Chinese baby names for girls and boys

Chinese babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Chinese baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Chinese born baby names of Chinese child's. Top Chinese name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Chinese baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Chinese baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Ah Little One
Ai Lovable
Bao Gem
Biming As Clear As Jade
Bo Wave-like
Chang Thriving
Chao Excellent
Chen Break Of The Day
Cheng Journey
Daquan A Spring
Dequan Spring
Dong Born In The East
Fai Initial; Beginning
Fan Lethal
Fang Pleasant-smelling
Gang Powerful
Guo Fortification
He Lotus Flower
Hong Large
Huang Bright Yellow
Hui Clever
Hung Courageous Or Heroic
Ji Progression; Sequence
Jiao Fine
Jie Clean
Jin Gold
Jingsheng City Born
Ju Daisy Flower
Kang Hale And Healthy
Keung Cosmos
Kun Earth
Kuo Capacious Or Limitless
Lian Lovely Willow
Liang Bright One
Liling Sound Of White Jasmine
Lim From The Woods
Ling Spiritual Being
Liu Willow Tree
Ming Enlightening
Niu Girl; Ox
Peng Big
Qing To Be Clear
Rong Thriving
Shu Warmhearted
Tai Vast
Tu Mapping Out
Xiaoping Little Peace
Xing Successful Or Thriving
Xue Studying Person
Ya Graceful
Yin In The Shade
Yong Courageous
Yu To Shine Brightly
Zan Providing Support
Zhen Valuable; Genuine And Innocent
Zhi Wise Person
Zhu Straightforward Or Upright
Bai Person Of Purity
Chin Golden
Da Accomplishing
Fa To Send; Pass
Fen Scent
Feng Peak; Summit
Fu Rich
Guang Glorious
Han Country
Heng Lasting
Ho Good
Hua Prosperous
Huan Fortunate
Jia Good
Jiang River
Jiaolong Looks Like A Dragon
Jing Pure Or Capital
Julong As Powerful As A Dragon
Kong Sky; Heaven
Lan Orchid Flower
Laquan Spring
Li Strong Or Powerful
Lin From The Woods
Mei Gorgeous
Mu Admired
Ning Person Of Peace
Nuan Affectionate
Nuo Gracious
Ping Peaceful
Qi Emerging
Qiang Strong Man
Qiu Season Of Fall
Shen Extremely Spiritual
Sheng To Be Successful
Shi Truthful
Shuang Jolly
Shui Coming From Water
Si God Has Heard
Song Strong Or Powerful
Su Unadorned
Ting Enduring
Wang Royal Or Imperial
Wei The Only One
Wen Literate Person
Xiang Good Luck
Xingfu Joyful Or Happy
Xiu Charming
Xun Very Quick Or Fast
Yan Swallow Bird
Yatsen Festival Or Celebration
Yi Profiting
Ying Intelligent; Clever
Yun Born In The Clouds
Zhao Excellent
Zheng Serious; Classy
Zhong Allegiant
Zhuang Strong Or Powerful
Akino Helpful And A Nice Person
Ayumi Step Or Walk
Angie LIU God' S Messenger
Andie Liu Feminine Of Andrea

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