Muslims baby Boy names starting with Z

Islamic babies names - Cool and attractive Islamic born baby names of child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Islamic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

1. 👦🏻Zaky Pure
2. 👦🏻Zamzam The Name Of A Spring In Arabia; The Drink Of Ismael From Allah; The Pure; The Preventive; The Faultless; The Fortunate
3. 👦🏻Zero Empty
4. 👦🏻Zareef  intelligent; Eloquent; Elegant; Creative
5. 👦🏻Zarghun Green
6. 👦🏻Zarak Gold
7. 👦🏻Ziyaul Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic
8. 👦🏻Zak The Lord Has Remembered; And Of Isaac: He LaughsLaughterThe Only Son Born To Abraham And His Wife Sarah (in The Old Testament)Famous Bearer:Nickname Of American President Dwight D Eisenhower
9. 👦🏻Zardab Gold Water
10. 👦🏻Zoltan King Or Ruler
11. 👦🏻Zavier Savior (In Italian)
12. 👦🏻Zalazal Guidance
13. 👦🏻Zakoor Narrator; Speaker
14. 👦🏻Zaahid Abstinent; One Who Has No Mundane Ambitions
15. 👦🏻Zeeshan Power; Grandeur; Magnificence; Dignity;
16. 👦🏻Zaroon Visitor
17. 👦🏻Zaki Intelligent; Pure; Chaste; Clean; Paak; Neik; Zakaat Denay Wala
18. 👦🏻Zafar Conquest; Victory; Triumph; Success
19. 👦🏻Zarhawar Brave
20. 👦🏻Zayyat Oil Trader
21. 👦🏻Zeeshah Respected
22. 👦🏻Zehn Acumen; Wit; Sagacity; Understanding; Ability; Ingenuity; Intellect;
23. 👦🏻Zmaray Lion
24. 👦🏻Zufishan Bright
25. 👦🏻Zial Tempered
26. 👦🏻Zainuddin Grace Of The Religion (Islam)
27. 👦🏻Zahoor Blossom
28. 👦🏻Zarar Sakhti Karnay Wala; Chalak; Tezz Samajh
29. 👦🏻Zaighum Lion; Powerful
30. 👦🏻Zamzamah Song
31. 👦🏻Zabal Drunk Eyes
32. 👦🏻Zidane Growth And Progress
33. 👦🏻Zagros White-haired; It Is The Name Of The Father Of Rustam; The Mythical Persian Hero
34. 👦🏻Zulnoorain The One Who Is Blessed With Two Lights; He Was Called Thus Because He Married Two Of The Daughters Of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
35. 👦🏻Zaheer Ud Dawlah Helper Of The Religion (Islam)
36. 👦🏻Zakir Uddin One Who Praises (teaches) The Religion (Islam)
37. 👦🏻Zargul Shining; Brilliant; Sonay Ka Phool; Phool Ka Androoni Hissa
38. 👦🏻Zulqarnayn Owner Of The Two Horns Ie World Conqueror; Epithet Of A Just King Mentioned In The Quran
39. 👦🏻Zuhaib King; Leader
40. 👦🏻Zohran Sun
41. 👦🏻Zihni Intellectual; Cerebral
42. 👦🏻Zaheeruddawlah Helper Of The Religion (Islam)
43. 👦🏻Zafaryab A Victory
44. 👦🏻Ziyan Ornament; Decoration
45. 👦🏻Zakir Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
46. 👦🏻Zafar Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
47. 👦🏻Zaid Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
48. 👦🏻Zangeen Rich
49. 👦🏻Zabri Two Bright Stars
50. 👦🏻Zalif Difficult
51. 👦🏻Zishah Honorable
52. 👦🏻Zuhaq Quantity
53. 👦🏻Zakirulislam One Who Teaches The Religion (Islam)
54. 👦🏻Zand Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident
55. 👦🏻Zad Son
56. 👦🏻Zim My Song
57. 👦🏻Zaleeq Lord; Master; Chief
58. 👦🏻Zayed Prospering; In Abundance; Progressing; One Who Is Increasing In All Good Things
59. 👦🏻Zawqi One Who Brings Harm
60. 👦🏻Zaghar Abundance
61. 👦🏻Zemar Lion
62. 👦🏻Zeyad Prince; The Honest And Kind Peace And Truth
