Maryam Name Meaning - مریم

The meaning of Maryam in english is Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza. Maryam is in top trending baby Girl names list. Maryam Origin and Usage belong to Arabic Baby Names. Its Pronunciation is Maryam, Ma-ryam. The meaning of Maryam in Urdu Language and the meaning of Maryam is پاک، دامن، دوشیزہ. Maryam name meaning in Islam and This name is especially approved for 'Girls' Gender. Maryam lucky number is 3.

Meaning of Maryam, Gender, Pronunciation, Origin & Usage, Lucky number

Name: Maryam
Gender: Girl
Maryam Name Meaning in English' Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza '
Pronunciation: 'Maryam, Ma-ryam'
Maryam Name meaning in Urduپاک، دامن، دوشیزہ
Maryam Name Origin'Arabic'
Lucky Number: 'Maryam lucky number is 3'
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  • What is the meaning of Maryam?

Maryam has a unique meaning Maryam name meaning in english is 'Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza.'

  • What is the origin and usage of Maryam?

Maryam belong to 'Arabic ' origin & usage is Arabic

  • How do you write Maryam?

It wrote like that Maryam - مریم

  • What would be the gender for the name Maryam?

Gender for Maryam is Girl

  • What is the lucky number of Maryam?

The Lucky Number of Maryam is Maryam lucky number is 3

  • How to Pronounce Maryam?

The Pronunciation of Maryam is Maryam, Ma-ryam

  • What is the meaning of Maryam name in Urdu?

مریم نام کا مطلب ہے۔ پاک، دامن، دوشیزہ

Maryam Similar Names.

Maryam retain similarity with these names Maryum, Maryam, Marybeth, Maryjane, Maryla, Mary, Maryanne, Maryellen, Maryjo, Marya, Maryada, Maryann, Marybell, Marylu, Maryan, Maryanna, Maryl, Marylin, Marylyn, Marylynn, Maryn, Marynia, Maryon, Marysia, Maryska, Maryssa, Maryah, Mary Jane, Mary Ann, Mary Beth, Mary Ellen, Mary Jane, Mary Jo, Mary Joe, Mary Sue, Maryane, Marybel, Marybela, Marybele, Marybella,

Maryum Name Meaning of Mother Of Isa AS Maryum name meaning in Urdu. Maryum name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Maryum, Mary-um, Ma-ryum. Maryum name origin is Arabic . Maryum lucky number is 6. More info
Maryam Name Meaning of Star Of The Sea Pak Daman DosheezaMaryam name meaning in Urdu. Maryam name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Maryam, Ma-ryam. Maryam name origin is Arabic. Maryam lucky number is 3. More info
Marybeth Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMarybeth name meaning in English. Marybeth name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Mer-ee-BETH. Marybeth name origin is Hebrew. Marybeth lucky number is 2. More info
Maryjane Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMaryjane name meaning in English. Maryjane name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Mer-ee-JAYN. Maryjane name origin is Hebrew. Maryjane lucky number is 5. More info
Maryla Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMaryla name meaning in English. Maryla name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Mah-RI-lah. Maryla name origin is Hebrew, Polish. Maryla lucky number is 6. More info
Mary Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMary name meaning in English. Mary name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is MER-ee/MAR-ee. Mary name origin is Hebrew. Mary lucky number is 3. More info
Maryanne Name Meaning of Rebellious GraciousMaryanne name meaning in English. Maryanne name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Mer-ee-AN. Maryanne name origin is Hebrew. Maryanne lucky number is 4. More info
Maryellen Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMaryellen name meaning in English. Maryellen name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is MER-ee-EL-ən. Maryellen name origin is Hebrew. Maryellen lucky number is 7. More info
Maryjo Name Meaning of Rebellious WomanMaryjo name meaning in English. Maryjo name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Mer-i-JO. Maryjo name origin is Hebrew. Maryjo lucky number is 1. More info
Marya Name Meaning of Mark LimitMarya name meaning in Hindi. Marya name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is Marya, Ma-r-ya. Marya name origin is Indian . Marya lucky number is 22. The Rashi Marya name is Simha (M, TT) and the Nakshatra of this name Marya is Makha (Ma, Me, Mu, Mi). Syllables of name Marya is 2.5. More info

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