Muslims baby Boy names starting with G

Islamic babies names - Cool and attractive Islamic born baby names of child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Islamic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

1. 👦🏻Gonal Brigth; Bright
2. 👦🏻Ghanat Respectful
3. 👦🏻Gharib Poor; Need; Humble; Stranger
4. 👦🏻Ghayas Cry
5. 👦🏻Ghazanfer Bahadur; Dalair
6. 👦🏻Ghairat Zeal; Self Respect; Vigilant Care; Bravery
7. 👦🏻Ghazalan Spinner
8. 👦🏻Ghazaal Of This
9. 👦🏻Ghassan Very Good Looking; Very Handsome
10. 👦🏻Ghayab Disappear
11. 👦🏻Gilad Hill Of Witness
12. 👦🏻Golan Flower-like; Flowers; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
13. 👦🏻Ghofran Pardon; Forgiveness
14. 👦🏻Ghaylan Great; Fat; One Of The Companions Of The Prophet PBUH Bin Salamah As-Saqafi Had This Name
15. 👦🏻Ghayoor Fiercely Protective; Intolerant Of Disloyalty; Fiery; Fervent
16. 👦🏻Ghawass To Help
17. 👦🏻Ghazzal A Type Of Poetry; Ode; Amatory Verse; Read Or Recite A Verse;
18. 👦🏻Ghous Ul Azam Big Cry
19. 👦🏻Guda Supreme
20. 👦🏻Gibran Moments; Times; Era
21. 👦🏻Ghanim Wealth; State; Power;
22. 👦🏻Gauhar Gem; Jewel; Noble
23. 👦🏻Ghasef A Happy Life
24. 👦🏻Ghaith Rain
25. 👦🏻Gamal Gamali Camel
26. 👦🏻Ghedan Brave
27. 👦🏻Gohar Tab Shining Like Bead Or Stone
28. 👦🏻Ghaniyah Pretty Beautiful Woman; Beauty
29. 👦🏻Ghazawan Warrior; Companion Of Prophet (SAW)
30. 👦🏻Gharam Love
31. 👦🏻Ghatreef The Nation' S Chief
32. 👦🏻Ghunayn One Who Collects Booty
33. 👦🏻Gabra Gift Of Offering
34. 👦🏻Ghutaif A Well Of A Person; Well To Do
35. 👦🏻Ghazil Ghazal
36. 👦🏻Ghannam Shepherd
37. 👦🏻Gul E Rana A Beautiful Flower
38. 👦🏻Ghani Rich; Title Of The Third Khalifah Of Islam Hazrat Usman;
39. 👦🏻Gulbar Shredder Of Flowers; Generous
40. 👦🏻Ghazan Holy War Fighter
41. 👦🏻Ghadi Early Riser; One Who Gets Up Early In The Morning
42. 👦🏻Ghallab Victor; One Who Often Triumphs
43. 👦🏻Ghazanfar Lion
44. 👦🏻Ghaznoq The White Color
45. 👦🏻Gulshan A Flower Garden
46. 👦🏻Gau Ox; Bull; Cow
47. 👦🏻Ghasmeer Sakhi
48. 👦🏻Ghateem Watery
49. 👦🏻Ghanem Successful
50. 👦🏻Ghazif Soft Heart
51. 👦🏻Ghasharob Powerful Man
52. 👦🏻Ghasiq Moon; Pearls; A Cluster Of 7 Stars In Taurus;
53. 👦🏻Galel Wave Of God
54. 👦🏻Ghadir Stream
55. 👦🏻Ghayur Another Name For God; Haughty; Enthusiastic
56. 👦🏻Gul Ahmed Praise
57. 👦🏻Ghafi Forgiving
58. 👦🏻Ghanimat Reward
59. 👦🏻Gul Fishan Fireworks
60. 👦🏻Ghumum Stars
61. 👦🏻Gerzin Sky
62. 👦🏻Gunjoor Pioneer; Helper; Inventiveness
63. 👦🏻Gursewak Singh Friendly; Great Mankind; Charismatic
64. 👦🏻Ghazaar Etiquette; Manners;
65. 👦🏻Gunduz Daytime
66. 👦🏻Ghabit To Jealous
67. 👦🏻GulZamin Beautiful Land
68. 👦🏻Ghaznavi Ghazni' S Citizen
69. 👦🏻Ghunaim A Person Who Takes Booty Name Of A Sahabi RA
70. 👦🏻Ghaazi War Champion Hero Conqueror
71. 👦🏻Ghasif Leading A Comfortable Life; Happy; Cheerful;
72. 👦🏻Ghadeer A Spring From Which A Small Stream Flows
73. 👦🏻Galal Great; Influential
74. 👦🏻Gawdat Variant Transcription Of JAWDAT
75. 👦🏻Gadi My Fortune
76. 👦🏻Ghaib Hidden Absent Away
77. 👦🏻Gogal Vocal Cords
78. 👦🏻Gulbaz Playing With Flowers
79. 👦🏻Gulfraz Flower-like (in Beauty)
80. 👦🏻Gamil Beautiful
81. 👦🏻Ghulam Boy; A Male Child That Hasn’ T Become A Young Man Yet
82. 👦🏻Ghitamm Ocean; Huge; Vast
83. 👦🏻Gabang Whiskered Sound
84. 👦🏻Gohar Jewel; Precious Stone
85. 👦🏻Geeti Fraz The Sun
86. 👦🏻Ghazzi Muslim Soldier; War Champion; Hero; Conqueror;
87. 👦🏻Ghasaan Old Arabic Name
88. 👦🏻Gamal Camel
89. 👦🏻Gul Hasham Flower Name
90. 👦🏻Gul Zaman Times
91. 👦🏻Ghulaam Slave Servant
92. 👦🏻Ghazal Gazelle
93. 👦🏻Gehad Married Man
94. 👦🏻Ghaneem Winner
95. 👦🏻Ghauth Helper; Defender
96. 👦🏻Ghazwan Raider; Attacker; A Person Who Takes Part In A Raid Or Attacker
97. 👦🏻Gulzar A Garden; An Inhabited Town
98. 👦🏻Ghaaib Hidden Absent Away
99. 👦🏻Garodman House Of Heavenly Song
100. 👦🏻Gorkh Name Of A Wliullah