63. 👦🏻Zoran Dawn(morning) ( Subaha )
64. 👦🏻Zultan Leader; Powerful; Able
65. 👦🏻Zayyan Beautiful; Radiant
66. 👦🏻Zareeb Likeness; Similarity; Hitter; Fierce Attacker
67. 👦🏻Zunair Moonlight; Chand Ki Roshni; Chamak
68. 👦🏻Zihad Mutaqi; Parhezgar
69. 👦🏻Zerdad Who Gave Gold (dolat Dainay Wala; Maal Dainay Wala)
70. 👦🏻Zehab Hamesha Rawa Rehnay Wala Chasma
71. 👦🏻Zaraq Dark Blue
72. 👦🏻Zanainullah CHASTE  Servant Of God Mqbrb
73. 👦🏻Zamaar Bravery; Valour
74. 👦🏻Zalal Humour
75. 👦🏻Zahib Gilded
76. 👦🏻Zahhak Muskuranay Wala
77. 👦🏻Zaheeruddin Helper Of The Religion (Islam)
78. 👦🏻Zabarqan Chaudhween Ka Chand
79. 👦🏻Zunnoon The Title Of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace Be Upon Him) Meaning The Man Of The Whale
80. 👦🏻Ziyad Reinforcement (something That Strengthens Another Thing); Support; Powerful Person; And Anything That Shields Something
81. 👦🏻Zakwan Smart; Creative ; Innovative
82. 👦🏻Zahir Bright; Glowing; Flowery; Rosy
83. 👦🏻Zaheer Supporter Ally Blooming; Shining; Luminous
84. 👦🏻Zaida Generous’ ; One Who Gives Abundantly
85. 👦🏻Zaman Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
86. 👦🏻Zafar Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
87. 👦🏻Zahid Ali The High Exalted One; The Sublime
88. 👦🏻Zajal Wrongdoer
89. 👦🏻Zabaal Light
90. 👦🏻Zaraqum Sky
91. 👦🏻Zambaq Mercury
92. 👦🏻Zaqzaq Spanking Speakers
93. 👦🏻Zakyas Innocent
94. 👦🏻Zafar Jung Victorious In War
95. 👦🏻Zareem Leader
96. 👦🏻Zardad Giver
97. 👦🏻Zaiq Taste
98. 👦🏻Zisham Lion
99. 👦🏻Zoheen Spear
100. 👦🏻Zureenab Fragrance
101. 👦🏻Zureb Strong
102. 👦🏻Ziafishan Bright
103. 👦🏻Zobreen Best; Finest; Most Excellent
104. 👦🏻Zaaber Knower
105. 👦🏻Zemeen Independent; Autonomous
106. 👦🏻Zi E Qamar The Shadow Of The Moon
107. 👦🏻Zain Ul Aabideen Adornment Of The Worshipers; One Who Is A Source Of Pride For The Muslims; Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam
108. 👦🏻Ziaulhaq Light Of The Truth; Allah
109. 👦🏻Zartosht Zoroaster
110. 👦🏻Zabeeh Powerful; Dedicator; Noble
111. 👦🏻Zainul Abidin Ornament Of The Worshippers Of Allah
112. 👦🏻Zukaurrahman Sun Of Rahman (Allah)
113. 👦🏻Zaneesh Powerful
114. 👦🏻ZaKhi Strong, Smart
115. 👦🏻Zaahi Appear
116. 👦🏻Zahirulhaq Truth That Blooms; That Shines
117. 👦🏻Zulqadr Composed; Dignified; High In Rank And Status
118. 👦🏻Zulghaffar Forgiving; Literally Possessor Of Forgiveness
119. 👦🏻Zahri Flower-like; Fresh And Good Looking Like A Flower
120. 👦🏻Zakee Pure Pious
121. 👦🏻Zaffar Victory Triumph
122. 👦🏻Zabarjad Emerald
123. 👦🏻Zabeeb Edge Of A Sword
124. 👦🏻Zaer Visitor; Guest
125. 👦🏻Zahran Radiant; Glowing; And Blossoming
126. 👦🏻Zaim Uddin Leader Of The Religion (Islam)
127. 👦🏻Zakiy Pure
128. 👦🏻Zakiyy Pure
129. 👦🏻Zamir Uddin Heart Of The Religion (Islam)
130. 👦🏻Zarang Clever
131. 👦🏻Zarhgay Little Heart
132. 👦🏻Zayer Tourist; Who Visits Holy Places
133. 👦🏻Ziarmal Hardworker
134. 👦🏻Zihayr Brilliant; Shining
135. 👦🏻Zulfat Friendship; Nearness; Status
136. 👦🏻Zwandun Life
137. 👦🏻Zaryan Doulat Talash Karnay Wala
138. 👦🏻Zaufishan Light And Radiance; Spreader Of Light; One Who Spreads The Light
139. 👦🏻Zoraiz Spreader Of Light; Distributor Of Light
