us
Iokua God Delivers
Ira Alert
Isai God Delivers
Isair God Delivers
Ishmael God Hears
Ivana God Is Merciful
Iwan God Is Merciful
Jackie One Who Supplants
Jaco Following After
Jacobo Following After
Jacques Following After
Jaime Following After
Jajuan God Is Merciful
Jakim Yahweh Will Establish
Jakub Following After
James Following After
Jameson Son Of James
Jamis Son Of James
Jane God Is Merciful
Janelle God Is Merciful
Janet God Is Merciful
Janicka God Is Merciful
Jans God Is Merciful
Jarmo Lifted Up Or Exalted By God
Jarred Descendant
Jary A Warrior With A Helmet
Javaughn Greek
Javon Greek
Jaxsen Son Of Jack
Jayron To Cry Out Or To Sing
Jeanbaptiste John The Baptist
Jeanfrancois God Is Merciful
Jeanpierre God Is Merciful
Jeannette God Is Merciful
Jebediah God' S Friend
Jed God' S Friend
Jedediah God' S Friend
Jemima Warm Like A Dove
Jenkins God Is Merciful
Jennison Son Of Jan
Jere Lifted Up Or Exalted By God
Jeremias Lifted Up Or Exalted By God
Jericho Fragrant City
Jerrick Fragrant City
Jessalyn One Who Can Foresee
Jessica One Who Can Foresee
Jesus God' S Deliverance
Jevon From Greece
Jezebel One That Is Not Noble
Jimena One Who Has Heard
Jo God Is Merciful
Joan God Is Merciful
Joannes God Is Merciful
Joaozinho God Is Merciful
Joasia God Is Merciful
Jody Judea Person
Joel All Powerful God

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