140. 👦🏻Zafwat Affluence; Plenty; Complete
141. 👦🏻Zeyat Moving Down
142. 👦🏻Zewad Muhazab; Ghairat Mand
143. 👦🏻Zawar Ziarat Ka Shoqeen
144. 👦🏻Zatmar Gohar
145. 👦🏻Zarin Golden
146. 👦🏻Zakiuddin Pure (person) Of The Religion (Islam)
147. 👦🏻Zakher Hearty
148. 👦🏻Zair Pilgrim
149. 👦🏻Zahhaak A Person Who Laughs Most Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
150. 👦🏻Zahabia Golden; Made Of Gold
151. 👦🏻Zafeer Bhout Zaida Kamiyabi Hasil Kar Nay Wala
152. 👦🏻Zaber Group Of Worshipers
153. 👦🏻Zaakir Rememberer Of Allah
154. 👦🏻Zia Light; Bright; Splendor;
155. 👦🏻Zaib Grace; Beauty; Elegance; Adoring; Decoration
156. 👦🏻Zandah Rising, Ascending
157. 👦🏻Zihaam Respect, Honor
158. 👦🏻Zunnorain Light Of Two Eyes
159. 👦🏻Zohaib Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
160. 👦🏻Zubair Ali The High Exalted One; The Sublime
161. 👦🏻Zaheer Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
162. 👦🏻Zahid Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
163. 👦🏻Zeeshan Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
164. 👦🏻Zafaar Nice Scent
165. 👦🏻Zajaj Glasses
166. 👦🏻Zardat Habit
167. 👦🏻Zaari Hunter
168. 👦🏻Zeriq The Bird
169. 👦🏻Zarbaan Name Of A Animal
170. 👦🏻Zanjil The Canal Of Heaven
171. 👦🏻Zikriya Prophet Zechariah
172. 👦🏻Zahub The Goer
173. 👦🏻Zumad Cream; Lotion
174. 👦🏻Zmurd Green Stone
175. 👦🏻Zufnoon Smart
176. 👦🏻Zimaar Hidden
177. 👦🏻Zufyan Lightweight
178. 👦🏻Zikria Name Of A Waliullah
179. 👦🏻Zulifqar The Double-aged Sword Possessed By Prophet Muhammad Which He Gave To Hazrat Ali
180. 👦🏻Zuoban Strong
181. 👦🏻Zumurad Green Stone
182. 👦🏻Zadid Opponent
183. 👦🏻Zebeez Message Provider
185. 👦🏻Zamam Blessing Of God; Grace; Power
186. 👦🏻Zaiban Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive
187. 👦🏻Zohoorulbari Ostentation Of The Creator (Allah)
188. 👦🏻Zaidanie Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful
189. 👦🏻Zouhir Expertise; Perfect; Serious
190. 👦🏻Zaqi Clean
191. 👦🏻Zaheed Patient; Enduring
192. 👦🏻Zohan Gift From Allah; Gift
193. 👦🏻Zinedine Beauty Of The Faith
194. 👦🏻Zamah Origin Is Varied
195. 👦🏻Zahl Sureness Of The Heart; Confidence; Distance From Evil And Danger
196. 👦🏻Zyauddeen Brilliance Of The Faith
197. 👦🏻Zafaruddin Triumph Of The Faith; A Person Who Is A Cause For Success Of The Muslims
198. 👦🏻Zabar Strong
199. 👦🏻Zaland Bright; Feminine Zalanda
200. 👦🏻Zarlesh Border Made Of Gold
201. 👦🏻Ziyadat Ullah Surplus Bestowed By Allah
202. 👦🏻Zoheb Little Gold The Dimunitive Form Of Zahab [correct Arabic Is: Dhahab
203. 👦🏻Zubayr Its A Proper Name; A Sahabas Name And The Youngest Fighter In Al Islam
204. 👦🏻Zimran Vine Dresser (a Person Who Prunes; Trains; And Cultivates Vines); Celebrated; Song
205. 👦🏻Zahur Ul Haq Light
206. 👦🏻Zaviyar Brave
207. 👦🏻Zryan Storm
208. 👦🏻Zail Province; Region; Officer Of A Province
209. 👦🏻Zaire River
210. 👦🏻Zufunoon One Who Brings Harm
211. 👦🏻Zoomeer Leader
212. 👦🏻Zoofghan Light Expander
213. 👦🏻Ziaf Lion; Tiger
214. 👦🏻Zhaahir (Zaahir); Apparent; Evident ; One Of The Attributesof Allah Almighty
215. 👦🏻Zarim High Speed
216. 👦🏻Zamair Heart; Idea; Secret
217. 👦🏻Zakeer Rememberer
218. 👦🏻Zahil Calm
219. 👦🏻Zaheb The Concession
220. 👦🏻Zaahir A Blooming Flower; A Bright And Shining Colour; Lofty
221. 👦🏻Zulaym A Narrator Of Hadith
222. 👦🏻Zuehb Clever Minded
223. 👦🏻Zubair A Famous Companion Of Prophet(SAW); Aik Maroof Sahabi-e-Rasool(SAW);
224. 👦🏻Zayan Bright; Roshan
225. 👦🏻Zaigham Lion; Brave;
226. 👦🏻Zaidan Growth And Progress
227. 👦🏻Zaeem Prominent Personality; Leader; Chief; Kafeel; Zaamin;
228. 👦🏻Ziyada Increase
229. 👦🏻Zain Ul Abdin Adornment Of The Servant Of The Most Merciful
230. 👦🏻Zaheer Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
231. 👦🏻Zohaib Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
232. 👦🏻Zahid Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
233. 👦🏻Zain Hussain Handsome; Beautiful
234. 👦🏻Zayan Ahmed Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;
235. 👦🏻Zaffaar Fragrance
236. 👦🏻Zaimary Wise; Sensible
237. 👦🏻Zameem Dew; Mixed
238. 👦🏻Zerneb Plant
239. 👦🏻Zamum Defect Describer
240. 👦🏻Zaroob Angry
241. 👦🏻Zaryat Not well known; Derived from Zaria
242. 👦🏻Zaheeb Golden
243. 👦🏻Zadar Watcher
244. 👦🏻Zaboom Pure Gold
245. 👦🏻Zawat Owner
246. 👦🏻Zukhr To Add
247. 👦🏻Zanaen Ullah God' S Friend
248. 👦🏻Zirab Killer
249. 👦🏻Zowan Hasty; Rash
250. 👦🏻Zughlul Kidd
251. 👦🏻Zhob Dresses
252. 👦🏻Zayat Dress
253. 👦🏻Zulnun A Title
254. 👦🏻Zuharat Brave; Bold
255. 👦🏻Zharat Shiny
256. 👦🏻Zil Subhani The Shadow Of Allah
257. 👦🏻Zil E Elahi God' S Shadow
258. 👦🏻Zoyab Grape Seller
259. 👦🏻Ziyam Honor
260. 👦🏻Zebrin High
261. 👦🏻Zuat A Tribe' S Name
262. 👦🏻Zufaf Heat
263. 👦🏻Zuljanah Name Of The Horse Of Husayn Ibn Ali
264. 👦🏻Zamir Zameer Warner
265. 👦🏻Zurib A Potent Body
266. 👦🏻Zujaj Sis
267. 👦🏻Zanj Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma
268. 👦🏻Zanid Angel Of Heaven
269. 👦🏻Zamanshah King Of The Sage
270. 👦🏻Zalaid Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive
271. 👦🏻Zukaur Rahman Sun Of Rahman (Allah)
272. 👦🏻Zeenankhan Teacher; Friendly; Confidence
273. 👦🏻Zakiruddin One Who Teaches The Religion (Islam)
274. 👦🏻Zainuddeen Lord Of Good Light
275. 👦🏻Zee Shah Respected
276. 👦🏻Zayeeda Fortunate; Prosperous
277. 👦🏻Zafeeer Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
278. 👦🏻Zosar King
279. 👦🏻Zinan Independent; Enthusiasm; Admirer
280. 👦🏻Zakii Pure; One Who Gives Zakat
281. 👦🏻Zu Beach
282. 👦🏻Zakeria God Has Remembered
283. 👦🏻Zahan Gift Of God
284. 👦🏻Zihan Brightness; Drought
285. 👦🏻Zayde Eternal Blessings
286. 👦🏻Zeyd Fruitful
287. 👦🏻Zanni Nourished
288. 👦🏻Zaafar Victory
289. 👦🏻Zaedyn This Modification Of The NameZaidmeans To Grow Or To Prosper
290. 👦🏻Zameel Friend; Colleague; Companion
291. 👦🏻Zirar One Who Brings Harm
292. 👦🏻Zaifullah God’ S Guest; Meaning A Person Who Is Under The Special Care And Protection Of God
293. 👦🏻Zuhdi Ascetic; Devoted To God
294. 👦🏻Zakou Growth; Increase; Improvement
295. 👦🏻Zaaki One Who Increases In Growth And Goodness; Virtuous; Blessed
296. 👦🏻Zakki Intellectual Ingenious
297. 👦🏻Zakariyyaa Zechariah Biblical Prophet's name
298. 👦🏻Zaafir Victorious
299. 👦🏻Zargar Goldsmith
300. 👦🏻Zhahiir Helper; Strong Back Bone